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Logistics choices in a platform supply chain: A co-opetitive perspective

Pei Wang, Shaofu Du, Li Hu & Wenzhi Tang
With the popularity and development of the platform economy, numerous enterprises are choosing to cooperate with e-commerce platforms to expand online market, and the cooperation modes have exhibited innovation and diversification. This paper focuses on a new platform-based co-opetitive supply chain whereby a flagship store operated by the manufacturer (MFS) and a self-run store operated by the platform (PSS) coexist in the platform market. The manufacturer acts as the platform’s upstream contract manufacturer and downstream...

Transcriptome profiling of morphogenetic differences between contour and flight feathers in duck

Qian Xu, Yang Xi, Shengchao Ma, Jianmei Wang, Junpeng Li, Chunchun Han, Liang Li, Jiwen Wang & Hehe Liu
1. This study examined the transcriptomic profiles of contour and flight feather follicles from two duck breeds to determine the molecular network and the candidate genes associated with contour and flight feather morphogenesis. 2. High-throughput RNA sequencing was performed to compare differences in feather follicles between contour and flight feathers in two duck breeds (Heiwu and Nonghua duck). 3. Comparing the contour feather follicles with flight feather follicles, 4,757 and 4,820 differentially expressed genes (DEGs)...

The demulsification of oily wastewater by a hyperbranched polymer grafted SiO2

Yu Zhang, Jiazhe Kuang, Bin Li, Yuanzhu Mi, Ying Yang & Xuening Feng
In this work, a PAMAM@SiO2 demulsifier was synthesized by the reaction of a hyperbranched poly (amido amine) (PAMAM) and KH570 modified SiO2. The structure, morphology and composition of PAMAM@SiO2 were characterized by FT-IR, SEM and EDS. The effect of the concentration of PAMAM@SiO2, salinity and temperature on the demulsification performance was systematically studied. The results showed that the transmittance of aqueous phase after demulsification could reach as high as 92.1% at optimal conditions, and corresponding...

Cognitive Diagnosis Testlet Model for Multiple-Choice Items

Lei Guo, Wenjie Zhou & Xiao Li
Testlet design is very popular in educational and psychological assessments. This article proposes a new cognitive diagnosis model, the Multiple-Choice Cognitive Diagnostic Testlet (MC-CDT) model for a test with testlets consisting of multiple-choice (MC) items. The MC-CDT model uses the original examinees' responses to MC items instead of dichotomously scored data (i.e. correct or incorrect) to retain the information from different distractors and thus enhance the MC items' diagnostic power. The MCMC algorithm is adopted...

Integrated analysis reveals important differences in the gut and oropharyngeal microbiota between children with mild and severe hand, foot and mouth disease

Nan Zhang, Danlei Mou, Tongzeng Li, Zhiyun Chen, Chunhua Ma, Lianchun Liang & Qiushui He
Little is known about alternation and difference in gut microbiota between patients with mild and severe hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD). We investigated the differences in gut and oropharynx microbiotas between mild and severe HFMD in young children and changes in bacterial profiles as the disease progresses from acute to convalescent phase. Forty-two patients with confirmed HFMD were studied, among which thirty-two had severe HFMD and ten had mild HFMD. First rectal swabs were...

An alarm device for mechanical compression device displacement at femoral artery puncture sites

Yue-Huan Gu, Shu-Jin Ye, Li-Wei Song, Ai-Ping Zhao & Ting Zhang
To develop an alarm device for the mechanical compression device displacement (MCD), and further evaluate its effectiveness in clinical use. The alarm device is mainly composed of buzzer, indicator light, magnetic sheet. This is a prospective randomized and controlled study. Four hundred patients who met the inclusion/exclusion criteria were included and randomly assigned to two groups (MCD group vs alarm + MCD group). The primary outcome measures were the sensitivity and specificity of the alarm...

The causal relationship between Thyroid function and Lung cancer: A mendelian randomization study

Xinhui Wang, Xue Liu, Jie Yuan, Huizhi Zhou, Yuyao Wang, Guoyu Tian, Xueying Liu, Mulin Tang, Xue Meng, Yuchen Li, Yuwei Chai, Chunjia Kou, Qingqing Yang, Juyi Li, Li Zhang & Haiqing Zhang
The role of thyroid hormones in tumors has been discussed in observational studies; however, the causal relationship between them remains controversial. Six different Mendelian randomization (MR) Methods, including Inverse variance weighted (IVW), MR-Egger, Simple mode, MR-Pleiotropy Residual Sum and Outlier methods (MR-PRESSO), Weighted mode and Weighted median were used to Two-Sample MR analysis. Our research shows that hypothyroidism genetically has a protective causal association with lung cancer.

