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When in Rome… on local norms and sentencing decisions (LIEPP Working Paper, n°88)

David Abrams, Roberto Galbiati, Emeric Henry & Arnaud Philippe
The paper deals with legal intermediaries, as two streams of research apprehend and define them in recent and dynamic works. One, rooted in political science, studies regulatory intermediaries (LeviFaur et al., 2017; Bes, 2019), as actors between regulators and regulated, whereas the other, rooted in the Law and Society field and sociology, analyses legal intermediaries (Edelman, 2016; Talesh and Pélisse, 2019 ; Billows and alii 2019), as a broader and more bottom up category describing...

Islamophobia & the Oval Office

Mathangi Subramanian

The Origins of US Interventions in Afghanistan (2001)

Madina Wahab

Muslim Women and Representation (2018)

Noreen Naseem Rodriguez

Trends in Social Mobility in Post-Revolution China (LIEPP Working Paper, n°126)

Yu Xie, Dong HAO, Zhou Xiang & Xi Song
In this paper, we study long-term trends in social mobility in the People's Republic of China since its inception in 1949, with 2 operationalizations: (1) intergenerational occupational mobility, and (2) intergenerational educational mobility. We draw on an accumulation of administrative and survey data and provide comparable estimates of these measures for birth cohorts born after 1945. To help interpret the results, we compare trends in China to those in the US for the same birth...

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