33 Works

Middle East and female representation: Fiction versus Fact

Hamideh Javadi Bejandi

Emerging from the Margins

Stephanie Conn

Opposites (Embroidery, 2018)

Lyndsey McDougall

The Bond Between Live Art Actions and a Deeply Mediatised Culture

Eleni Kolliopoulou

Peculiar Projections of the Demiurge: (Pen and ink drawing and digital typography)

William O'Gorman

Exploring the Queer Other through a Northern Irish Lens

Patrick Hickey


Janine Uprichard

Fragment Series (Serigraph, 2018)

Pauline Clancy

Half Game, Half Comic: How the Visual Novel Adapts Manga

Rebecca Crawford

Hyphenation as a critical model for contemporary painting

Mary Keown

Traces of an Activity (Paint skin on board)

Susan Connolly

The notion of the Butoh-body: defining paradoxical terms in artistic research

Eleni Kolliopoulou

Fragment Mouth: Performance documentation

Dominic Thorpe

Practice Progressive review: Middle East and Female representation// Part 2

Hamideh Javadi Bejandi

Marketing Sustainability : What next?

Bronagh Magee

‘More Acid Than Woodstock’

Millie Light

Reevaluating the Language of Pain: A combination of literary and visual arts- based methods

Niamh McConaghy

Art + Family, Exploration No.1 (C-Type print)

Susanne Rea

Duanaire Not Death: An Antrim Example of the Pen being Mightier than the Sword

Duane Long

Harm and Hope : How we relate to our rubbish

Kavita Thanki

Language Standardisation in Modern Irish: Complaints sustaining discourse?

Jonathan McGibbon

In Process (2019)

Pauline Clancy

From Old French to French: Language as a Living Puzzle

Marc Olivier-Loiseau

Remembering and Forgetting: The Construction and Maintenance of Cultural Memory

Freya Stancombe Taylor

I am here for display purposes only

Alessia Cargnelli

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