Effects of testis testosterone deficiency on gene expression in the adrenal gland and skeletal muscle of ducks

Jianmei Wang, Shengchao Ma, Qifan Wu, Qian Xu, Jiwen Wang, Rongping Zhang, Lili Bai, Liang Li & Hehe Liu
Testosterone has an anabolic effect on skeletal muscle. The testes produce most of the testosterone in vivo, while the adrenal glands contribute smaller amounts. When testis testosterone is deficient the adrenal gland increases steroid hormone synthesis, which is referred to as compensatory testicular adaptation (CTA). To reveal the effects of testis testosterone deficiency on adrenal steroid hormones synthesis and skeletal muscle development, gene expression related to adrenal steroid hormones synthesis and skeletal muscle development were...

Supplemental Methods, Figures, Tables

Edward Dougherty, Li-Yuan Chen, Keytam S. Awad, Gabriela A. Ferreyra, Cumhur Y. Demirkale, Ali Keshavarz, Salina Gairhe, Kathryn A. Johnston, Madelyn E. Hicks, Alexis B. Sandler, Colleen S. Curran, Janell M. Krack, Yi Ding, Anthony F. Suffredini, Michael A. Solomon, Jason M. Elinoff & Robert L Danner
Supplemental methods, figures, and tables to accompany manuscript by E Dougherty et al.

Impact of vaccination on kinetics of neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 by Serum live neutralization test based on a prospective cohort

Liguo Zhu, Naiying Mao, Changhua Yi, Aidibai Simayi, Jialu Feng, Yi Feng, Min He, Songning Ding, Yin Wang, Yan Wang, Mingwei Wei, Jie Hong, Chuchu Li, Hua Tian, Lu Zhou, Jiefu Peng, Shihan Zhang, Ci Song, Hui Jin, Fengcai Zhu, Wenbo Xu, Jun Zhao & Changjun Bao
How much the vaccine contributes to the induction and development of neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) of breakthrough cases relative to those unvaccinated-infected cases is not fully understood. We conducted a prospective cohort study and collected serum samples from 576 individuals who were diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 Delta strain infection, including 245 breakthrough cases and 331 unvaccinated-infected cases. NAbs were analyzed by live virus microneutralization test and transformation of NAb titer. NAbs titers against SARS-CoV-2 ancestral and Delta...

“Scaling-up” fire spread on wood cribs to predict a large-scale travelling fire test using CFD

Xu Dai, Naveed Alam, Chang Liu, Ali Nadjai, David Rush & Stephen Welch
Simulation-based approaches for characterising the fire behaviour of travelling fires in large compartments are a potentially valuable complement to experimental studies, providing useful insights on evolving boundary conditions for structural response. They are attractive in reduced costs and the possibility of carrying out systematic parametric studies free from some of the experimental uncertainties, but sufficiently general models have not been previously demonstrated. Here, we explore the potential for “scaling-up” a “stick-by-stick” CFD model which had...

Safety of Hepatitis E Vaccination for Pregnancy:a Post-hoc Analysis of a Randomized, Double-blind, Controlled Phase 3 Clinical Trial

Guohua Zhong, Chunlan Zhuang, Xiaowen Hu, Qi Chen, Zhaofeng Bi, Xinhua Jia, Siying Peng, Yufei Li, Yue Huang, Qiufen Zhang, Ying Hong, Youlin Qiao, Yingying Su, Huirong Pan, Ting Wu, Lihui Wei, Shoujie Huang, Jun Zhang & Ningshao Xia
Special attention has been paid to Hepatitis E (HE) prophylaxis for pregnant women due to poor prognosis of HE in this population. We conducted a post-hoc analysis based on the randomized, double-blind, HE vaccine (Hecolin)-controlled phase 3 clinical trial of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine (Cecolin) conducted in China. Eligible healthy women aged 18-45 years were randomly assigned to receive three doses of Cecolin or Hecolin and were followed up for 66 months. All the pregnancy...

Referral criteria to palliative care for patients with Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review

Yiping Chen, Liyuan Hou, Wei Li, Qiaohong Wang, Wentao Zhou & Hui Yang
Objective: This systematic review aimed to identify the referral criteria for palliative care in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Methods: We conducted an electronic search for publications on referral criteria for palliative care in patients with Parkinson’s disease in six electronic databases. The articles were thoroughly reviewed by two independent reviewers for inclusion using a predefined data extraction list. The referral criteria were thematically classified using a coding methodology. Results: This systematic review included 36 publications....

