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Bilateral Cytomegalovirus Retinitis in the Absence of Viremia

Christopher Shah & Ashvini Reddy
Purpose: To report a case of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Confirmed Bilateral Cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis in a patient with mantle cell lymphoma with no detectable CMV viremia. Methods: Case report. Patients/Results: A 67 year-old female with mantle cell lymphoma requiring multiple chemotherapeutic regimens and history of previously treated ganciclovir-resistant CMV colitis and viremia presented with bilateral necrotizing retinitis and panuveitis 3 months after her foscarnet was discontinued for undetectable viral loads. Her aqueous was positive...

Zeev Porath Chronicled Nazi Rapists And Other Atrocities - In His Drawings

Waitman Beorn
Describes how one concentration camp survivor witnessed sexual violence and documented it in his drawings during the Holocaust.

Multi-temporal analysis reveals that predictors of mountain pine beetle infestation change during outbreak cycles

Jonathan Walter & Rutherford Platt
Over the past two decades, severe mountain pine beetle (MPB) outbreaks have affected several million hectares of forest in western North America. The extensive ecological and economic damage caused by widespread insect infestations make understanding the development and spread of MPB outbreaks critical. This study uses a time series of Landsat5 TM and Landsat7 ETM + images to map the spread of mortality due to MPB infestation in Arapaho–Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado, between 2003 and...

Integration of Acoustic Radiation Force and Optical Imaging for Blood Plasma Clot Stiffness Measurement

Michael Lawrence, Caroline W. Wang, Matthew Perez, Brian Helmke & Francesco Viola
Despite the life-preserving function blood clotting serves in the body, inadequate or excessive blood clot stiffness has been associated with life-threatening diseases such as stroke, hemorrhage, and heart attack. The relationship between blood clot stiffness and vascular diseases underscores the importance of quantifying the magnitude and kinetics of blood’s transformation from a fluid to a viscoelastic solid. To measure blood plasma clot stiffness, we have developed a method that uses ultrasound acoustic radiation force (ARF) to induce micron-scaled displacements (1-500 μm)...

Belief Elicitation with a Synchronized Lottery Choice Menu that is Invariant to Risk Attitudes

Charles Holt
Belief Elicitation with a Synchronized Lottery Choice Menu that is Invariant to Risk Attitudes By Charles A. Holt and Angela M. Smith This paper uses a Bayesian information processing task to compare belief elicitation mechanisms including a quadratic scoring rule, a Becker-DeGroot-Marschak pricing procedure, and a two-stage menu of lottery choices that is structured to identify a precise point of probability indifference. The choice menu yields a higher incidence of correct Bayesian responses and lower...

Kingsley's Muscular Poetics

Herbert Tucker
Although Kingsley acknowledged his own deficiency in the visionary gifts of the greatest poets, not only he but numerous contemporaries held poetry to be his true literary calling. This judgment has not been confirmed by posterity, which receives Kingsley as a writer of fictional and controversial prose. Yet a poetics of strenuous compensation informs much of his output, at both thematic and prosodic levels. His grapple with the sensed but inarticulate meaningfulness of worldly phenomena...

Walking Dissonance in Delhi: Intersections Among Daily Mobility, Environmental Exposures, and Wellbeing

Andrew Mondschein
Despite the rapid pace of change and investment, most Delhi residents continue to struggle to get where they need to go, often depending on simply walking to get where they need to go. During travel, residents are directly exposed to the urban environment, with its air pollution, noise, and natural and built features that vary significantly in their quality and maintenance. How these exposures affect residents, both in how its shapes their travel and its...

