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Writing science with LaTeX

Peter Jansson
An introduction to authoring with LaTeX for the sciences. The text assumes no prior knowledge of LaTeX. It is intended for students and professionals who wants a brief introduction as a basis for further self-learning. It should be sufficient for writing any document that is based on a template or specific class.
v.5: The section on referencing has been partially rewritten and reorganised. Minor corrections throughout the text.

v.4: Revisions made to follow developments in Overleaf....

Multiscalar typology of residential areas in Sweden

Juta Kawalerowicz & Bo Malmberg
This research was carried out as part of RJ-funded project “The Neighbourhood Revisited: Spatial polarization and social cohesion in contemporary Sweden” directed by Bo Malmberg at the Department of Human Geography at Stockholm University. This repository contains a report which describes how multiscalar topology was constructed and a dataset with coordinates of residential areas and their cluster assignment. For mapping use RT 90 2,5 gon V.

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  • 2021

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  • Stockholm University