Healthy Outcomes of Patients with COVID-19 Two Years after the Infection: A Prospective Cohort Study

Dapeng Li, Xuejiao Liao, Zhi Liu, Zhenghua Ma, Jingke Dong, Guoqin Zheng, Mei Zi, Fang Wang, Qing He, Guobao Li, Zheng Zhang & Lei Liu
The long-term effect of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has been rarely known. This study aimed to investigate healthy outcomes of COVID-19 survivors up to 2 years after the infection. A total of 155 COVID-19 patients, who were discharged from Shenzhen Third People's Hospital from February 2020 to April 2020, were enrolled and followed up until March 4, 2022. COVID-19 survivors received questionnaires of long COVID symptoms and psychological symptoms, pulmonary function tests, chest computed tomography...

Efficacy and safety of novel-targeted drugs in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension: a Bayesian network meta-analysis

Wenhai Fu, Wenjun He, Yuexin Li, Yangxiao Chen, Jingyi Liang, Hui Lei, Lin Fu, Yanghang Chen, Ni Ren, Qian Jiang, Yi Shen, Ran Ma, Tao Wang, Xinni Wang, Nuofu Zhang, Dakai Xiao & Chunli Liu
Background: Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a severe and fatal clinical syndrome characterized by high blood pressure and vascular remodeling in the pulmonary arterioles, which is also a rapidly progressing disease of the lung vasculature with a poor prognosis. Although PAH medication made great advances in recent years, the efficacy and safety of the medication are unsatisfactory. Therefore, we aimed to update and expand previous studies to explore the efficacy and safety of PAH-targeted medications....

Efficacy and safety of novel-targeted drugs in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension: a Bayesian network meta-analysis

Wenhai Fu, Wenjun He, Yuexin Li, Yangxiao Chen, Jingyi Liang, Hui Lei, Lin Fu, Yanghang Chen, Ni Ren, Qian Jiang, Yi Shen, Ran Ma, Tao Wang, Xinni Wang, Nuofu Zhang, Dakai Xiao & Chunli Liu
Background: Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a severe and fatal clinical syndrome characterized by high blood pressure and vascular remodeling in the pulmonary arterioles, which is also a rapidly progressing disease of the lung vasculature with a poor prognosis. Although PAH medication made great advances in recent years, the efficacy and safety of the medication are unsatisfactory. Therefore, we aimed to update and expand previous studies to explore the efficacy and safety of PAH-targeted medications....

Identification of key candidate genes for wing length-related traits by whole-genome resequencing in 772 geese

Jing Ouyang, Yongfei Wu, Yaxi Li, Junjie Miao, Sumei Zheng, Hongbo Tang, Cong Wang, Yanpeng Xiong, Yuren Gao, Luping Wang, Xueming Yan & Hao Chen
1. A total of 772, 420-day-old Xingguo gray geese (XGG) were sequenced using a low-depth (~1×) whole-genome resequencing strategy to reveal the genetic mechanism of wing length-related traits by genome-wide association analysis (GWAS). 2. The results showed that 119 SNPs had genome-wide significance for wing length in five regions of chromosome 4, of which the most significant locus (P=7.95E-11) was located upstream of RBM47 and explained 7.3% of phenotypic variation. 3. A total of 219...

Efficacy of heterologous boosting against SARS-CoV-2 using a recombinant interferon-armed fusion protein vaccine (V-01): a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled phase III trial

Xuan-Yi Wang, Syed Faisal Mahmood, Fang Jin, Wee Kooi Cheah, Muhammad Ahmad, Mian Amjad Sohail, Waheed Ahmad, Vijaya K Suppan, Muneeba Ahsan Sayeed, Shobha Luxmi, Aik-Howe Teo, Li Yuan Lee, Yang-Yang Qi, Rong-Juan Pei, Wei Deng, Zhong-Hui Xu, Jia-Ming Yang, Yan Zhang, Wu-Xiang Guan & Xiong Yu
Waning of neutralizing titers along with decline of protection efficacy after the second dose of COVID-19 vaccines was observed, including China-made inactivated vaccines. Efficacy of a heterologous boosting using one dose of a recombinant SARS-CoV-2 fusion protein vaccine (V-01) in inactivated vaccine-primed population was studied, aimed to restore the immunity. A randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled phase Ⅲ trial was conducted in healthy people aged 18 years or older in Pakistan and Malaysia. Each eligible participant...

