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NINES: a federated model for integrating digital scholarship

Bethany Nowviskie & Jerome McGann
NINES is a scholarly initiative to establish a coordinated network of peer-reviewed content and useful tools (both organizational and interpretive) for pedagogical and research materials developed by educators and scholars working in 19th-century British and American literary and cultural studies. The goal is to establish this aggregated body of scholarly and educational materials within those existing professional frameworks and organizations that monitor and accredit professional publication. NINES is designing a working model for a federated...

1996 AMS-IMS-MAA Library Survey

James Rovnyak, Nancy Anderson, Karl Dilcher & Martha Tucker
In 1996 the Library Committee of the American Mathematical Society carried out a survey of mathematics research libraries in doctoral-granting institutions in the United States and Canada. This combined file contains the summary report, the detailed full report, and budget figures from the survey. The 1996 survey was a follow-up to a similar 1990 survey by the American Mathematical Society: http://libra.virginia.edu/catalog/libra-oa:712.

Governor Pio Pico, the monster of California…no more: lessons in neuroendocrinology

Ivan S. Login & Jessica Login
We hypothesize that Pio Pico, the last Mexican Governor of California, had acromegaly between at least ages 43 to 57, from 1844 to 1858, before Pierre Marie published the clinical description of acromegaly in 1886. Pico’s probable growth hormone-secreting pituitary tumor likely infarcted spontaneously after 1858. The tumor infarction resulted in burnt-out acromegaly and probably restored normal pituitary function. Pearce Bailey published the first account of pituitary tumor infarction only in 1898. Pico’s undiagnosed, misunderstood,...

Globalization of agricultural pollution due to international trade

Clark O'Bannon, Joel Carr & David Seekell
Almost 90% of freshwater resources consumed globally are used to produce plant and animal commodities. Water-scarce countries can balance their water needs by importing food from other countries. This process, known as virtual water transfer, represents the externalization of water use. The volume and geographic reach of virtual water transfers is increasing, but little is known about how these transfers redistribute the environmental costs of agricultural production. The grey water footprint quantifies the environmental costs...

Regional and landscape-scale variability of Landsat-observed vegetation dynamics in northwest Siberian tundra

Howard Epstein & Gerald Frost
Widespread increases in Arctic tundra productivity have been documented for decades using coarse-scale satellite observations, but finer-scale observations indicate that changes have been very uneven, with a high degree of landscape- and regional-scale heterogeneity. Here we analyze time-series of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) observed by Landsat (1984–2012), to assess landscape- and regional-scale variability of tundra vegetation dynamics in the northwest Siberian Low Arctic, a little-studied region with varied soils, landscape histories, and permafrost...

Moderating diets to feed the future

Kyle Davis
Population growth, dietary changes, and increasing biofuel use are placing unprecedented pressure on the global food system. While this demand likely cannot be met by expanding agricultural lands, much of the world's cropland can attain higher crop yields. Therefore, it is important to examine whether increasing crop productivity to the maximum attainable yield (i.e., yield gap closure) alone can substantially improve food security at global and national scales. Here we show that closing yield gaps...

An Experimental Examination of the Volunteer’s Dilemma

Charles Holt
An Experimental Examination of the Volunteer’s Dilemma Jacob K. Goeree, Charles A. Holt, Angela M. Smith Abstract In a volunteer’s dilemma, only one “volunteer” is needed to obtain a benefit for all. Volunteering is costly, and the symmetric Nash equilibrium involves randomization. These predictions have the intuitive property that volunteer rates decline with larger groups, but surprisingly, the probability of obtaining no volunteers is increasing with group size, even as the number of players goes...

Review of Isobel Armstrong, \"Victorian Poetry: Poetry, Poetics and Politics\"

Herbert Tucker

Wanted Dead or Alive: Browning's Romanticism

Herbert Tucker

Logics of Self-Love

Patricia Spacks

Teaching manuals and the blackboard: Accessing historical classroom practices

Caitlin Wylie
The blackboard, a useful teaching tool in nineteenth-century England, was transformed into a teaching necessity in the decades from 1870, when the Education Acts made school free and mandatory for all children. The resulting huge population of schoolchildren inspired the development of teaching techniques appropriate for large-group learning. Many of these techniques relied on the blackboard as a reusable demonstration space visible to the entire class at once, unlike a book or slate. To share...

The Victorian Problem with Joy

Herbert Tucker

Spanish Romanticism and Spanish Romantic Drama Shaw, Donald Conversion to

Donald Shaw

New Paths, New Directions: Reflections on Forty Years of Holocaust Studies and the GSA

Waitman Beorn
The Western Association for German Studies (WAGS) was founded in 1976 on the cusp of a public reawakening to the horrors of the Holocaust. A year later, neo-Nazis in the United States argued before the Supreme Court for the right to march in Skokie, IL (a right they won in 1978, though the march took place in Chicago). This spurred the creation of a Holocaust museum there and led many survivors to begin breaking their...

