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Shifting patterns of oil palm driven deforestation in Indonesia and implications for zero-deforestation commitments (Dataset)

K.G. Austin, A. Mosnier, J. Pirker, I. McCallum, S. Fritz & P.S. Kasibhatla
This dataset contains maps of industrial oil palm plantations in Indonesia for the years 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015. This dataset can be accessed and displayed using any standard GIS software. It is available in GeoTIFF format and unprojected WGS 84 Datum with a cell size of 0.002277 degrees (approximately 30 meters).

The Extension for Geosciences (EFG) of the Access to Biological Collection Data (ABCD) schema

W. Kiessling, C. Copp, A. Rissoné, M. Döring & H. Mewis
ABCDEFG (Access to Biological Collection Databases Extended for Geosciences) is an XML-Schema (Extensible Markup Language) developed for the usage with paleontological, mineralogical and geological digitalized collection data. It extends the ABCD-XML-Schema (Access to Biological Collection Databases) used by GBIF (Global Biodiversity Iformation Facility; https://www.gbif.org). The ABCDEFG-XML-Schema is used to map data sources with individual data models to a standardized data schema with well documented terms and descriptions.

Quantitative FRET studies and integrative modeling unravel the structure and dynamics of biomolecular systems

Dimura, Mykola;Peulen, Thomas Otavio;Hanke, Christian Alexander;Prakash, Aiswaria;Gohlke, Holger;Seidel, Claus A.M.

Isoprene Oxidation Model

Kelvin Bates & Paul Wennberg
Isoprene carries approximately half of the flux of non-methane volatile organic carbon emitted to the atmosphere by the biosphere. Accurate representation of its oxidation rate and products is essential for quantifying its influence on the abundance of the hydroxyl radical (OH), nitrogen oxide free radicals (NOx), ozone (O3), and, via the formation of highly oxygenated compounds, aerosol. We present a review of recent laboratory and theoretical studies of the oxidation pathways of isoprene initiated by...

BEWARE database: A Bayesian-based system to assess wave-driven flooding hazards on coral reef-lined coasts

Stuart G. Pearson, Curt Storlazzi, Ap R. Van Dongeren, Marion F.S. Tissier & Ad J.H.M. Reniers
A process-based wave-resolving hydrodynamic model (XBeach Non-Hydrostatic, XBNH) was used to create a large synthetic database for use in a Bayesian Estimator for Wave Attack in Reef Environments (BEWARE), relating incident hydrodynamics and coral reef geomorphology to coastal flooding hazards on reef-lined coasts. Building on previous work, BEWARE improves system understanding of reef hydrodynamics by examining the intrinsic reef and extrinsic forcing factors controlling runup and flooding on reef-lined coasts. The Bayesian estimator has high...

In silico structural model of OB-fold domains 3 from Replication Protein A1 from Trypanosoma cruzi

Fernandes, Carlos Alexandre Henrique;Matioli, Fabio Filippi;Fontes, Marcos Roberto De Mattos;Pavani, Raphael De Souza;Elias, Maria Carolina

Modeled temperature data developed for study of shallow mountain bedrock limits seepage-based headwater climate refugia, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

M.A. Briggs, J.W. Lane, C.D. Snyder, E.A. White, Z.C. Johnson, D.L. Nelms & N.P. Hitt
1D transient numerical simulations with a modified version of the SUTRA model (preliminary code) that accounts for variably-saturated freeze-thaw dynamics (e.g. McKenzie and Voss, 2013) to predict annual alluvial aquifer temperature dynamics using coupled fluid and heat transport physics. The model simulations were run with a modified version of SUTRA_ICE (unreleased) that accomadates a time-variable sinusiodal upper temperature boundary.

MODFLOW-2005 and MT3DMS models used to design and evaluate a bioremediation experiment at the former Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, NJ

Claire R. Tiedeman, Paul A. Hsieh & Allen M. Shapiro
MODFLOW-2005 groundwater flow models and MT3DMS solute transport models were developed to represent conditions in the vicinity of a bioremediation experiment conducted in fractured rocks underlying the former Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, New Jersey. The groundwater flow models include transient simulations of water-level changes during six field aquifer tests and steady-state simulations of hydraulic head at the site. The solute transport models include simulations of bromide tracer transport and of injection conditions during...

In silico structural model of OB-fold domains 1 and 2 from Replication Protein A1 from Trypanosoma cruzi

Fernandes, Carlos Alexandre Henrique;Matioli, Fabio Filippi;Fontes, Marcos Roberto De Mattos;Pavani, Raphael De Souza;Elias, Maria Carolina

Near-surface wind fields for San Francisco Bay--historical and 21st-century projected time series

Andrea O'Neill, Li H. Erikson & Patrick Barnard
To support Coastal Storm Modeling System (CoSMoS) in the San Francisco Bay (v2.1), time series of historical and 21st-century near-surface wind fields (eastward and northward wind arrays) were simulated throughout the Bay. While global climate models (GCMs) provide useful projections of near-surface wind vectors into the 21st century, resolution is not sufficient enough for use in regional wave modeling projects, such as CoSMoS. Short-duration high wind speeds, on the order of hours, are of key...

Physics-based numerical circulation model outputs of ocean surface circulation during the 2010-2013 summer coral-spawning seasons in Maui Nui, Hawaii, USA

Curt Storlazzi, Maarten Van Ormondt, Yi-Leng Chen & Edwin P.L. Elias
Here we present surface current results from a physics-based, 3-dimensional coupled ocean-atmosphere numerical model that was generated to understand coral larval dispersal patterns in Maui Nui, Hawaii, USA. The model was used to simulate coral larval dispersal patterns from a number of existing State-managed reefs and large tracks of reefs with high coral coverage that might be good candidates for marine-protected areas (MPAs) during 8 spawning events during 2010-2013. The goal of this effort is...

MODFLOW-NWT model used in simulation of groundwater flow and availability in the North Fork Red River aquifer, southwest Oklahoma, 1980 2013

S. Jerrod Smith, John H Ellis, Derrick L. Wagner & Steven M. Peterson
A finite-difference numerical groundwater-flow model of the North Fork Red River aquifer was constructed by using MODFLOW-2005 with the Newton formulation solver (MODFLOW-NWT). Data inputs for each package are specified in machine-readable text files. The numerical model of the North Fork Red River aquifer had 385 rows, 460 columns, about 27,600 active cells of 886 by 886 ft (270 by 270 meters), and 2 convertible layers. The top layer (layer 1) represented the undifferentiated Quaternary...

Flow-line model results for 2 trajectories on Larsen C Ice Shelf

Suzanne Bevan & Adrian Luckman
The datasets are output from a flow-line model designed to estimate the age and surface origin for various ice bodies identified within hot-water drilled boreholes on Larsen C Ice Shelf (Hubbard et al., 2016, Ashmore et al., 2017). Two trajectories, based on remotely sensed velocities, allow surface fluxes from a regional climate model to be accumulated and advected down flow from selected points on the shelf. Vertical strain rates are taken into account, and surface...

Isoprene Oxidation Model

Kelvin Bates & Paul Wennberg
A nearly complete gas-phase oxidation mechanism of isoprene and its major products is developed, incorporating results from recent laboratory studies as well as insights from theoretical approaches. The mechanism is compiled with the aim of both providing accurate atmospheric simulations of the impact of isoprene emissions on HOx and NOx free radical concentrations and to produce realistic yields of products known to be involved in condensed phase processes. A reliable representation of the role of...

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