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With Friends Like These… or: How Not to Respond to the Imposition Objection

Katheryn Doran
Many analytically trained philosophers argue that for a movie to do philosophy it must contain arguments, or develop thought experiments, or provide counterexamples, otherwise whatever philosophy might seem to be in it is just the viewer's projection. Most of the analytic responses to what Tom Wartenburg calls the “the imposition objection” (IO), including his own, share an assumption I argue is unfounded, namely, that the traditional philosophical text is the standard by which we should...

Yukawa Potential in Klein-Gordon Equation in Cosmological Inertial Frame

We study Yukawa potential dependent about time in cosmological inertial frame. If we solve Klein-
Gordon equation, we obtain Yukawa potential dependent about time in cosmological inertial frame.

Paleoecological comparison between late Miocene localities of China and Greece based on Hipparion faunas

Tao Deng
Deng, Tao (2006): Paleoecological comparison between late Miocene localities of China and Greece based on Hipparion faunas. Geodiversitas 28 (3): 499-516, DOI: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4650945

The Use of Anthropomorphic Agent in Movie: Case study of Cast Away (2000)

This article is published in the International Journal of Art & Design (IJAD) Vol 1, Issue 6, September 2019


Jason Koutoufaris-Malandrinos

Markov State Models of Proton- and Pore-Dependent Activation in a Pentameric Ligand-Gated Ion Channel

Cathrine Bergh, Stephanie Heusser, Rebecca Howard & Erik Lindahl
XTC state files: contain 6-7 randomly sampled conformations from four or five clusters (state1-5) obtained from each Markov state model (WT7 - deprotonated wild-type, WT4 - protonated wild-type, I233T7 - deprotonated I233T mutant, I233T4 - protonated I233T mutant, H235Q7 - deprotonated H235Q mutant, H235Q4 - protonated H235Q mutant). GRO files: topology files needed for visualization of the XTC files MDP file: simulation parameters for running the MD simulations in GROMACS H5 files: trained Markov state...

El inicio del movimiento de especialización en la criminología. Narrativa de vida un criminólogo contemporáneo

Juan José Martínez Bolaños
En el presente se expone narrativamente algunos aspectos de la vida del criminólogo Wael Sarwat Hikal Carreón, personaje contemporáneo controvertido por sus escritos donde señala lo que para él son diversas irregularidades en la enseñanza de la criminología y criminalística en México, apuntando personajes, organizaciones, eventos, entre otros, visto desde aquí, críticas con propuestas de mejoras, pero no visto así por otros tantos. Se mencionan aspectos de su vida como nacimiento, desarrollo, relaciones personales, estudios,...

From Battlefield to Political Arena. Shifting the Clausewitzian Paradigm

Marco Marsili
War and politics are closely interrelated. If it is assumed, as in the case of Clausewitz's famous principle, that "war is a mere continuation of policy by other means... is not merely a political act, but also a truly political instrument, a continuation of political commerce, a carrying out of the same by other means" (Von Clausewitz, 1976), then it should be acknowledged that war is a political act. But Foucault inverts Clausewitz's traditional conception...

Teaching during an epidemic of mass incarceration: The service of art education

Courtnie N. Wolfgang

Evaluating the effects of access control policies within NoSQL systems

Colombo Pietro &
Access control is a key service of any data management system. It allows regulating the access to data resources at different granularity levels on the basis of access control models which vary on the protection options they offer. The more powerful is the access control model in terms of protection requirements, the more difficult is for security administrators to understand the effect of a set of access control policies on the protected resources. This is...

Ningen – a video installation and oral history archive of Brazilian immigrants living in Japan and Japanese immigrants living in Brazil

Frederico Câmara

Young people with muslim backgrounds exploring their multiple senses of belonging

Helena Oikarinen-Jabai

Broadband FET Ring Mixer for Band #1 of MB-OFDM UWB Systems

Abhay Chaturvedi, Mithilesh Kumar, &
A down conversion mixer is essentially used in a heterodyne wireless receiver to enhance the selectivity of the mixer. Down conversion mixer converts high frequency RF signal to low frequency IF signal before demodulation process. Being a nonlinear system, RF mixer dominates the overall performance of the system. Design of down conversion mixer is the most challenging part in a receive chain. Wideband impedance matching always remains a challenge in any radio frequency integrated circuit...

Тaxonomic position of Orthochirus olivaceus (Karsch, 1881), the type species of the genus Orthochirus Karsch, 1892 (Scorpiones: Buthidae)

František Kovařík, Victor Fet & Manal Siyam
Kovařík, František, Fet, Victor, Siyam, Manal (2020): Тaxonomic position of Orthochirus olivaceus (Karsch, 1881), the type species of the genus Orthochirus Karsch, 1892 (Scorpiones: Buthidae). Euscorpius 319: 1-15, DOI: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4648741

Two new Chaerilus from Thailand and Laos (Scorpiones: Chaerilidae)

František Kovařík, Graeme Lowe, Mark Stockmann & František Šťáhlavský
Kovařík, František, Lowe, Graeme, Stockmann, Mark, Šťáhlavský, František (2020): Two new Chaerilus from Thailand and Laos (Scorpiones: Chaerilidae). Euscorpius 324: 1-20, DOI: http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4648882

Itsen ja toisen kohtaaminen performanssissa

Riitta Rastas

Making desire out of nothing at all

Tiina Nevanperä

Artistic research on two galleries in the periphery of the art world

Rait Rosin

An Insider's Account of Experience

Tiina Nevanperä

Urban Knitting - the Soft Side of Street Art

Minna Haveri

Affordance as a Method in Visual Cultural Studies Based on Theory and Tools of Vitality Semiotics

Martina Sauer
Art Style | Art & Culture International Magazine Abstract In a historiographical and methodological comparison of Formal Aesthetics and Iconology with the method of Affordance, the latter is to be introduced as a new method in Visual Cultural Studies. In extension of epistemologically relevant aspects related to style and history of the artefacts, communicative and furthermore action and decision relevant aspects of artefacts become important. In this respect, it is the share of artefacts in...


Konstantin Aminkov
Bladder tumors in the dog are the most common tumors of the urinary tract. A large percentage of these tumors are malignant (97%) and of epithelial origin (97%). Transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) being by far the most common bladder tumor in dogs (87%). A CT examination of the last thoracic and lumbar vertebrae was performed on a Cane Corso dog due to to hind limb weakness. The CT scan showed a neoplasm formation in the...

Seeing in progress: Thoughts on the current state of Visual Culture and Art Education in Aalto University

Mira Kallio-Tavin

The Publisher's Guide to eCommerce

Damian Radcliffe

Intersecting Identities: A Trioethnographic Exploration of How Disability Studies Informs Our Work as Artists, Educators, and Researchers

Alexandra Allen, Timothy Smith & Amanda Newman-Godfrey

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