The Matter with Verse: What Victorian Poetry Wasn’t, and Was

Herbert Tucker
The status of verse as a minor partner in poetry’s nobler enterprise is as generally untheorized in principle as it is as widely acknowledged in practice – and for reasons stemming from a certain ambivalence, which we still share with the Victorians, about the formal poetic medium itself. Poetry nowhere exposes this ambivalence more clearly than when flaunting its dependency on verse’s material mediation. Victorian poems written for, or as, inscription (W. Morris, R. Browning,...

Training for Acquisitions in an Online Environment

Beth Camden & Jean Cooper

Verse Visa: Dickens Adapts Poetry in The Old Curiosity Shop

Herbert Tucker
Dickens's frequent adaptations, through the figure of Dick Swiveller, of more or less molested fragments of popular verse, smuggled into the text of "The Old Curiosity Shop" under cover of prose, illuminate both his (and the novel's) ambition to rival poetry in cultural prestige, and Dickens' own counter-tendency to compose in his own right surreptitious blank verse at moments of particularly urgent pathos surrounding the death of little Nell.

Ultrasound-aided Multi-parametric Photoacoustic Microscopy of the Mouse Brain

Bo Ning, Song Hu, Naidi Sun, Rui Cao & John Hossack
High-resolution quantitative imaging of cerebral oxygen metabolism in mice is crucial for understanding brain functions and formulating new strategies to treat neurological disorders, but remains a challenge. Here, we report on our newly developed ultrasound-aided multi-parametric photoacoustic microscopy (PAM), which enables simultaneous quantification of the total concentration of hemoglobin (CHb), the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin (sO2), and cerebral blood flow (CBF) at the microscopic level and through the intact mouse skull. The three-dimensional skull and...

On the New Novel in Spanish America

Donald Shaw

Balladry in Motion

Herbert Tucker
The mythic fancy that minstrels wandered, and the bibliographic fact that versions of their oral ballads migrated to print in strikingly different variants, run proxy for each other as analogous expressions of a modern ambivalence over the ballad form. This analogy is also played out prosodically, in the great freedom with which ballads permute, even as they observe, metrical conventions that identify them. Analysis of examples from Percy’s Reliques and Chatterton’s Rowley forgeries sets the...

Multimedia Bootcamp: a health sciences library provides basic training to promote faculty technology integration

Ellen Ramsey
Recent research has shown a backlash against the enthusiastic promotion of technological solutions as replacements for traditional educational content delivery. Many institutions, including the University of Virginia, have committed staff and resources to supporting state-of-the-art, showpiece educational technology projects. However, the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library has taken the approach of helping Health Sciences faculty be more comfortable using technology in incremental ways for instruction and research presentations. In July 2004, to raise awareness of...

How the WSLS-TV News Digitization Project Helped to Launch a Project Management Office

Melinda Baumann & Ivey Glendon
This article discusses how the WSLS-TV News Digitization Project at the University of Virginia Libraries was the catalyst for creating a more formalized project workflow and the eventual creation of a Project Management Office. The project revealed the need for better coordination between various groups in the library and more transparent processes. By creating well documented policies and processes, the new project workflow clarified roles, improved communication, and created greater transparency. The new processes enabled...

Toujours migrants, mais désormais écrivains : stratégies identitaires et littérature africaine

Eric Essono Tsimi
La plupart des auteurs partis d’Afrique se sont posés comme migrants avant de s’insérer comme écrivains dans leur société d’accueil. Ils sont toujours reçus comme : migrants professionnels (Tahar ben Jelloun s’est installé en France pour enseigner et faire une thèse de doctorat en psychologie) ; comme étudiants (Max Lobé, Patrice Nganang, etc.) ; comme réfugiés (asile politique ou humanitaire) ; au titre de regroupement familial (Fatou Diome, sénégalaise, est allée en France en raison...

An Investigation of a Tax on Second Homes and Its Ability to Foster Affordable Housing

Nick Gomer
This project was created during a capstone seminar for the Global Environments and Sustainability undergraduate major. This project explores the role of second homes in communities; how they both contribute to local economies and inflate local housing prices. It then explores vacancy taxes and how such a tax could be placed upon second homes to promote affordable housing for full-time citizens.

Sensory response following knee joint damage in rabbits

Joseph Hart
Background: Altered sensory information arising from damaged knee joint structures has been hypothesized as a contributing factor to persistent muscle dysfunction following injury. Methods: Composite femoral nerve sensory signal was measured in 24 rabbits randomly allocated (8 per group) to receive surgical anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) transection with or without autograft reconstruction or nothing (control). Two-weeks after the intervention composite afferent signals were recorded from the femoral nerve. Side-to-side ratios (surgical side vs contralateral heal...

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