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Heavy metals in poultry meat, Khyber, Pakhtunkhwa

Mohammad Naeem Khan & Syed Shahmeer Raza
Some heavy metals are radioactive or possess radioactive isotopes. Metals become radioactive when the atomic number crosses 82 or if they have unstable isotopes even at low atomic number. Autopsies performed on the victims of Hiroshima atomic blast in 1945 showed total absence of white blood cells. These were usually the victims who stayed alive for 2 to 3 days. Radiation toxicity is difficult to diagnose and treat, causes irreversible damage and mostly carcinogenic.

A nosocomial outbreak of multiresistant ESBL-positive Klebsiella pneumoniae in a neonatal intensive care unit in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, July 2014 – Sept 2015

Rodnie Delva-Senat
There is an emergency obstetric hospital and neonatal care container-based hospital in Port au Prince, Haiti, that in 2015 has over 2,600 neonatal admissions. In July 2014, the hospital saw an unusual increase in neonates with signs and symptoms of sepsis. There was a suspected nosocomial transmission of highly resistant bacteria that resulted in unusually high levels of mortality. These slides describe the epidemiological and microbiological findings and control measures that were put in place...

Quarterly Commodity Price Update: Third Quarter 2011

Justin Paulsen & C. Leigh Anderson
Quarterly commodity price update: third quarter 2011

Deciphering the transcriptional modulation program of trabectedin in sensitive and resistant patient derived xenograft models of myxoid liposarcoma

Laura Mannarino, Ilaria Craparotta, Sara Ballabio, Roberta Frapolli, Enrica Calura, Maurizio Callari, Sergio Marchini & Maurizio D'Incalci
Myxoid liposarcoma (MLP) is a soft tissue sarcoma characterized by the expression of the oncogenic chimeric protein FUS-DDIT3, which prevents adipocytes differentiation. Evidences suggest that trabectedin, a marine alkylating gent, is able to restore adipocytes differentiation in MLP. We used a RNA-Seq approach to investigate trabectedin activity both on tumor cells and the surrounding stroma of two patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models either sensitive (ML017) or resistant (ML017/ET) to the drug. Samples from the two models...

DEX-TRA-04: Randomised double-blind trial to evaluate dexketoprofen/tramadol 25/75mg oral fixed combination on moderate-to-severe acute pain after abdominal hysterectomy

Henry J McQuay, R. Andrew Moore , Janusz Tomaszewski, Grzegorz Raba, Daniel Tutunaru, Nellija Lietuviete, Jan Galad, Laszlo Hagymasy, Dace Melka, Jan Kotarski, Tomasz Rechberger, Bela Fulesdi, Monica Bertolotti, Susanna Cuadripani, Bartomeu Piza-Vallespir, Cristina Guerrero-Bayon & Andrea Nizzardo
Combining different analgesics with different mechanisms of action (multimodal analgesia) is a common strategy to achieve adequate pain management, particularly when of moderate to severe intensity. Dexketoprofen trometamol (DKP) and tramadol hydrochloride (TRAM) have been formulated as a fixed-dose combination in oral tablets (DKP/TRAM 25/75mg) with the rationale to obtain a superior analgesia versus the single components by combining the quick-onset of action of DKP together with the longstanding effect of TRAM, with a 25%...

3D Printing at the Malaghan Institute

David Eccles
This was an invited presentation about the applications of 3D printing that I gave to the Rotary Club of Wellington. It was supplemented by the 3D printer itself; I printed about five mini herringbone gears during the course of the presentation (see slide #10).

Spotted fever group and typhus group rickettsiosis in south western India

Munegowda Koralur, Indira Bairy, Muralidhar Varma, Eugene Athan & John Stenos
The study was performed to confirm the Spotted fever group and Typhus fever group rickettsiosis in south Western India requiring hospitalization and to study the common clinical and epidemiological findings in SFG and TG rickettsiosis.

