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Terminologie des descripteurs des pains français

Philippe Roussel, Hubert Chiron, Amadou Ndiaye, Guy Della Valle, Kamal Kansou, Sophie Aubin, Magalie Weber & Christophe Fernandez
The AsCoPain-T terminology lists and defines the main quality assessment descriptors used by bread-making professionals and those used in scientific studies. It aims at linking professional and scientific terminologies, as language can vary greatly to denote similar processing operations and observations that are made on the dough and bread. The AsCoPain-T terminology is the result of successive efforts: expert knowledge collected by the INRA AsCoPain project first resulted in the definition of the relations between...

Gestion des connaissances en agroécologie

Luce Trouche, Laurence Guichard & Sophie Aubin
Agroecology knowledge management is an application ontology for the description and organization of knowledge to design innovative crop systems.

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  • 2017

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  • Institut National de Recherche Agronomique