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Bootstrapped local regression (LOESS) for soil depth profile comparison

A.M. Keith, P.A. Henrys, R.L. Rowe & N.P. McNamara
This is an application providing code for the non-parametric comparison of soil depth profiles, and testing for significant differences between soil depth profiles, using bootstrapped Loess (local) regressions (BLR). The BLR approach was developed to be able to compare and test for significant differences in potentially non-linear depth profiles of soil properties across land use transitions, which does not need to meet any parametric distribution assumptions, and is intended to be generally applicable regardless of...

MultiMOVE Model: Ensemble niche modelling of British vegetation v2.0.1

P.A. Henrys, A. Butler, S. Jarvis, S.M. Smart & Z. Fang
MultiMOVE is an R package that contains fitted niche models for almost 1500 plant species in Great Britain. This package allows the user to access these models, which have been fitted using multiple statistical techniques, to make predictions of species occurrence from specified environmental data. It also allows plotting of relationships between species' occurrence and individual covariates so the user can see what effect each environmental variable has on the specific species in question. The...

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  • 2015

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