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Ella V3.1

3D human model

Eartha V3.1

3D human model

Dizzy V3.1

3D human model

Louis V3.1

3D human model

Roberta V3.1

3D human model

Ella V1.3

3D human model

Louis V1.3

3D human model

Eartha V1.3

3D human model

Nina V1.1

3D human model

Duke cV3.01

High-resolution posable 3D virtual human model

3D P- & S-velocity tomography Earth model

A global compressional velocity model of the mantle

N. American upper mantle surface wave tomography

3D P-wave tomography model for NW United States

P and S teleseismic body-wave tomography of the western United States

A global upper mantle shear attenuation model

ak135-F spherical average model

iasp91 velocity model

A 1D modified PEM-C S velocity model

Parametric Earth Models (PEM)

3D shear-wave velocity model of the Cascades from full-wave ambient noise tomography

Homology models of the extracellular domains of the calcitonin and amylin receptors, with or without bound amylin and CGRP

David Poyner & John W Simms
These pdb files show the extracellular domains (ECDs) of the human calcitonin (CTR) and amylin 1 receptors (AMY1R). Additional models of the ECD of the AMY1R with either CGRP or amylin bound are also included. CTR and CLR full length sequences were aligned using Tcoffee (Poirot et al., 2003). A multiple template design was used to generate the CTR ECD. CLR ECD, chain A from 3N7S, was used as a template structure for CTR ECD....

Duke V3.0

3D human model

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