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Almanach Pro Reverendissimo Domino Cardinali for Fryderyk Jagiellończyk: The Historical Evidence of an Astrologer's Workshop

Ewa Śnieżyńska-Stolot

Melchior Nering's Bindings of Three Prints from the Private Library of the Abbott of Trzemeszno, Wojciech Mieliński

Michał Muraszko

A Present from below the Equator. A Snippet from the Manuscript of Alexander von Humboldt's Journal from his Trip to America. From the Collection of Radowitz

Dominik Erdmann & Monika Jaglarz

Effect of Subsurface Heterogeneous Correlated Hydraulic Properties on the Stochasti Behavior of the Unsteady Well Drawdown in a Confined Aquifer

Mostafa Ahmed Moawad Abdeen & Alaa E. Abdin

On micro-damage in hot metal working. Part 1: Experimental investigation

Y. Liu, A. D. Foster, J. Lin, D. C.J. Farrugia & T.A. Dean
An experimental programme was defined and performed to investigate the characteristics of micro-damage for a plain CMn and a free machining steel under hot forming conditions. To investigate damage locations - at grain boundaries and around second phase inclusions - a series of constant strain rate tests were carried out on the free machining steel, which contained manganese sulphide inclusions. Specimens from both materials were strained to failure under tension using a Gleeble material simulator...

Investigation of macrocrack propagation along a bimaterial interface in adiabatic dynamic processes as a problem of mesomechanics

W. Dornowski & P. Perzyna
The main objective of the present paper is the investigation of macrocrack propagation along a bimaterial interface in adiabatic dynamic processes. The investigation has been generated by very recent experimental observation (cf. Rosakis, Samudrala and Coker [34], Guduru, Rosakis and Ravichandran [13], Guduru, Zehnder, Rosakis and Ravichandran [14]). A general constitutive model of elastic-viscoplastic damaged polycrystalline solids has been developed within the thermodynamic framework of the rate-type covariance material structure with a finite set of...

Joint DOAs-Timings Estimation for Uplink DS/CDMA Communication System Based on Esprit-Music Algorithm


Rayleigh waves speed in transversely isotropic material

A. Rehman, A. Khan & A. Ali
Rayleigh wave speed in transversely isotropic material is studied. A very simple technique is adopted to solve the secular equation. Speed in some transversely isotropic materials is calculated.

Investigation of Material Properties by Means of Magnetic Methods

Józef Jan Rasek & Zbigniew Stoklosa

Diagnostics and Treatment of Traumatic Damages to Achilles Tendon

K. Skiba

Algorithms of the Method of Statically Admissible Discontinuous Stress Fields (SADSF) — Part III


Experimental Modelling of the Influence of Boundary Conditions on Kinematics of the Extrusion Process


Three-Parameter Optimization of an Axially Loaded Beam on a Foundation

A beam of circular cross-section, made of viscoelastic material of Kelvin–Voigt type, is considered. The beam is symmetric with respect to its center, the length and volume of the beam are fixed and its ends are simply supported. The radius of the cross-section is a cubic function of co-ordinate. The beam interacts with a foundation of Winkler, Pasternak or Hetényi type and is axially loaded by a non-conservative force P(t) = P0 + P1 cos...

Influence of Damage on Variations of Material Thermal Properties

J. Madej

Stress Analysis in the Extrusion of Bimetallic Tubes

J.L. Alcaraz, J.M. Martínez-Esnaola & J. Gil-Sevillano

Selected Cases of Bi-Area Contact for Cylindrical Elements

M. Czerniec, C. Komorzycki & R. Łucyszyn

Analyses of Plane Stress Discontinuity Lines Systems in Oyane Porous Media

W. Bodaszewski

Damage Identification by the Static Virtual Distortion Method

P. Kołakowski

Apprendre hors-champs : les FabLabs comme espaces de savoirs

La diaspora juive marocaine : loin des yeux, près du cœur

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