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Electronic supplement Master thesis Janina Heinen 2019

Alexander" "Neu & Matthias" "Schleuning

Shubayqa 1 Human Burials 3D models

Tobias Richter
This archive contains 3D photogammetric models generated with AgiSoft Photoscan of human burials from the Late Epipalaeolithic Natufian site Shubayqa 1, Jordan.

Oxytocin GKR

Bogdan A Danalache
Oxytocin-Gly-Lys-Arg: A Novel Cardiomyogenic Peptide BACKGROUND: Oxytocin (OT), synthesized in the heart, has the ability to heal injured hearts and to promote cardiomyogenesis from stem cells. Recently, we reported that the OT-GKR molecule, a processing intermediate of OT, potently increased the spontaneous formation of cardiomyocytes (CM) in embryonic stem D3 cells and augmented glucose uptake in newborn rat CM above the level stimulated by OT. In the present experiments, we investigated whether OT-GKR exists in...

MODFLOW-NWT model data sets for simulating effects of groundwater withdrawals on streamflows in Northwestern Chippewa County, Wisconsin

Paul F Juckem, Michael N Fienen & Megan J Haserodt
A new groundwater flow model for western Chippewa County, Wisconsin has been developed by the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (WGNHS) and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). An analytic element GFLOW model was constructed and calibrated to generate hydraulic boundary conditions for the perimeter of the more detailed three-dimensional MODFLOW-NWT model. This three-dimensional model uses the USGS MODFLOW-NWT finite difference code, a standalone version of MODFLOW-2005 that incorporates the Newton (NWT) solver. The model...

Befreiung aus dem „Knochenkeller“ - Ein Online-Zugang zu den Tendaguru-Dinosauriern des Museums für Naturkunde

Heinrich Mallison
Im Projekt werden ca. 360 Knochen aus der Tendaguru-Ausgrabung (1909-1913) des damaligen Berliner Naturkundemuseums digitalisiert. Die Sammlung umfasst mehrere Tausend Knochen. Die größten und unhandlichsten davon, die Langknochen der Beine und die Knochen von Schultern und Hüften der Dinosaurier, werden mithilfe photogrammetrischer Verfahren zugänglich gemacht. Ergänzt wird die Sammlung durch bereits vorhandene 3D-Scandaten, z.B. aus MikroCT und Laserscans, sowie um 2D-Scans der Funddokumentation und wissenschaftlichen Publikationen zu den Funden bis 1970.

Wave Exposure Model for Grand Bay, Mississippi: Input and Validation Datasets

Kathryn Smith & Joseph F Terrano
Coastal marsh are highly dynamic and ecologically important ecosystems that are subject to pervasive and often harmful disturbances, including shoreline erosion. Shoreline erosion can result in an overall loss of coastal marsh, particularly in estuaries with moderate- or high-wave energy. Not only can waves can be important physical drivers of shoreline change but can also influence shore-proximal vertical accretion through sediment delivery. For these reason, estimates of wave energy can provide a quantitative measure of...

COAWST Modeling System v3.4

John C Warner, Neil Kamal Ganju, Christopher R Sherwood, Tarandeep S Kalra, Alfredo Aretxabaleta, Maitane Olabarrieta, Ruoying He, Joseph Zambon & Nirnimesh Kumar
Coupled ocean atmosphere wave sediment transport modeling system

MODFLOW2005 and MODPATH used to simulate the hydrologic system and transport contaminants near Joint Base Cape Cod, Western Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Donald A. Walter, Timothy D. McCobb, Michael N. Fienen & Martha K. Watt
The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, developed a numerical, steady-state regional model, using MODFLOW-2005, to evaluate current (2010) conditions and the potential effects of future (2030) groundwater withdrawals on water levels, stream flows, hydraulic gradients, and advective transport near the Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC). Two numerical models were used in this analysis. An existing two-dimensional (one layer) model (termed the coast model), developed as part of a...

LSMOD.2 - Global paleomagnetic field model for 50 -- 30 ka BP

Monika Korte & Maxwell Brown
Global spherical harmonic paleomagnetic field model LSMOD.2 describes the magnetic field evolution from 50 to 30 ka BP based on published paleomagnetic sediment records and volcanic data. It is an update of LSMOD.1, with the only difference being a correction to the geographic locations of one of the underlying datasets. The time interval includes the Laschamp (~41 ka BP) and Mono Lake (~34 ka BP) excursions. The model is given with Fortran source code to...

Model of the VSV L terminal initiation complex

Green, Todd J; Ogino, Tomoaki; Ogino, Minako; Gupta, Nirmala
A homology-based model of the VSV L terminal initiation complex was generated based on the bacteriophage Φ6 initiation complex. RNA was modeled based on alignment of the core polymerases of VSV (PDB id: 5A22) and bacteriophage Φ6 (PDB id: 1HI0).

GFLOW groundwater flow model for the Park Falls Unit of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, Wisconsin

Ken Bradbury
A GFLOW model was constructed of the Park Falls Unit as part of a larger study of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. The model supports the goals of the project by providing improved characterization of the groundwater/surface-water system and a tool to evaluate the sensitivity of hydrologic flows and temperature to future climate and land use changes. The purpose of this model and the bigger CNNF modeling effort is to integrate existing hydrologic knowledge over the...

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