77 Works

Numerical Methods and Software for Soft Tissue Simulations

Benjamin Zwick

Public Art Museums: Their Work in the Visual Arts in Singapore with Special Reference to Sponsorship

Ramesh Narayanan

Studies of the metabolism of lipoprotein(a) in humans

Louis Ma

Modelling of gas exchange in the lung during nitrous oxide anaesthesia

Ben Korman

47, 000 years of Aboriginal plant use and monsoon rainforest connections in the Kimberley, northwest Australia

India Dilkes-Hall

Youth peacebuilding programs in post-conflict societies: An interpretivist study

Alexander Robins

Investigating effective treatments for adults with post-traumatic stress disorder from childhood trauma experiences

Katrina Boterhoven de Haan

Factors Contributing to Individual Differences in Face Recognition Memory Ability

Laura McLaughlin Engfors

Investigating the Impact of Past Time Spent Outdoors in the Sun on Risk of Myopia in Young Adults

Gareth Lingham

Aerial Aesthetics: A Study of Non-Fiction Narratives of Balloonists and Aviators

Jane Thomson

Numerical and experimental investigation of plate anchor capacity in sand

Anamitra Roy

The National Mission for Future Crop and Community Resilience

, &

Development of 3D printed electromagnetic wave absorbing copper solid included concrete

Junbo Sun

Hydrate Management in Gas-Dominant Systems: Towards the Controlled Flow of Hydrate Slurries

Temi Adeniyi

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