20 Works

Effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) in acutely hospitalised adult patients -protocol for a systematic review of randomised controlled trials (RCTs)

Helal Alqurashi, Katie Robinson, John Gladman, Adam Gordon, Tahir Masud & Mathew Piasecki

Feasibility RCT of neuromuscular electrical stimulation; an Intervention to Maintain and improve neuroMuscular function during periods of Immobility (IMMI): Protocol

John Gladman, Saleh Aloraibi, Paul Greenhaff, Mathew Piasecki, Beth Phillips, Philip Atherton, T. Masud, O. Sahota, Pip Logan, Vicky Booth, Katie Robinson, E. Lunt, D. Godfrey, A. Caswell, M. Kerr, Benjamin Ollivere & Adam Gordon

Industry 4.0 in Robotics

Irene Fassi, Claudia Pagano & Serena Ruggeri

Comments on the European Data Protection Board’s Guidelines 07/2020 on the concepts of controller and processor in the GDPR

Derek McAuley, Lilian Edwards, Lachlan Urquhart & Jiahong Chen

Industrial Robots 4.0

Irene Fassi, Simone Pio Negri, Claudia Pagano, Lara Rebaioli & Marcello Valori

Development and Validation of Quality of Life Measurement Tools Used in Older Peoples’ Care Homes: a scoping review protocol

Adeela Usman, Sarah Lewis, P. Clarkson & Adam Gordon

Response to the Government’s ‘Data: A New Direction’ Consultation

Jiahong Chen, Edward Dove, Lilian Edwards, Ansgar Koene, Derek McAuley , Anna-Maria Piskopani & Lachlan Urquhart

Review of Networking and Tangible Security Techniques for Domestic IoT Devices and Initial Ideas

Sameh Zakhary, Neelima Sunil & Dereak McAuley

Robot Components

Gianmauro Fontana, Claudia Pagano & Marcello Valori

Digital Modelling and Simulation of Manufacturing Systems

Chaplin Jack & Giovanna Martinez-Arellano

Technology Strategy

Mireia Dilmé i Martínez de Huete

Manufacturing Systems Analysis

Jack Chaplin & Giovanna Martinez-Arellano

Response To DCMS Review Of Representative Action Provisions - Horizon

Derek McAuley, Elvira Perez, Ansgar Koene & Jiahong Chen

Digital Twins and Intelligent Decision Making

Chaplin Jack, Giovanna Martinez-Arellano & Andrea Mazzoleni

People at the Centre of I4.0

Mireia Dilmé i Martínez de Huete

Fundamental Concepts of Industry 4.0

Mireia Dilmé i Martínez de Huete

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