Total RNA sequencing of Phlebotomus chinensis, a neglected vector in China, simultaneously revealed viral, bacterial, and eukaryotic microbes that are potentially pathogenic to humans

Jing Wang, Qin-yu Gou, Geng-yan Luo, Xin Hou, Guodong Liang & Mang Shi
Phlebotomus chinensis sandfly is a neglected insect vector in China which is well-known for carrying Leishmania. Recent studies have expanded its pathogen repertoire with two novel arthropod-borne phleboviruses capable of infecting human and animals. Despite these discoveries, our knowledge on the general pathogen diversity and overall microbiome composition of this vector species are still very limited. Here we carried out a meta-transcriptomics analysis which simultaneously revealed the actively replicating/transcribing RNA viruses, DNA viruses, bacteria and...

Highly efficient removal of diclofenac sodium with polystyrene supported ionic liquid

Meng Cheng, Ruihua Li, Xin Du, Zihao Zhang & Hao Zhang
Diclofenac sodium (DS) is now recognized as an emerging pollutant, and is one of the most commonly discovered pharmaceuticals in water due to its extensive application in the clinic. This study examined the adsorption performance of a polystyrene supported ionic liquid material (PS-[Nim][Cl]) for the removal of diclofenac sodium (DS) from water. The data from this study showed that maximum removal of DS can be achieved even in conditions with significant pH and temperature fluctuations....

Impaired potency of neutralizing antibodies against cell-cell fusion mediated by SARS-CoV-2

Qian Wang, Andre Yanchen Yeh, Yicheng Guo, Hiroshi Mohri, Jian Yu, David D. Ho & Lihong Liu
The SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants have dominated the pandemic due to their high transmissibility and immune evasion conferred by the spike mutations. The Omicron subvariants can spread by cell-free virus infection and cell-cell fusion, the latter of which is more effective but has not been extensively investigated. In this study, we developed a simple and high-throughput assay that provides a rapid readout to quantify cell-cell fusion mediated by the SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins without using live or...

HLA-Bw4 in association with KIR3DL1 favors natural killer cell-mediated protection against severe COVID-19

Ruihua Wang, Ying Sun, Bo-Hua Kuang, Xiao Yan, Jinju Lei, Yu-Xin Lin, Jinxiu Tian, Yating Li, Xiaoduo Xie, Tao Chen, Hui Zhang, Yi-Xin Zeng, Jincun Zhao & Lin Feng
Replicating SARS-CoV-2 has been shown to degrade HLA class I on target cells to evade the cytotoxic T-cell (CTL) response. HLA-I downregulation can be sensed by NK cells to unleash killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR)-mediated self-inhibition by the cognate HLA-I ligands. Here, we investigated the impact of HLA and KIR genotypes and HLA-KIR combinations on COVID-19 outcome. We found that the peptide affinities of HLA alleles were not correlated with COVID-19 severity. The predicted poor...

Mapping active paddy rice area over monsoon Asia using time-series Sentinel – 2 images in Google Earth Engine; A case study over Lower Gangetic Plain

Arabinda Maiti, Prasenjit Acharya, Srikanta Sannigrahi, Qi Zhang, Somnath Bar, Suman Chakraborti, Bijoy K Gayen, Gunadhar Barik, Surajit Ghosh & Milap Punia
We proposed a modification of the existing approach for mapping active paddy rice fields in monsoon-dominated areas. In the existing PPPM approach, LSWI higher than EVI at the transplantation stage enables the identification of rice fields. However, it fails to recognize the fields submerged later due to monsoon floods. In the proposed approach (IPPPM), the submerged fields, at the maximum greenness time, were excluded for better estimation. Sentinel–2A/2B time-series images were used for the year...

Block-wise Variable Selection for Clustering via Latent States of Mixture Models

Beomseok Seo, Lin Lin & Jia Li
Mixture modeling is a major paradigm for clustering in statistics. In this paper, we develop a new block-wise variable selection method for clustering by exploiting the latent states of the hidden Markov model on variable blocks or the Gaussian mixture model. The variable blocks are formed by depth-first-search on a dendrogram created based on the mutual information between any pair of variables. It is demonstrated that the latent states of the variable blocks together with...

Comparison of the accelerating effect of graphene oxide and graphene on anaerobic transformation of bisphenol F by Pseudomonas sp. LS

Hong Lu, Jingyi Li, Ze Fu, Xiaolei Wang, Jiti Zhou & Jing Wang
It was found that bisphenol F (BPF) could be anaerobically transformed to 4,4-dihydroxybenzophenone using nitrate as an electron acceptor by Pseudomonas sp. LS. However, BPF removal was a slow process under anaerobic conditions. In the present study, effects of graphene oxide (GO) and graphene on the anaerobic transformation of BPF were studied in detail. Results showed that GO (2-10 mg/L) and graphene (2-20 mg/L) could increase anaerobic biotransformation rate of BPF. For GO-mediated system, GO...

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