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Isolated Capital Cities and Misgovernance: Theory and Evidence (LIEPP Working Paper, n°10)

Filipe Campante, Quoc-Anh Do & Bernardo Guimaraes
The shift of regulatory activities to the international level is clearly visible in the increasing number of intergovernmental organizations and sector-specific “regimes,” or in the progress of supranational political integration above all in Europe. But one can also think of a less visible shift that has led to the explosion of transnational regulation outside the intergovernmental realm. This shift takes various forms, including publicprivate ventures or informal modes of cooperation between public actors (Pauwelyn et...

Capital Cities, Conflict, and Misgovernance ( LIEPP Working Paper, n°39)

Filipe Campante, Quoc-Anh Do & Ana Maria Guimarães Bernardo
We investigate the links between capital cities, conflict, and the quality of governance, starting from the assumption that incumbent elites are constrained by the threat of insurrection, and that the latter is rendered less effective by distance from the seat of political power. We show evidence for two key predictions: (i) conflict is more likely to emerge (and dislodge incumbents) closer to the capital, and (ii) isolated capitals are associated with misgovernance. The predictions hold...

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  • 2022

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