Measurement and assignment of double-resonance transitions to the 8900--9100 cm-1 levels of methane

Aleksandra Foltynowicz, Lucile Rutkowski, Isak Silander, Alexandra C. Johansson, Vinicius Silva de Oliveira, Ove Axner, Grzegorz Soboń, Tadeusz Martynkien & Kevin Lehmann
Optical-optical double-resonance spectroscopy with a continuous wave pump and frequency comb probe allows measurement of sub-Doppler transitions to highly-excited molecular states over a wide spectral range with high frequency accuracy. We report on assessment and characterization of sub-Doppler doubleresonance transitions in methane measured using a 3.3 µm continuous wave optical parametric oscillator as a pump and a 1.67 µm frequency comb as a probe. The comb spectra were recorded using a Fourier transform spectrometer with...

JLSC Board Editorial 2019

Dave Ghamandi, Anne Gilliland, Rebekah Kati, Jennifer Solomon, Luqman Hayes, Emma Molls, Camille Thomas, Maria Bonn, Will Cross, David Lewis, Demmy Verbeke, Christine Fruin, DeDe Dawson & Danny Kingsley
Many of us were hired to work toward systems where knowledge is open, equitable, transparent, and diverse. At the same time, our hiring institutions can be ambivalent about change, and we ourselves sometimes fall short of the ideals we espouse. One antidote for burnout and disillusionment is to build a durable, continuing community that can survive and do good work despite setbacks and failures. As JLSC editors, the three of us—Anne, Jennifer, and Rebekah—plan to...

The Truth Criteria of Autobiography: Doris Lessing and Telling the Truth

Lorna Martens
This paper examines the notion of the “true” narrative, using the example of Doris Lessing in order to explore some of the truth criteria of contemporary autobiography. My assumption is that autobiography subscribes to a variety of historically changing truth criteria and that authors seek to conform to certain of them by engaging appropriate codes. Firmly committed to “telling the truth” in her writing, Lessing has consistently problematized the actual telling of the truth. After...

Evaluating Collaborative Digital Scholarship

Bethany Nowviskie
This is an edited and peer-reviewed version of a talk given at the 2011 NINES Summer Institute, a National Endowment for the Humanities-funded workshop on evaluating digital scholarship for purposes of tenure and promotion, hosted by the Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship.

Setting a Standard for a “Silent” Disease: Defining Osteoporosis in the 1980s and 1990s

Caitlin Wylie
Osteoporosis, a disease of bone loss associated with aging and estrogen loss, can be crippling but is “silent” or symptomless prior to bone fracture. Despite its disastrous health effects, high prevalence, and enormous associated healthcare costs, osteoporosis lacked a universally accepted definition until 1992. In the 1980s, the development of more accurate medical imaging technologies to measure bone density spurred the medical community’s need and demand for a common definition. The medical community tried, and...

Overcoming the underdetermination of specimens

Caitlin Wylie
Philosophers of science are well aware that theories are underdetermined by data. But what about the data? Scientific data are selected and processed representations or pieces of nature. What is useless context and what is valuable specimen, as well as how specimens are processed for study, are not obvious or predetermined givens. Instead, they are decisions made by scientists and other research workers, such as technicians, that produce different outcomes for the data. Vertebrate fossils...

Socialization through stories of disaster in engineering laboratories

Caitlin Wylie
The initiation of novices into research communities relies on the communication of tacit knowledge, behavioral norms and moral values. Much of this instruction happens informally, as messages subtly embedded in everyday interactions. This study uses participant-observation and interviews to investigate how engineers socialize future engineers by studying how undergraduate students who work in an engineering laboratory learn their research community’s social and technical norms. I found that a key method of conveying knowledge about social...

Many Lifetimes of Knowledge: The History of the Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Frères de l’Instruction Chrétienne’s Newspaper Collection and Its Digital Future

Claire Antone Payton, Anne Eller & Lewis Ampidu

Engineers for Seoul: Sewage Treatment and the Professionalization of Sanitary Engineering in Korea

Jongmin Lee
This paper focuses on how early Korean sanitary engineers used new sewage treatment plants as an opportunity to redefine sanitation as an engineering practice and to refashion themselves as prestigious engineers. Through academic programs, professional societies, and public service, academics and government officials established new identities of an independent profession as a service to the community. I first track down how sanitation and public health have evolved in 1960s urban Seoul. I argue that early...

