77 Works

Effect of the installation process on the subsequent response of monopiles under lateral loading in sand

Shengsheng Fan

Western Australian teachers' perspectives on delivering road safety education to Year 10 students

Wayne Houden

Independent Public Schools: An evaluation using large scale test data

Claire Howard

Neutral Hydrogen and Dark Matter in the Universe

Qingxiang Chen

Geochemical and isotopic characterisation of mafic intrusions in the Fraser Zone, Western Australia

Kathleen Bathgate

Surface Chemistry-Microstructure-Rheology of Smectite Clay Slurries

Mingyong Du

Ecology and conservation of a threatened reef manta ray (Mobula alfredi) population in southern Mozambique

Stephanie Venables

The effect of dietary manipulation on iron metabolism and the immune system in elite athletes

Alannah McKay

Characterisation of Autophagy Receptor variants and their contribution to ALS-FTLD pathogenesis

Adriana Foster

Learning from the Edge: An Inquiry into the Peri-urban Territory of Perth

Sara Kjaersgaard

Generating large elastic strains in thin films utilising martensitic phase transformation of NiTi substrate

Farid Motazedian

Art, ability, and pricing

Thomas Simpson

The effect of pipelines on fish and fisheries and the implication

Todd Bond

Unravelling the Underlying Components of Autophagy-mediated Photomorphogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana

Akila Maduranga Wijerathna Yapa Mudiyanselage

Understanding the pathogenesis of obstructive sleep apnoea in children

Tulia Mateus Rugeles

Advanced Techniques to Study Interfacial Phenomena and Hydrate Nucleation

Kwanghee Jeong

Dual transduction acoustic resonators for gas and biomolecule sensing applications

Feng Gao

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