66 Works

Art as a continual arrival of life within oneself

Cecilia von Brandenburg

The Pedagogical Challenge of Interdisciplinary University Programs

Saija Hollmén

Occupying Non-Place - Art Education Disturbed

Tiina Pusa & Minna Suoniemi

Educational turn - so what?

Elina Heikkilä

Dimensional - Lived Spatiality. Art of Painting Based on The Environment

Anne Sunila

Hyperspatial Interlace. Grasping Four-dimensional Geometry Through Crafted Models

Taneli Luotoniemi

Conceptualizing Higher Arts Education from Within

Teija Löytönen

Reorienting Environmental Art Education

Henrika Ylirisku

Creating a Glass Lens - a Metaphor for Learning

Kirsti Taiviola

The Pace of Learning – Combining Face-to-Face and Online Teaching in Architectural History

Anu Koponen & Sari Kivimäki

Art-based Research of Consumer Culture

Anastasia Seregina & Oskar Christensson

Instructions to lose my way: about artistic work and research from up close

Marika Orenius

Real Love: Fragments on Art Education, Politics, and Jacques Lacan

Juuso Tervo

Violence and the Other in Contemporary Art: A Question of Ethics for Art Education

Kevin Tavin & Mira Kallio-Tavin

The Lacanian Real in Lars von Trier's Antichrist

Henriikka Huunan-Seppälä

Art of Research VII: Authorship and Responsibility

Harri Laakso, Sofia Pantouvaki & Julia Valle-Noronha

Dissolving orphan collections in the commons

Marina Valle Noronha


Gian Luigi Biagini


Camilla Groth, Maarit Mäkelä, Harri Laakso & Susanna Helke

Unfolding the Unexpressed: The Grotesque, Norms and Repressions

Henriikka Huunan-Seppälä

Echoes from the dark forest: affect in the learning of contemporary art and (in) the ecology of subjectivity

Mikko Snellman

Is most Marxist Art (And “Activism”) Actually Social Democratic? And if so, what should art (and design) universities do about it?

Max Ryynänen

Touched And Moved By Arts Introduction to a Transdisciplinary Discourse on Human Experience

Mira Kallio-Tavin, Heidi Fast, Kirsi Heimonen, Tiina Pusa & Riitta Hari

Koulutammeko yksinäisiä sankareita vai tiimityöläisiä? – Arkkitehti(suunnittelu)opetuksen suhde ammattipraktiikkaan

Emilia Weckman

Four Dimensions in Learning Design Thinking: Capabilities, Constraints, Collaboration, and the Diffusion of Ideas

Mikko Koria

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