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Measurement and assignment of double-resonance transitions to the 8900--9100 cm-1 levels of methane

Aleksandra Foltynowicz, Lucile Rutkowski, Isak Silander, Alexandra C. Johansson, Vinicius Silva de Oliveira, Ove Axner, Grzegorz Soboń, Tadeusz Martynkien & Kevin Lehmann
Optical-optical double-resonance spectroscopy with a continuous wave pump and frequency comb probe allows measurement of sub-Doppler transitions to highly-excited molecular states over a wide spectral range with high frequency accuracy. We report on assessment and characterization of sub-Doppler doubleresonance transitions in methane measured using a 3.3 µm continuous wave optical parametric oscillator as a pump and a 1.67 µm frequency comb as a probe. The comb spectra were recorded using a Fourier transform spectrometer with...

Teaching manuals and the blackboard: Accessing historical classroom practices

Caitlin Wylie
The blackboard, a useful teaching tool in nineteenth-century England, was transformed into a teaching necessity in the decades from 1870, when the Education Acts made school free and mandatory for all children. The resulting huge population of schoolchildren inspired the development of teaching techniques appropriate for large-group learning. Many of these techniques relied on the blackboard as a reusable demonstration space visible to the entire class at once, unlike a book or slate. To share...

Black History Month Jeopardy at a PWI: a how-to

Katrina Spencer
Many small towns in predominantly white spaces offer rather few opportunities to celebrate the cultural life and contributions of underrepresented groups in society. Libraries may have the capacity to practice anti-racist methodologies and forge strong bonds with underrepresented groups by supporting and hosting culturally affirming programming. Black History Month Jeopardy was a success every February in Middlebury, Vermont for three years where Librarian Katrina Spencer arranged for contestants to be rewarded for their knowledge about...

Two-photon absorption lineshapes in the transit-time limit

Kevin Lehmann
A weak excitation, transit-time resolution limited analytic lineshape is derived for a Doppler Broadening Free, degenerate two-photon transition from a standing wave with a TEM00 transverse profile. This approximation is appropriate when the collisional mean free path is much larger than the transverse width of the TEM00 beam. It is considerably simpler than the two-photon absorption lineshape previously published, C. Borde, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires Des Seances De L Academie Des Sciences Serie B 282, 341-344...

Targeting Speech and True Threats

Brandon Butler
This Note defines and discusses a category of crime-related speech that, although tied to grave criminal acts in controversial, high profile cases, has not been characterized clearly or accurately in those cases or in the copious First Amendment literature surrounding them. I call this phenomenon “targeting speech” because the speaker “targets” a victim by naming her or disclosing other personal information about her to an audience whose pre-existing malice the speaker directs at the victim.

Teaching nature study on the blackboard in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century England

Caitlin Wylie
England’s Education Acts in the late nineteenth century made school free and mandatory for all children, filling schools with more and younger students. Visual teaching methods such as blackboard drawing were used to catch young students’ eyes and engage their interest. At the same time, there was high public engagement with natural history and popular science lectures, which built the perception of science as accessible, interesting and useful for people of all social classes. This...

The iTHRIV Commons: A Cross-Institution Information and Health Research Data Sharing Architecture and Web Application

Johanna Loomba
Objective The integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) aims to develop an information architecture to support data workflows throughout the research lifecycle for cross-state teams of translational researchers. Materials and Methods The iTHRIV Commons is a cross-state harmonized infrastructure supporting resource discovery, targeted consultations, and research data workflows. As the front end to the iTHRIV Commons, the iTHRIV Research Concierge Portal supports federated login, personalized views, and secure interactions with objects in the...

“I just love research”: Beliefs about what makes researchers successful

Caitlin Wylie
There is a longstanding belief that research should be a calling more than a job. How does this expectation shape the selection of future researchers? Specifically, undergraduate research experience is credited with increasing students’ success in science and engineering majors and their likelihood to choose careers in science and engineering; thus, how researchers select student laboratory workers has implications for the future population of researchers. After all, because research communities construct knowledge collectively, researchers’ identities...

Identifying, Accessing and Evaluating Data

Jennifer Huck
Finding and accessing data can be problematic, but many of the skills used in traditional reference can be applied to data discovery.

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