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Grain Boundary 5_(1-21)_100

Dilpuneet S. Aidhy
GB energies have been calculated using Bonny 2013 potential


Yannic Fischler &

SBEM and TEM Membranes (Aug-110)

Matthias Haberl

Cdeep3m XRM nuclei training model

Matt Haberl
Nucleus segmentation

SEMTEM membranes

Matt Haberl

Tomography Membranes

Matthias G Haberl

SBEM synaptic vesicles

Matthias G Haberl

Calibrated comprehensive model of ROS management improved

Hans Westerhoff, Alexey Kolodkin & Raju Prasad Sharma
RUN the model for steady state. For the Menadione experiment set the initial concentration of 'Menadione' species to experimental dosing i.e. 100 000 nM (0.1 mM) and make the simulation type "reaction" for both the species i.e. 'Menadione' and 'Menadione_internal'. Then run for 24 hr i.e. 1500 minutes approx. Plot e.g. ATP. For H2O2 experimental data validation for repeated treatment at 50uM, 150uM, and 300uM. To run the model with different dosing scenarios, one has...

Calibrated comprehensive model of ROS management Improved

Hans Westerhoff, Alexey Kolodkin & Raju Prasad Sharma
This is a model about a ROS network that exhibits five design principles, and has been calibrated so as to predict quantitatively various steady state concentrations. 10191125. Instructions RUN the model for steady state. For the Menadione experiment set the initial concentration of 'Menadione' species to experimental dosing i.e. 100 000 nM (0.1 mM) and make the simulation type "reaction" for both the species i.e. 'Menadione' and 'Menadione_internal'. Then run for 24 hr i.e. 1500...

framework model v1_5

Hannah Kinmonth-Schultz
Model associated with the following: Hannah A Kinmonth-Schultz, Melissa J S MacEwen, Daniel D Seaton, Andrew J Millar, Takato Imaizumi, Soo-Hyung Kim, An explanatory model of temperature influence on flowering through whole-plant accumulation of FLOWERING LOCUS T in Arabidopsis thaliana, in silico Plants, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2019, diz006, https://doi.org/10.1093/insilicoplants/diz006

East African Rift Temperature and Heat flow model (EARTH)

Darren Jones
A geographic information system (GIS) heat flow and temperature model of East Africa created by extracting data from open sources into a series of shapefiles and rasters containing information on geothermal sites, hot spring locations, digital elevation model, surface temperature, geothermal gradients, thermal conductivities and heat flow data, major faults, surface geology, crustal basement, electrification grid system and population density across East Africa. This data is stored in the World Geodetic System (WGS) 1984 Geographic...

North Sea Interactive

The North Sea Interactive (NSI) project was an 8-month NERC funded project led by Heriot-Watt University, in collaboration with the BGS and NOC. The aim of the project was to develop a new decision-support tool that would translate existing marine environmental data into an interactive mapping product for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Intra- and inter-assessor reliability experiment for Strathclyde functional cluster model

Lin Meng
Gait analysis is an important clinical tool for which numerous biomechanical models are available. Palpation of superficial bony prominences is required in traditional gait analysis in order to identify anatomical landmarks from which joint centres and axes are derived. To reduce the reliance on superficial anatomical landmarks (ALs) and to improve the reliability and accuracy in identifying joint axes, functional methods have been developed . In this study, we proposed a new cluster-based model in...

IMU-based angle measurement - algorithm validation by Vicon motion capture

Lin Meng
We developed a novel algorithm to measure the joint angle using two IMU sensors placed on adjacent segments respectively. Functional calibration is required to determine the axis of sensor related to the segment movement, therefore accurate or constant sensor placement is not necessary for our model. A fast complementary filter is utilised to compensate the drift of gyroscope with the accelerometer-based angle. The model script was written in MATLAB. Two versions are available, one for...

Horizontal Beam Patterns - AURA (Automated Ultrasonic Robotic Array)

Adam Gillies
Dataset contains a Huygens principle MATLAB model. The model calculates the beam pattern of a 1D linear electronically phased ultrasonic array. The model can be used to steer the beam profile of the ultrasonic array between +/- 90 degrees, facilitating investigations into grating lobes at the maximum extremities of array capabilities. The model takes account of beam spread, directivity of the beam and the pitch of each of the array elements. The model is used...

Engineering Research Project Planning Processes IDEF Models

Alexander Frederick Holliman
A series of IDEF0 models depicting the planning processes used by Research Centre A; an Engineering Research Centre.

3D P- & S-velocity tomography Earth model

A global compressional velocity model of the mantle

N. American upper mantle surface wave tomography

3D P-wave tomography model for NW United States

P and S teleseismic body-wave tomography of the western United States

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