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Apuntes sobre la canción popular moderna en México

Hartmut Nonnenmacher
pp. 49-63. After a reflection on the peculiar status of popular song since its entry into «the era of technical reproducibility» described by Benjamin, this article addresses three central aspects of the analysis of the modern popular song: the media construction of the image of the successful singer, the textual analysis of the lyrics as well as the constitution and evolution of the genres in which the songs are grouped. To illustrate these three aspects,...

Queering the competitive cooking show: performance on/of Netflix’s Nailed It! English

Alkım Kutlu
This paper will look at Netflix’s Nailed It!, a competitive cooking show that introduces humor to the traditional format. In my analysis, I will look at the genre conventions of both food television and competitive cooking shows to situate Nailed It! within both these genres to understand its particular position. In comparing the show to the conventional narrative structures and performances within genre conventions, I will come to the conclusion that Nailed It! is a...

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