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Acquiring and Exercising Citizenship: The New Second Generation in the United States (LIEPP Working Paper, n°58)

Renee Luthra, Thomas Soehl & Roger Waldinger
This paper focuses on the ways in which the distinctively international aspects of population movements across borders affects the experience of the children of immigrants raised in the United States or born in the United States themselves. The international impinges directly on the acquisition and exercise of citizenship, the topics treated in this chapter. On the one hand, every emigrant departs as a home country citizen to arrive as a destination country alien, a status...

Ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of the 1989 French welfare reform using a natural experiment : the 1908 social laws in Alsace-Moselle (LIEPP Working Paper, n°03)

Matthieu Chemin & Etienne Wasmer
We use a combination of ex-ante and ex-post evaluation methods to evaluate a major welfare policy implemented in France in 1989. The policy granted an allowance (the Revenu Minimum d'Insertion, RMI, of up to 45% of the French full time minimum wage) to every individual above age 25 and below a threshold household income. The ex-post evaluation relies on the specificity of the Eastern part of France. In Alsace-Moselle, since 1908 and during German occupancy,...

CircRNA circ-PDCD11 is highly expressed in lung large cell carcinoma and predicts poor survival

Tinghang Ma, Hui Miao, Yongzhong Xiong, Yu Ma & Zhen Dong
Circ-PDCD11 (hsa_circ_0019853, 461 bp) has been characterized as an oncogenic circRNA in breast cancer, while its function in other cancers is unclear. In this study, we explored the role of circ-PDCD11 in lung cancer. Plasma samples were obtained from patients with lung large cell carcinoma (LLCC, n = 40), lung squamous cell carcinoma (LSCC, n = 40), lung adenocarcinoma (LA, n = 40) and small cell lung cancer (SCLC, n = 40) as well as...

Molecular detection and identification of relapsing fever Borrelia in ticks and wild small mammals in China

Xiao-Ai Zhang, Feng Tian, Yue Li, Xiao-Long Zhang, Bao-Gui Jiang, Bao-Cheng Liu, Jing-Tao Zhang, Shen Tian, Heng Ding, Shuang Li, Hao Li, Li-Qun Fang & Wei Liu
We identified relapsing fever (RF) Borrelia in 1.45% (145/10426) of the ticks and 1.40% (40/2850) of the wild mammals in a field investigation in China. Three RF Borrelia species, including human-pathogenic Borrelia miyamotoi, Borrelia persica and unclassified Babesia sp. were determined. Main species determined from ticks was B. miyamotoi (44.14%), followed by the unclassified Borrelia sp. (42.76%), and Borrelia theileri (13.10%). In wild mammals, main species found was B. persica (57.50%), followed by the unclassified...

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