Mapping Homer’s Catalogue of Ships

Courtney Evans & Benjamin Jasnow
This article provides a brief description of Mapping the Catalogue of Ships, which maps the towns and contingents of Homer’s Catalogue of Ships, analyzing the poet’s knowledge and use of ancient Greek geography. We offer a brief account of the questions that drive our research, detail our novel method to analyze Homer’s poetry in terms of geospatial organization, and summarize the geospatial organizational principles that we have discovered. We discuss the necessity of a digital...

Examining the Pathologic Adaptation Model of Community Violence Exposure in Male Adolescents of Color

Noni Gaylord-Harden, Suzanna So, Grace J. Bai, David B. Henry & Patrick Tolan
The current study examined a model of desensitization to community violence exposure, the Pathologic Adaptation Model, in adolescent males of color. Method: The current study included 285 African American (61%) and Latino (39%) male adolescents (W1 mean age = 12.41) from the Chicago Youth Development Study to examine the longitudinal associations between community violence exposure, depressive symptoms, and violent behavior. Results: Consistent with the Pathologic Adaptation Model, results indicated a linear, positive association between community...

At the Bottom Line: How Hardy Tries Conclusions

Herbert Tucker

Skunks in the Library: a Path to Production for Scholarly R&D

Bethany Nowviskie
Library-based digital humanities “skunkworks” are semi-independent research-and-development labs staffed with librarians who act as scholar-practitioners. The creation of skunkworks labs is an uncommon, yet uncommonly potent, organizational response to new opportunities opened up by digital scholarship. This article describes the Scholars’ Lab at the University of Virginia Library and asserts a critical role for library-embedded digital centers in forging new paths for knowledge work in the humanities.

\"Inventing the Map\" in the Digital Humanities: a Young Lady's Primer

Bethany Nowviskie
In 1823, at a small school in western Vermont, Frances Alsop Henshaw, the 14-year-old daughter of a prosperous merchant, produced a remarkable cartographic and textual artifact. Henshaw’s “Book of Penmanship Executed at the Middlebury Female Academy” is a slim volume containing – in addition to the expected, set copy-texts of a practice-book – a series of hand-drawn, delicately-colored maps of our nineteen United States, each one paired with a geometrically-constructed and embellished prose passage selected...

Marxism, Romanticism, Postmodernism: An American Case History

Jerome McGann
PROF. J: Then what can it mean, to practice a Marxist literary criticism? (1st line)

The Funerary Transformation of the Great Perfection (Rdzogs chen)

David Germano
The Great Perfection (Rdzogs chen) is one of the most important tantric traditions to develop in Tibet, but much of its early history has been obscured by the tradition’s visionary narratives of revelation, concealment, and excavation regarding its core scriptures. In addition, the over-reliance on the rubric “Great Perfection” itself obscures a broad diversity of distinct traditions, each with its own distinct rubric of self-identification and often quite divergent characteristics. This includes at the most...

Agony, Ecstasy, and the Mulekeeper's Wife: a Reading of Heptameron 2

Mary McKinley
The second story of Marguerite de Navarre’s Heptaméron, the tale of a mulekeeper’s wife who is raped and murdered by her husband’s servant, incorporates many elements of Marguerite’s mystical poetry. Precise details of the woman’s ‘agony’ and death echo the mystic’s gradual sublimation of the body as she progresses toward ecstatic union with Christ. Passages in Les Prisons describe the death of Louise de Savoie, Marguerite’s mother, as a mystical ecstasy. In Le Miroir de...

“The Grand Heretics of Modern Fiction”. Laura Riding, John Cowper Powys, and the Subjective Correlative

Jerome McGann
An essay on twentieth century figures.

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