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Basic income as a tool to support aggregate demand

Askar Akaev, Alexander Petryakov, Nauryz Baizakov & Zoltán Zéman
The developed economies of the world are now facing new challenges, the main of which are: the degree of human participation in the production process, in which it will not be an “appendage” of new intelligent systems; prevention of further social and economic polarization of society; development of new economic tools to mitigate the negative effects of extensive digitalization of production and services. This paper shows that conditional basic income as a macroeconomic policy tool...

Some considerations on the use of Leontief's models in new economic realities

Bulat Khusainov, Asset Nussupov & Askar Sarygulov
Today's researchers periodically refer to the extensive scientific heritage of Wassily Leontief, one of the outstanding economists of the 20th century, in order to find solutions to individual problems, both in the global and in the economies of individual countries. The object of consideration of this article is the Leontief differential model. The authors substantiate the need for further development of this model and offer specific forms of its mathematical interpretation. A new reading of...

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