Science communication: beyond impact factor and scopus index

Dasapta Irawan
The following slides were presented today (Thu 30 June 2016) in front of lecturers/researchers of Dept. Magister Management and Business, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia.

I dug in the information from various sources on the internet. Twitter was the main tools that I used to mine the recent settings in science communication. Some personal or institutional Twitter accounts owned by open science supporters, activists, and advocates are followed and studied for their views,...

Madagascar's experiences in injectable contraceptive products logistic management following the introduction of DMPA-SC Sayana Press

Rasoanandrasana Vololoniaina
Following the introduction of the second injectable contraceptive DMPA-SC Sayana Press in 2015, as the country does not yet have data to quantify the annual needs of this new product, it was decided to test 2/3 Dépo-provera and 1/3 Sayana Press.
This proportion was too ambitious for the beginning and spawned an overstock for the Sayana Press at the end of the second year of its introduction.
The calculation method was changed for the rest of the...

Abseq: quality control pipeline for the construction of antibody libraries

Monther Alhamdoosh, Jia Hong Fong, Chao-Guang Chen, Milica Ng, Georgina Sansome, Michael J. Wilson & Con Panousis
During the past two decades, a large number of antibody libraries have been constructed to meet the needs of drug discovery and diagnostic processes. The advent of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology has enabled scientists to rigorously assess library size, quality, diversity and robustness at different stages of the construction process. The currently available bioinformatic tools mainly focus on the analysis of clonotypes of T cell receptors. We propose a new software pipeline, Abseq, designed to...

The GACS project – semantics for Open Data

Caterina Caracciolo & Keizer Johannes
The GACS project was started in 2014 by three organizations dealing with agricultural data: FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN), NAL (the National Agricultural Library of the USA), and CABI International (a not-for profit international organization, UK based). At the beginning, GACS it was meant to be an exploratory project, to assess the feasibility of a Global Agricultural Concept Scheme (hence the acronym), a global repository of terminological and conceptual information in...

A survey of agricultural production, livestock disease treatment and vaccination in rural farming communities in two provinces of Kenya

Andy Peters
A survey of agricultural production, livestock disease treatment and vaccination in rural farming communities in two provinces of Kenya

The role of secondary prophylaxis in the management of HIV-VL co-infection: 7-years experience from West Bengal

Rama Prosad Goswami
Before 2002 there was only a single case report of HIV and VL co-infection, but from 2003 cases reports increased rapidly. Here, we report our 7 year experience on what role secondary prophylaxis has played in the management of HIV and VL co-infection.
We have learnt that VL/HIV coinfection is increasing and can be quite deadly...deadlier than VL at least. Early initiation of ART appears to be a promising tool, but secondary prophylaxis against VL needs...

Functional recordings at the first synaptic layer of the visual system in vivo

Takeshi Yoshimatsu, Cornelius Schröder, Philipp Berens & Tom Baden
Animal visual systems are tuned to the statistics of the environment and species-specific behavioural requirements. Here we show that in larval zebrafish, these adaptations begin already in the structure and function of single-type photoreceptors. By combining genetically encoded calcium and glutamate sensors, in vivo 2-photon imaging, hyperspectral stimulation, multivariate Bayesian modeling and super-resolution imaging we show that UV-cones in different parts of the eye are differentially tuned to serve distinct visual tasks. These region-specific specialisations...

Writing research projects: innovation and learning strategies

Danilo Fernández Ríos, María Odilia Benítez Cabañas, Dahiana Espínola Monges, Tomás López Arias & Andrea Alejandra Arrúa Alvarenga
When we look at lesson plans for teachers, curricula and standard textbooks, we realize that deep down in our educational and cultural systems, education remains merely a transmission process where knowledge is presented as a unequivocal and unquestionable set of facts from teacher to student. Moreover, teachers often oppose each other strategies of this type that include courses at initial levels of undergraduate and used only in advanced courses or postgraduate courses. In our particular...

