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Evaluating the Experience of Stuttering and Quality of Life among Polish School-age Children: Psychometric Investigation with the OASES-S-PL

Aleksandra Boroń, Edyta Gurok, Łukasz Kowalczyk, Kalina Kosacka, Katarzyna Węsierska & J Scott Yaruss

Radical Humility Forum

Gretel Van Weiren, Todd Shaw, Beronda Montgomery, Nimot Ogunfemi, Morgan Shipley, Paulina Camacho Valencia, Rebekah Modrak, Jamie Vander Broek, Ruth Nicole Brown & Christian B. Miller

dLOC as Practice: Decolonial Approaches to Listening and Remembering

Ricia Anne Chansky & Christina Boyles

Incorporating Complex Sampling Weights in Multilevel Analyses of Educational Data

Ting Shen & Spyros Konstantopoulos
Large-scale assessment survey (LSAS) data are collected via complex sampling designs with special features (e.g., clustering and unequal probability of selection). Multilevel models have been utilized to account for clustering effects whereas the probability weighting approach (PWA) has been used to deal with design informativeness derived from the unequal probability selection. However, the difficulty of applying PWA in multilevel models (MLM) has been generally underestimated and practical guidance is scarce. This study utilizes an empirical...

Working Together: Bridging the Researcher-Practitioner Gap

William A Donohue & Daniel Druckman
In this article we share our professional experiences in bridging the gap between research and practice. These experiences are discussed from the standpoint of the roles of analyst-consultant and mediator-conciliator. Five research-practice areas are viewed through the lens of the former role: alliance dynamics, issue re-framing, sources of conflict, procedural justice, and turning points. Three areas are discussed from the latter perspective: goals and motivations, cognitive and motivational biases, and relationship development.Each theme is organized...

Targeting Flavor Deglycosylation Improves Formulation of Whole Celery-Based Apigenin Rich Food

Zach Heeringa, Meenakshi Sudhakaran, Alison M. Gjidoda & Andrea I. Doseff
Flavone apigenin is a plant bioactive compound abundantly found in human diets. Apigenin has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic activities, thereby presenting promising yet unexploited prospects for the prevention and treatment of various inflammatory diseases. Apigenin, like other flavones, naturally occursin plants in its glycoside form. However, apigenin glycosides are less absorbed compared to their aglycone counterparts leading to diminished antiinflammatory and anti-cancer activities in in vitro and in vivo models. Additionally, apigenin aglycones have poor...

In a Time of Change: A nested ecosystem of environmental arts, humanities, and science collaboration

Mary Beth Leigh & Lissy Goralnik
The integration of environmental science with arts and humanities (eSAH) has the potential to advance public understanding of science while inspiring emotional responses and attitude shifts that lead to pro-environmental behavior. The In a Time of Change (ITOC) program, an eSAH incubator in Alaska, uses place as a boundary object to bridge relationships between artists, writers, and scientists. Participants co-investigate a place-based environmental theme over the course of a year, then present their work at...

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