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Heroic Repair: Labor and Disaster

Megan Finn
The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire broke physical information and communication technologies at the very moment that people wanted to connect with loved ones using the telegraph – the quickest way to send messages. Sending telegrams was one means by which people connected with each other, but the telegraphic infrastructure, like much of the physical infrastructure, was badly damaged. Telegraph operators labored long hours to repair the telecommunications infrastructures or to enact workarounds. The...

Addressing the Well-Being of Young Children

Pauline C. Dott, Emma H. Cho & Nancy B. Hertzog

What Do You Expect?: Assessing Whether a Situation is “Ripe” for Collaborative Governance

https://lps.library.cmu.edu/NCMR/article/id/429 Kern & Amanda G Murphy
“Collaborative governance” has emerged as a ubiquitous term in the United States and elsewhere, in both the public and private sectors. It has recently received more specific definition from scholars as it applies to multiparty, consensus-seeking processes, often facilitated or mediated by a third party, that are intended to resolve particular public policy challenges. But both theory and practice have shown it is not appropriate in all situations. So, practitioners have identified conditions they look...

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