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Manuel Bedrossian
This repository contains all files for the custom PCB design used in the second generation DHM Field Instrument as referenced in the PhD Thesis of Manuel Bedrossian. Please refer to the thesis text and appendices for more information.

Metabolic multi-stability and hysteresis in a model aerobe-anaerobe microbiome community

Tahmineh Khazaei
Mathematical models for "Metabolic multi-stability and hysteresis in a model aerobe-anaerobe microbiome community" Read_Me.pdf updated 2020-07-14 to add additional details

Mouse Action Recognition System (MARS) trained models, version 1.8

Cristina Segalin, Jalani Williams, Tomomi Karigo, May Hui, Moriel Zelikowsky, Jennifer J. Sun, Pietro Perona, David J. Anderson, Ann Kennedy & Dave Rumph
This dataset contains trained neural network models for mouse detection and pose estimation, and trained classifiers for mouse behavior annotation. These model files accompany the MARS end-user software posted at https://github.com/neuroethology/MARS, for MARS version 1.8. To use these trained models, download the models.zip file and unzip into MARS/mars_v1_8/models. See https://github.com/neuroethology/MARS for documentation on using these models from within MARS. We also include two short sample videos of interacting mice (in sample_videos.zip) that can be used...

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  • 2020

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  • California Institute of Technology