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Soil Profile Pit at BIFoR-FACE, Norbury Junction, Staffordshire

John Hollis & Bob Jones
Manual, visual inspection

Electronic Appendices to Simmonds, Anna L 2021 thesis 'Elucidating the structural consequences of phosphorylation by mass spectrometry, ion mobility and molecular modelling

Anna Simmonds & Helen Cooper

Urban design for air quality

Emma Ferranti, Joe Acton, A. Lindop, M. Wolstoncroft, U. P. Han, J. G. Levine, A. R. MacKenzie & N. Grayson

An umbrella review of systematic reviews on contributory factors to medication errors in healthcare settings

Lina Naseralallah, Derek Stewart, Ruba Azfar Ali & Vibhu Paudyal
Medication errors are common events that compromise patient safety and are prevalent in all healthcare settings. This umbrella review aimed to systematically evaluate the evidence on contributory factors to medication errors in healthcare settings in terms of the nature of these factors; methodologies and theories used to identify and classify them; and terminologies and definitions used to describe them. Medline, CINAHL, Embase, and Google Scholar were searched from inception to March 2022. The data extraction...

Forest innovation to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergencies

Jo Bradwell, Christine Foyer & Rob MacKenzie

Securing technology-critical metals for Britain

Allan Walton, Paul Anderson, Gavin Harper, Vicky Mann, John Beddington, Andy Abbott, Andrew Bloodworth, Dave OudeNijeweme, Emma Schofield, Frances Wall, Neil Glover, Rob Chaddock, Robert Gross, Robert Lee, Robin Grimes, Rupert Lewis, Vernon Gibson, Paul McGuiness & Romana Ogrin

Appendix for book chapter \"Optimisation of robotic disassembly sequence plans for sustainability using the multi-objective bees algorithm\"

Natalia Hartono, F. Javier Ramirez & Duc Pham

Quantifying the impact of clean air policy interventions for air quality management

Zongbo Shi, Bowen Liu, Kai Cheng, Robert Elliot, Matthew Cole & John R Bryson

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