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The Critical Need for Peer Clinical Supervision Among School Counselors

Pamelia E. Brott, Lorraine DeKruyf, Jung Hyun, Christopher LaFever, Sarah Patterson-Mills, Mariama Sandifer & Victoria Stone

Community Strengths and Challenges Related to Opioid Use Disorder in Rural Counties of East Tennessee

Ashlyn Schwartz, Zeruiah V. Buchanan & Laurie Meschke
Introduction: Appalachia, particularly Rural East Tennessee, has been and continues to be disproportionately impacted by opioid use disorder and its many tragic ramifications. Purpose: Community-engaged strategies can inform and support the development of relevant prevention efforts. Hence, people connected to a ten-county rural Appalachian region in East Tennessee were asked to identify and prioritize strengths and challenges related to opioid use disorder (OUD). Methods: Adult community members (n=577) completed a brief survey administered across 11...

Formatting Data for One and Two Mode Undirected Social Network Analysis

Austin T. Boyd & Louis M. Rocconi
Social Network Analysis (SNA) is a statistical method used to analyze the social structure and interactions among individuals within a network. SNA is used extensively in a number of disciplines such as sociology, geography, and communications research. However, the use of SNA by practitioners and researchers in assessment and evaluation is much lower than their counterparts in other social science disciplines. One of the primary barriers to utilizing SNA in social science research is correctly...

The Role of Fraternity/Sorority Affiliation in Supporting College Student Mental Health and Wellness

Meghan M. Grace, Amanda E. Assalone, Hannah M. Johnson, Britta L. Svoboda & J. Patrick Biddix

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