FAIR training in ELIXIR Europe

Mateusz Kuzak, Leyla Jael García Castro, Bérénice Batut, Ricardo Arcila, Niall Beard, Melissa Burke, Denise Carvalho-Silva, Victoria Dominguez Del Angel, Kim Gurwitz, Pascal Kahlem, Paula Martinez, Sarah Morgan, Peter McQuilton, Patricia M. Palagi, Fotis Psomopoulos, Gabriella Rustici & Celia Van Gelder
ELIXIR is an intergovernmental organization that brings together life science resources across Europe. These resources include databases, software tools, training events and materials, cloud storage, and supercomputers. ELIXIR's activities are divided into the following five areas Data, Tools, Interoperability, Compute and Training known as “platforms”. The ELIXIR Training Platform coordinates training activities, trains life-science researchers, and helps scientists and developers to find the training they need. One of the goals of ELIXIR is to coordinate...

Potential utility of GATA3 immunoexpression and HPV status in the differential diagnosis of urothelial vs squamous cell carcinomas of distal penile urethra

Jeong S. Han, George J. Netto, Stephen Lee, Nilda González-Roibón, Hillary Ross, Rajni Sharma, Antonio L. Cubilla & Alcides Chaux
BACKGROUND: Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and urothelial carcinoma (UC) occur as primary tumors of the distal penile urethra. As there may be a considerable morphologic overlap between the two tumor types, the utility of GATA3, a transcription factor that has been recently used as a marker of urothelial differentiation, and human papillomavirus (HPV) status was evaluated in the differential diagnosis of the two entities.

DESIGN: We retrieved 6 cases originally classified as primary urothelial carcinoma of...

Accumulating computational resource usage of data analysis workflow to select suitable cloud instance

Tazro Ohta, Tomoya Tanjo & Osamu Ogasawara
Bioinformatics tools and workflows has greatly improved their portability by the container virtualization technologies such as Docker, and the standardization of workflow description by the Common Workflow Language (CWL) project. Now researchers can take into account the public cloud infrastructure as more flexible environment to run workflows, however, selecting proper instance type and estimating running cost is not easy without the knowledge of requirements and actual performance of workflows. Here we developed the system CWL-metrics...

Computational study of the reactivity and physiochemical properties of Enugenol, 2-Methoxy-4-Oxyranyl Methylphenol and 2-methoxy-4-allylidene-2,5-Cyclohexadiene-1-one

Jhonatan Rabanal Sanchez
Introduction: Eugenol is a phenylpropanoid, obtained from various medicinal plants, with pharmacological potential. A previous study showed that eugenol can be biotransformed by cytochrome P450 (CYP); This study found that carbon atoms 1 and 2 are prone to epoxidation, carbon 3 to hydroxylation and carbon 7 to o-dealkylation, likewise, this study found that eugenol complies with Lipinski's rule of 5. Materials and methods: The pharmacological potential of eugenol and derivatives, 2-methoxy-4-oxyranyl methylphenol (2M4O) and 2-methoxy-4-allylidene-2,5-cyclohexadiene-1-one...

Multi-task learning using NEural networks for biomedical text mining

Lisa Langnickel, Sumit Madan, Martin Hofmann-Apitius & Juliane Fluck
This work presents the development of a multi-task workflow for named entity recognition (NER) and following relation extraction (RE) from biomedical literature using neural networks. With the increasing amount of data, the automated information extraction becomes more and more important in order to gain relevant information and draw scientific conclusions. The application of neural networks for text mining has been shown to achieve promising results. One of the biggest problems of training neural networks is...

Domestication does not alter the effect of herbivory or competition on invasion risk

Tabitha Petri, Brian Rehill, Deah Lieurance & S. Luke Flory
Exploring how trait changes to plant defense compounds of Lespedeza cuneata through domestication potentially influence it's invasion risk.

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