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Jonkershoek Nature Reserve Hike

Vuyokazi Kiva-Johnson, Veliswa Tshetsha & Yanga Livi
Pictures of each hiking session done per year/s and in different parts of the Western Cape.

Seismic network 7C:Dora experiment (RESIF-SISMOB)

Jerome Vergne, Cecile Doubre & S. Leroy
A network of 25 short period and broadband stations has been installed from 2009 to 2011 in Djibouti. The stations were aligned along a 150 km long profile, perpendicular to the axis of the active magmato-tectonic Asal-Ghoubbet rift segment. The station inter distance decreases near the rift axis. Five stations have been removed of the profile end of November 2010 and installed along the coasts of Djibouti to monitor the offshore activity in the western...

ICCAS 2019 - Proceedings

Adriana Snae, Claire Haven-Tang, Darryl Gibbs & Caroline Ritchie
The concept of an International Conference on Culinary Arts and Sciences (ICCAS) was initiated in 1993 when the Worshipful Company of Cooks of London established a Centre for Culinary Research at Bournemouth University as a forum for culinary artists and scientists from academia and industry to present their work and share ideas.
The first ICCAS was held at Bournemouth University in 1996 since when a total of ten ICCAS conferences have been held around the world...

Seismology at School Program, ETH Zurich

Swiss Seismological Service (SED) At ETH Zurich
Seismo-at-school stations (Switzerland and some other station globally)

Understanding Sexual and Gender-Based Violence against Refugees with a Communication Disability and challenges to accessing appropriate support: A literature review

Julie E. Marshall & Helen Barrett
This literature review: understanding Sexual and Gender-Based Violence against Refugees with a Communication Disability(CD), and challenges to accessing appropriate support, was undertaken as part of a collaborative project by Manchester Metropolitan University, Communicability Global, UNHCR Rwanda and Institute for Human Centered Design, in 2016. This review describes, synthesises and summarises contributions made to the literature in the fields of disability, communication disability, and sexual and gender-based violence both in humanitarian and non-humanitarian contexts. The review...

Laserowe mikrotechnologie materiałowe

Ryszard Pawlak
This monograph is devoted entirely to material laser technologies accomplished in a microscale for the needs of electronics and electrical engineering as well as related fields of science and technology, such as mechatronics and microsystems technologies. Lasers perform complex technological tasks, in many cases impossible to achieve using other tools, in these modern fields of technology.

Email Test

Abdulla Schahud
Some abstract

Acoustics of word-final S

Ingo Plag, Julia Homann & Gero Kunter
Recent research has shown that homophonous lexemes show systematic phonetic differences (e.g. Gahl 2008, Drager 2011), with important consequences for models of speech production such as Levelt et al. (1999). These findings also pose the question of whether similar differences hold for allegedly homophonous affixes (instead of free lexemes). Earlier experimental research found some evidence that morphemic and nonmorphemic sounds may differ acoustically (Walsh & Parker 1983, Losiewicz 1992). This paper investigates this question by...

German Regional Seismic Network (GRSN)

Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR)
The GR network is the national seismological network in Germany. It contains the German seismic backbone broad-band network (GRSN, German Regional Seismic Network) , the Graefenberg broad-band array, the short-period stations of the GERES array (German stations of the International Monitoring System, IMS, in the frame of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, CTBT) and some associated stations, partly broad-band and partly short-period. It is operated by the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR)...

A strategy for urban data. How to develop collaborative data projects - for citizens, urban innovators, researchers and policy makers

Socrates Schouten
In collaboration with AMS Institute, Waag has produced a publication on urban data 'A strategy for urban data'. The publication proposes the foundation and directions for development of AMS Institute’s AMS Knowledge portal (https://knowledge.ams-institute.org) and draws upon the experiences of the DSI4EU project (https://digitalsocial.eu).
Many cities in Europe face major societal challenges in the areas of energy transition, climate adaptation, food security, mobility and social welfare. Solutions to these challenges are often so complex that collaboration...

Trend 1961 - 2013. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Food and Agriculture Organization Statistics: Trade - Live Animals | Country: Swaziland | Item: Horses | Element: Export Quantity - Head, 1961-2013. Data-Planet™ Statistical Ready Reference by Conquest Systems, Inc. Dataset-ID: 067-001-026.

Food And Agriculture Organization Of The United Nations
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (2017). Food and Agriculture Organization Statistics: Trade - Live Animals | Country: Swaziland | Item: Horses | Element: Export Quantity - Head, 1961-2013. Data-Planet™ Statistical Ready Reference by Conquest Systems, Inc. [Data-file]. Dataset-ID: 067-001-026. Dataset: Presents quantity and value of imports and exports of annual trade in live animals since 1961. The time-series and cross-sectional data provided here are from the FAOSTAT database of the Food and...

Swedish National Seismic Network

The Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) started with the installation of a Wiechert seismograph in Uppsala in 1904. Since 1998 the SNSN is a part of the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University. The SNSN operates the only permanent, earthquake focused seismic network in Sweden and is responsible for detecting and recording earthquakes in Sweden. Near real-time automatic event detection has been an integral part of SNSN operations since 2000 and continuous 100 Hz...

Jiji Public Opinion Survey

Central Research Services
Respondent's financial situation; income exceptations; purchase exceptations; savings and investments; party identification; attitude toward present government; standard of living; price exceptations; economy; attitude toward Japanese position; attitudes toward various countries; the tanaka Cabinet and political party identification; Employment bonuses.

MELISSA 2007 cruise,Téthys II R/V

DUFOUR Aurélie
Les apports atmosphériques de nutriments sont susceptibles de stimuler la dynamique phytoplanctoniques, notamment en conditions oligotrophes. Des travaux antérieurs ont évalué, sur la base de nombreuses observations atmosphériques au Cap Ferrat et en utilisant le modèle de Redfield, la production nouvelle théoriquement induite par un flux de nutriments d'origine atmosphérique. Il reste cependant à vérifier expérimentalement comment un tel apport peut effectivement fertiliser les eaux pélagiques, i.e. stimuler une production primaire. Pour cela, nous avons...

Appendix 2: On the system of classification Used by Oken (L.) in his Lehrbuch der Naturegeschichte of 1816

Karl Jordan
The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, Volume 9, Issue 7, pp. 204-206

Air quality data from the LIFE+RESPIRA project in Pamplona, Spain: NO2 (09h UTC) (interpolated PNG)

PNG image representing interpolated air quality data from the LIFE+RESPIRA project (http://www.liferespira.eu/) in Pamplona, Spain, with measures of nitrogen dioxide, aggregated by hour (09h UTC).

Nutrients: Practical notes on their determination in sea water.

D. Kirkwood
These notes are aimed primarily at the freshwater chemist beginning to conduct analyses of nutrients in saline waters, but they will also be useful to the complete newcomer to the application of automated colorimetric techniques to natural waters in general. The emphasis is on automated techniques, but much of the material should be of interest to analysts who still use manual methods. The term 'nutrients' is a little difficult to define precisely, but from the...

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