7 Works

Digitalization and digital transformation in schools: a challenge to educational theory?

Josef Siljebo

Editorial: Remote teaching to ensure equal access to education in rural schools

Jakob Billmayer, Jörgen From, J Ola Lindberg & Fanny Pettersson

Regional perspectives on remote teaching in Sweden

Katarina Öjefors Stark & Jörgen From

New-arrivals challenged by remote teaching: creating solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Vesna Busic, Nils Hansson & Kirk P.H. Sullivan

Feature: Researching and developing remote teaching in mother tongue tuition

Fanny Pettersson & Peter Hjelm

Feature: Researching school practices with a complementary and symmetrical approach – the case of remote teaching in the rural north of Sweden

Ola J Lindberg, Jörgen From, Tomas Holmgren, Petter Lundberg, Gerd Pettersson, Fanny Pettersson, Linda Rudolfsson & Tobias Thomson

Remote consultation between special educators and teachers in rural schools in Sweden

Gerd Pettersson & Kristina Ström

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  • 2020

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  • Umeå University
  • Åbo Akademi University
  • Malmö University