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El décimo infierno de Mempo Giardinelli: sujetos de rendimiento, topología de la violencia y topografía infernal en una novela posdetective

Beatrice Schuchardt
pp. 84-98. This article analyzes the novel El decimo infierno (1997) by the Argentine writer and theorist of crime novels Mempo Giardinelli as a ‘post-detective’ novel, a subgenre of Spanish-American crime fiction that emerged in the late nineties of the twentieth century in which criminals instead of the detective or private investigator act as protagonists. The present article suggests examining the topoi of hell and heat from a new angle, which is Byung-Chul Han’s philosophical...

El fantasma de la frontera. La Llorona como símbolo nacional en la literatura chicana y del Norte

Martin Baxmeyer
pp. 74-86. This contribution discusses the signifying potential of Mexico’s most famous ghost, La Llorona, as an alternative symbol of the Mexican Nation. It analyses both its representation in popular culture and music and in two works of literature published north and south of the Mexican border: Rodolfo Anaya’s novel The Legend of La Llorona and Eduardo Antonio Parra’s short story La piedra y el río. It becomes evident that literature and ‘high art’ in...

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