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Shubayqa 1 Human Burials 3D models

Tobias Richter
This archive contains 3D photogammetric models generated with AgiSoft Photoscan of human burials from the Late Epipalaeolithic Natufian site Shubayqa 1, Jordan.

Electronic supplement Master thesis Janina Heinen 2019

Alexander" "Neu & Matthias" "Schleuning

Full Length 3D Monomer Structure of Human Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 Using Homology Based Approach Combined with a Refinement process

Raghavan, Vaijayanthi; Agrahari, Maulishree; Dhankale, Dhananjaya Kalegowda
p53 is a very important Tumor Suppressor Protein that plays key roles in many cellular mechanisms thus preventing the development of cancers in humans. Its gene, TP53 is positioned on chromosome 17p13 and encodes a 53 kilodalton nucleophosphoprotein which is a transcription factor with a central role in cell cycle regulation. However, mutations in this protein lead to various types of human cancers and it is estimated that more than 50% of human cancers are...

Befreiung aus dem „Knochenkeller“ - Ein Online-Zugang zu den Tendaguru-Dinosauriern des Museums für Naturkunde

Heinrich Mallison
Im Projekt werden ca. 360 Knochen aus der Tendaguru-Ausgrabung (1909-1913) des damaligen Berliner Naturkundemuseums digitalisiert. Die Sammlung umfasst mehrere Tausend Knochen. Die größten und unhandlichsten davon, die Langknochen der Beine und die Knochen von Schultern und Hüften der Dinosaurier, werden mithilfe photogrammetrischer Verfahren zugänglich gemacht. Ergänzt wird die Sammlung durch bereits vorhandene 3D-Scandaten, z.B. aus MikroCT und Laserscans, sowie um 2D-Scans der Funddokumentation und wissenschaftlichen Publikationen zu den Funden bis 1970.

Characterizing the deep uncertainties surrounding coastal flood hazard projections: A case study for Norfolk, VA

Kelsey L. Ruckert, Vivek Srikrishnan & Klaus Keller
Coastal planners and decision makers design risk management strategies based on hazard projections. However, projections can differ drastically. What causes this divergence and which projection(s) should a decision maker adopt to create plans and adaptation efforts for improving coastal resiliency? Using Norfolk, Virginia, as a case study, we start to address these questions by characterizing and quantifying the drivers of differences between published sea-level rise and storm surge projections, and how these differences can impact...

Arsenate Reductase (ArsC) of Deinococcus indicus DR1

Chauhan, Deepika; Srivastava, Pulkit Anupam; Agnihotri, Vidushi; Yennamalli, Ragothaman M; Priyadarshini, Richa
Tolerance to Arsenic, either as the pentavalent [As(V)] form or the trivalent form [As(III)], by bacteria has been well studied in prokaryotes and the mechanism of action is well defined. However, in the rod-shaped highly arsenic tolerant Deinococcus indicus the key enzyme, arsenate reductase (ArsC) has not been well studied. While it shares homology with the well-studied ArsC of E.coli, we report that the mechanism of action of As(V) is different and most likely due...

Model of the VSV L terminal initiation complex

Green, Todd J; Ogino, Tomoaki; Ogino, Minako; Gupta, Nirmala
A homology-based model of the VSV L terminal initiation complex was generated based on the bacteriophage Φ6 initiation complex. RNA was modeled based on alignment of the core polymerases of VSV (PDB id: 5A22) and bacteriophage Φ6 (PDB id: 1HI0).

Structure of Prototypic Peptide Transporter DtpA from E. coli in Complex with Valganciclovir Provides Insights into Drug Binding of Human PepT1

Rantos, Vasileios; Kosinski, Jan; Loew, Christian; Ural-Blimke, Yonca
Members of the solute carrier 15 family (SLC15) transport di- and tripeptides as well as peptidomimetic drugs across the cell membrane. Structures of bacterial homologues have provided valuable information on the binding and transport of their natural substrates, but many do not transport medically relevant drugs. In contrast, a homologue from Escherichia coli, DtpA, shows a high similarity to human PepT1 (SLC15A1) in terms of ligand selectivity and transports a similar set of drugs. Here,...

MODFLOW-2005 and MODPATH models used to simulate hydraulic tomography pumping tests and identify a fracture network, former Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, NJ

Claire R Tiedeman & Warren Barrash
MODFLOW-2005 groundwater flow models were developed to simulate 47 pumping tests conducted for a hydraulic tomography experiment in fractured rocks underlying the former Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, New Jersey. These flow models simulate the change in water level during the pumping tests, which range from about 45 to 60 minutes in duration. MODFLOW-2005 models were also developed to simulate groundwater flow in different directions across the hydraulic conductivity field estimated by the hydraulic...

Soil-Water Balance model and datasets used to estimate groundwater recharge Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender counties North Carolina 1980 through 2016

MD-DE-DC Water Science Center, R Nardi Mark & U.S Geological Survey
Soil water balance model archive for portions of North Carolina. The model was created to estimate recharge to the groundwater flow system in Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender counties in North Carolina. The development of the model input and output files included in this model archive were created to support a regional groundwater flow model being produced for the surficial, Castle Hayne, and Peedee aquifer systems. The development of the model input and output files...

GFLOW Groundwater Flow Model of the St. Louis River Basin, Minnesota

Megan J Haserodt, Randall J Hunt, Timothy K Cowdery, Andrew T Leaf & Anna C Baker

MODFLOW-2000 and MODPATH used to evaluate groundwater-management scenarios in the Brunswick area, Georgia, 2004-2015

Gregory S. Cherry
A previously published groundwater flow model (https://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2005/5089/) was revised with refined grid spacing and updated hydrogeolgic framework and hydrologic properties (http://dx.doi.org/10.3133/sir20155061) and used in this study to predict the effects of Upper Floridan aquifer (UFA) groundwater pumpage on horizontal hydraulic-head gradients in the upper-water-bearing zone of the UFA in the downtown Brunswick area, Glynn County, Georgia. The model used MOFLOW-2000 and was calibrated using groundwater-use information for October 2015, which was the basis for the...

World Magnetic Model 2015 version 2

A. Chulliat, W. Brown, P. Alken, S. Macmillan, M. Nair, C. Beggan, A. Woods, B. Hamilton, B. Meyer & R. Redmon

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