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When in Rome… on local norms and sentencing decisions (LIEPP Working Paper, n°88)

David Abrams, Roberto Galbiati, Emeric Henry & Arnaud Philippe
The paper deals with legal intermediaries, as two streams of research apprehend and define them in recent and dynamic works. One, rooted in political science, studies regulatory intermediaries (LeviFaur et al., 2017; Bes, 2019), as actors between regulators and regulated, whereas the other, rooted in the Law and Society field and sociology, analyses legal intermediaries (Edelman, 2016; Talesh and Pélisse, 2019 ; Billows and alii 2019), as a broader and more bottom up category describing...

Better residential than ethnic discrimination! ( LIEPP Working Paper, n°38 bis)

Francois Bonnet, Etienne Lalé, Mirna Safi & Etienne Wasmer
Access to housing is difficult for minorities in France. An audit study we run in the Paris area showed that minority applicants do not face a strong disadvantage in the first step of the application; however, the fact that applicants come from a deprived area leads to more frequent unfavorable outcome (we call this residential discrimination as opposed to ethnic discrimination). The puzzle and paradox come from the fact that face-to-face interviews with real-estate agents...

miRNA-mRNA associations with inosine monophosphate specific deposition in the muscle of Jingyuan chicken

Baojun Yu, Jiamin Liu, Zhengyun Cai, Tong Mu, Yaling Gu, Guosheng Xin & Juan Zhang
1. Inosine monophosphate (IMP), is an essential component for meat flavour and microRNAs (miRNAs) play a vital role in its post-transcriptional regulation. However, the mechanism of how miRNA expression affects muscle-specific IMP deposition is unclear. 2. The following study performed transcriptome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of breast and leg muscle, which have significantly different IMP content in Jingyuan chicken. The differential miRNA-mRNAs were screened out and correlation analysis with IMP content was performed. 3. A...

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