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ONS Opinions Survey, September 2008

Social Office For National Statistics
For the second edition, January 2012, corrected weights were added to all data files and revised module instructions added to the study documentation.<br>

Northern Ireland Family Expenditure Survey, 1972

Policy Planning And Research Unit (Northern Ireland), Central Survey Unit

Understanding Society, Waves 1-8, 2009-2017: Special Licence Access, Census 2011 Output Area Classification

Institute For Social University Of Essex
This dataset contains Census 2011 Output Area Classification (OAC11) geographic variables for each wave of Understanding Society to date, and a household identification serial number for file matching to the main data. These data have more restrictive access conditions than those available under the standard End User Licence (see 'Access' section). Those users who wish to make an application for these data should contact the HelpDesk for further details.<br> <br> These data are consistent with...

British Mensa Survey of Membership, 1969

The aim of this study was to examine trends to upward social mobility among a specially selected group of people with above average intelligence. This is a continuous survey, but this dataset is the only wave held at the Data Archive.

Association of Children's Officers Boarding-Out Survey

Association Of Children's Officers
To keep a record of children in foster homes during a two year period, including history, behaviour and eventual disposition of each child.

Public Attitudes to Parliament (State of the Nation), 1972

B. Lapping & I. M. Crewe
The purpose of this study was to assess public attitudes to Parliament and to Members of Parliament.

Political Culture of Cardiganshire, 1971

P. J. Madgwick, N. Griffiths & V. Walker
The purpose of this study was to describe the outlook, way of life and attitudes of Cardiganshire people.

Occupational Orientations of Polytechnic Sociology Students : First Stage, 1971

J. Pigeon, I. C. Cannon, C. Vogler, M. A. Rigby, A. Scambler & B. J. Harrison

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