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Engineers for Seoul: Sewage Treatment and the Professionalization of Sanitary Engineering in Korea

Jongmin Lee
This paper focuses on how early Korean sanitary engineers used new sewage treatment plants as an opportunity to redefine sanitation as an engineering practice and to refashion themselves as prestigious engineers. Through academic programs, professional societies, and public service, academics and government officials established new identities of an independent profession as a service to the community. I first track down how sanitation and public health have evolved in 1960s urban Seoul. I argue that early...

Many Lifetimes of Knowledge: The History of the Bibliothèque Haïtienne des Frères de l’Instruction Chrétienne’s Newspaper Collection and Its Digital Future

Claire Antone Payton, Anne Eller & Lewis Ampidu

The Sailing Scribes: Circulating Law in the Twentieth-Century Indian Ocean

Fahad Bishara
What did the practice of law look like on the high seas? This has been a matter of some discussion among legal historians, with the bulk of the evidence coming from encounters between European ships in the Atlantic and Asia. This article takes a different tack, taking as its starting point a series of contracts copied into the logbook of the early-twentieth century Arab dhow captain (nakhoda) ‘Abdulmajeed Al-Failakawi. Although some of these appear to...

Moderated Mediation Analysis: A Review and Application to School Climate Research

Kelly D. Edwards & Timothy R. Konold
Moderated mediation analysis is a valuable technique for assessing whether an indirect effect is conditional on values of a moderating variable. We review the basis of moderation and mediation and their integration into a combined model of moderated mediation within a regression framework. Thereafter, an analytic and interpretive illustration of the technique is provided in the context of a substantive school climate research question. The illustration is based on a sample of 318 high schools...

The European Union, the United States, and Trade: Metaphorical Climate Change, Not Bad Weather

Mark Schwartz
US and EU trade relations exhibit a set of chronic and secularly unsustainable imbalances, in which new Schumpeterian leading sectors and catch‐up growth create growing tension in the asymmetrical and somewhat hierarchical US–EU rela‐ tionship. These imbalances exhibit two distinct cycles interrupted by a clear structural break in the 1970s and an emerging cycle after the 2008–2010 crises. Each cycle has seen rising US current account or trade deficits with Europe provoke some financial or...

Expecting the Unexpected: Effects of Data Collection Design Choices on the Quality of Crowdsourced User-Generated Content

Roman Lukyanenko
As crowdsourced user-generated content becomes an important source of data for organizations, a pressing question is how to ensure that data contributed by ordinary people outside of traditional organizational boundaries is of suitable quality to be useful for both known and unanticipated purposes. This research examines the impact of different information quality management strategies, and corresponding data collection design choices, on key dimensions of information quality in crowdsourced user-generated content. We conceptualize a contributor-centric information...

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