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A Systematic Literature Review of School-Counsellor-Led Group Counselling Interventions Targeting Academic Achievement: Implications for Research and Practice

Sam Steen, Qi Shi & Jennifer Melfie

A Turning Points analysis of Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition Negotiations

Yadvinder S. Rana, Daniel Druckman & Jesus Canduela
Despite the recent increase in Cross-Border Merger and Acquisition (CBMA) activity, research has repeatedly determined that over 70 percent of CBMAs fail to deliver the promised results, with evidence pointing to ineffective negotiation process management as one of the crucial factors explaining CBMA failure. We perform a turning points analysis of nine negotiations between automobile manufacturers. The findings indicate that negotiation outcomes are significantly influenced by substantive and strategic elements internal to the negotiation process....

Working Together: Bridging the Researcher-Practitioner Gap

William A Donohue & Daniel Druckman
In this article we share our professional experiences in bridging the gap between research and practice. These experiences are discussed from the standpoint of the roles of analyst-consultant and mediator-conciliator. Five research-practice areas are viewed through the lens of the former role: alliance dynamics, issue re-framing, sources of conflict, procedural justice, and turning points. Three areas are discussed from the latter perspective: goals and motivations, cognitive and motivational biases, and relationship development.Each theme is organized...

The Musician and the Recording Studio: Satirical Perspectives in Film and Television

Thomas Britt
This article explores the relationship between musicians and recording studios in a range of satirical screen works. For two decades, there has been a debate about the necessity of professional recording studios amid increasingly sophisticated home recording technology. Against this backdrop, I examine scenarios featuring fictional, real, and adapted musician figures whose activities in the studios reveal « the musician’s status in society and/or the microcosm in which he or she evolves », among other...

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