68 Works

Occupying Non-Place - Art Education Disturbed

Tiina Pusa & Minna Suoniemi

The Pedagogical Challenge of Interdisciplinary University Programs

Saija Hollmén

Hyperspatial Interlace. Grasping Four-dimensional Geometry Through Crafted Models

Taneli Luotoniemi

Dimensional - Lived Spatiality. Art of Painting Based on The Environment

Anne Sunila

Art as a continual arrival of life within oneself

Cecilia von Brandenburg

Educational turn - so what?

Elina Heikkilä

Reorienting Environmental Art Education

Henrika Ylirisku

Conceptualizing Higher Arts Education from Within

Teija Löytönen

Instructions to lose my way: about artistic work and research from up close

Marika Orenius

Creating a Glass Lens - a Metaphor for Learning

Kirsti Taiviola

Art-based Research of Consumer Culture

Anastasia Seregina & Oskar Christensson

The Pace of Learning – Combining Face-to-Face and Online Teaching in Architectural History

Anu Koponen & Sari Kivimäki

Violence and the Other in Contemporary Art: A Question of Ethics for Art Education

Kevin Tavin & Mira Kallio-Tavin

Real Love: Fragments on Art Education, Politics, and Jacques Lacan

Juuso Tervo

The Lacanian Real in Lars von Trier's Antichrist

Henriikka Huunan-Seppälä

Unfolding the Unexpressed: The Grotesque, Norms and Repressions

Henriikka Huunan-Seppälä

Echoes from the dark forest: affect in the learning of contemporary art and (in) the ecology of subjectivity

Mikko Snellman


Gian Luigi Biagini

Art of Research VII: Authorship and Responsibility

Harri Laakso, Sofia Pantouvaki & Julia Valle-Noronha

Dissolving orphan collections in the commons

Marina Valle Noronha


Camilla Groth, Maarit Mäkelä, Harri Laakso & Susanna Helke

Design Enters the City: Requisites and Points of Friction in Deepening Public Sector Design

Antti Pirinen, Kaisa Savolainen, Sampsa Hyysalo & Tuuli Mattelmäki

Artistic and Arts-Based Methodologies in Art Education Master's Theses at Aalto University During 2010-2015

Outi Koivisto

Maaginen kuva

Tapio Tuominen

Dealing with Emotions During a Film-Making Process

Lenka Hellstedt & Anna Heiskanen

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