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Jordan Mallon


Jordan Mallon

MODFLOW-NWT model used to simulate and assess the groundwater flow and surface-water exchanges in lakes of the northeast Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, Minnesota, 2003 through 2013

Jared J. Trost, Jason L. Roth, Perry M. Jones & Catherine A. Christenson
A three-dimensional, steady-state groundwater-flow model representing 2003-13 mean hydrologic conditions was developed and calibrated to assess groundwater and lake-water exchanges and the effects of groundwater withdrawals and precipitation on water levels in lakes in the northeast Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, Minnesota. The USGS groundwater-flow model program MODFLOW-NWT version 1.0.8 was used to simulate groundwater flow in the approximately 1,000-square-mile area of the northeast Twin Cities Metropolitan Area and western Wisconsin. Water levels were below normal...

Migratory Pathway Source Sink

Richard Erickson
This is the R code to support the manuscript ``Defining and classifying migratory habitats as sources and sinks: the migratory pathway approach''. The are three files besides this file (the README file): A source file of function: functionsUploaded2016.R A script file that was used for the manuscript and is an R Markdown file: SubmittedCode.Rmd; and and a LICENSE file.

carpIPM R code

Richard Erickson
Fish grow continuously. Integral projection models (IPM) model size continuously. We developed an IPM for fish. We specifically developed the model for grass carp, however, the model could also be applied to species with similar life-histories such as other carp species. We included YY-males within the model because releasing YY-males has been proposed a control method for the species. YY-males are fish that have 2 male chromosomes compared to a XY-male. When YY-males mate, they...

Model of the Preterm Eye

Nigel M Bolster
Model of the preterm eye between 28 and 52 weeks post-menstrual age. To generate models for ages within the aforementioned range execute the script contained in 'Preterm_eye.zpl' from 'Neonatal_Eye_Retinal Image_all_ages_GRIN_1.2_start__pos.zmx' in Zemax OpticStudio. To re-run the simulation that arrived at this model execute the script contained in 'Preterm_eye_lens_dims_sim.zpl' from 'Neonatal_Eye_Retinal Image_all_ages_GRIN_1.2_start__pos.zmx' using the merit function contained in 'Preterm_RE_Final.MF'. The model makes use of the code for the age-dependent model of the crystalline lens contained in...

Modeled impacts of climate change on regional hydrology in the Upper Boise River Basin, Idaho

Amy Steimke, Alejandro Flores, Bangshuai Han, Jodi Brandt & Rebecca Som Castellano
Climate change directly affects the hydrologic cycle in mountainous watersheds, which has consequences for downstream users. Improved water projections under diverse potential climate futures are critical to improve water security and management in these watersheds. In this research, we examine potential hydrologic changes to a semi-arid, snowmelt-dominated, mountainous watershed, the Upper Boise River Basin, ID, which supplies water to an agriculturally intensive and rapidly urbanizing region. Using the Envision integrated modeling framework, we created a...

Model data for pore network modeling of the electrical signature of solute transport in dual-domain media, U.S. Geological Survey data release: U.S. Geological Survey data release

Frederick D. Day-Lewis, N. Linde, R. Haggerty, Kamini Singha & Martin A. Briggs
Pore network simulations were performed to investigate the electrical geophysical signature of solute-transport in dual-domain media. This data release includes model results, source code, and laboratory data used in the accompanying paper, as explained in the upper-level "readme" file. The simulations were performed to evaluate different petrophysical models to predict bulk electrical conductivity from fluid conductivities in dual-domain media. The methods and results are documented in the paper : Day-Lewis, F.D., Linde, N., Haggerty, R.,...

MODFLOW-2000 and MODPATH5 model data sets used to evaluate the effects of changes in pumping on regional groundwater-flow paths, 2005 and 2010, and areas contributing recharge to discharging wells, 1990-2010, in the vicinity of North Penn Area 7 Superfund Site, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Daniel J. Goode & Lisa A. Senior
A three-dimensional, groundwater-flow model (MODFLOW-2000) and a particle-tracking program (MODPATH5) were used to evaluate the effects of changes in pumping on regional groundwater-flow paths, 2005 and 2010, and areas contributing recharge to discharging wells, 1990-2010, in the vicinity of North Penn Area 7 Superfund Site, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The steady-state model was used to simulate conditions for 1990, 2000, 2005, and 2010. The model was used to (1) evaluate the changes in flow paths from...


Shane Daly

GSFLOW model simulations used to evaluate the impact of irrigated agriculture on surface water groundwater interaction

Hedeff I. Essaid, Rodney Caldwell & Jim Constantz
Watershed-scale coupled surface water (SW) groundwater (GW) flow modeling was used to examine changes in streamflow and SW GW interaction resulting from irrigation and associated SW diversions and GW pumping. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) model GSFLOW, an integration of the USGS Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS) and the Modular Ground-Water Flow Model (MODFLOW), was utilized for this effort. Processes represented in the model include daily rain, snowfall, snowmelt, streamflow, surface runoff, interflow, infiltration, soil-zone evapotranspiration...


Douglas Boyer


Ksenia Sokolova


Douglas Boyer


Ksenia Sokolova


Douglas Boyer


Ksenia Sokolova


Natasha Vitek


Natasha Vitek


Natasha Vitek


Natasha Vitek


Natasha Vitek


Natasha Vitek

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