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Mississippi Republican Primary Day Poll

NBC News
Degree of candidate support(1); Reagan's job performance(1); the economy(1); George Bush(5); Robert Dole(3); U.S./Soviet arms agreement (1); federal budget deficit(1).

Canadian Gallup Poll # 463-2

Canadian Institute Of Public Opinion (Gallup)
Federal election vote intent(1); Canada's federal budget(3). Note: Demographices(17). Same as previous data set.

Associated Press Poll # 1995-828K: Vietnam

Associated Press
United States relations with Vietnam (5).

War Survey

Office Of Public Opinion Research
Country to win war (1); keeping out of war (3); worries (1); willingness to fight (1); entering last years war (1); fighting before or after invasion (1); German control of English trade markets (1); possibility of German-Italian war with US (1); consequences of German Win (3); vote in 1940 presidential election (1).

Fox News Poll: 2016 Presidential Election/Clinton/Trump: September 2016

Fox News
2016 presidential election (1); registered to vote (1); presidential candidates (10); Clinton vs. Trump (4); President Barack Obama job performance (1); trust in federal government (2); Democratic Party’s presidential nominee (1); Republican Party’s presidential nominee (1); Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump handling various issues (10); presidential candidate’s personal qualities (2); 2010 health care law (1); building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border (1); professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem (2); abortion (1); illegal immigrant...

Fox News Poll: 2016 Presidential Election/Presidential Candidates: August 2016

Fox News
2016 presidential election (1); registered to vote (1); presidential candidates (10); Clinton vs. Trump (4); Democratic Congress (2); Republican Congress (2); President Barack Obama job performance (1); most important issue facing the country (1); the economy (1); illegal immigrants (2); Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump handling various issues (15); presidential candidate’s personal qualities (2); Iran's nuclear program (1); Iran released four American prisoners (1); federally issued photo identification to prove U.S. citizenship before being allowed...

PSRA/Newsweek Poll # 9906: Monica's TV Interview

Clinton job performance(2) 2000 presidential election(9) 2000 Republican presidential nominee(1) Clinton/Lewinsky scandal hurt Al Gore(2) Juanita Braddock allegation against Bill Clinton(1) Barbara Walters interview on Monica Lewinsky(8) future of Monica Lewinsky(6) Monica Lewinsky(4) independent counsels(2)

Roper Fortune # 60P1: Parties/Government Expenditure/Unions/Russia/Depression/Communists/Prejudice and Presidential Candidates

Fortune Magazine
Easier/harder for people around here to make a living now than it was before the war (1); would prefer lower prices/higher income if had to choose (1); Fall 1946 elections (2); how possible presidential candidates for 1948 would handle certain issues (7); Dewey vs. Saltonstall vs. Stassen vs. Taft vs. Vandenberg for Republican presidential candidate (4); would/would not be satisfied with Truman as Democratic presidential candidate (1); Truman vs. opponent (10); whom would prefer to...

Gallup Poll # 785

Richard Nixon job performance (1); favor/oppose attempting to land a man on Mars (1); cigarette smoking (6); wire-tapping (4); sex before marriage (1); opinion of certain people (14); Richard Nixon vs. Edward Kennedy vs. George Wallace (2).

Monmouth University Poll: October 2014 New Jersey Poll

Monmouth University Polling Institute
Registered to vote (1); likely to vote in upcoming US Senate election (1); senatorial candidate preference (4); Jeff Bell favorability (1); US Senator Cory Booker favorability (1); President Barack Obama favorability (1); US Senate favorability (1); Bell's, Booker's views in line/out of step with most New Jerseyans (2); Bell/Booker does better job of representing respondent's views on issues (5); the gold standard (4).

Gallup News Service Poll # 9812051: House Judiciary Hearings Reaction #3

Clinton impeachment (2); truthfulness of charges against Clinton (4); media coverage of impeachment (2); convincible offenses of Clinton (4).

Pew Research Center Poll: June 2014 Omnibus Week 4--News Stories

Pew Research Center
News stories followed closely (6).

DataFolha Survey: Expectations for 1989/Evaluation of Mayor

DataFolha Institute Of Research
General evaluation of 1988(1); expectations for 1989(2); vote for Mayor, 1988(1); evaluation of Mayor Braga's job performance(3 expectations for next mayor(2); party ID(1).

Kaiser Family Foundation Poll: September Kaiser Health Tracking Poll--Health Insurance and Pre-existing Conditions/Federal Budget

Kaiser Family Foundation
Opinion of health reform law (1); influence of health reform law (4); Congress handling health reform law (1); reform proposals in the law (3); possessing pre-existing conditions (6); trouble getting coverage because of pre-existing conditions (4); job decisions based on health care coverage (2); opinion of super-committee (1); trusting groups/people to make deficit reduction suggestions (4); confidence in super-committee (1); super-committee getting support of both parties (1); role of certain tasks in budget reduction strategy...

The Minnesota Poll # 95

Minneapolis Tribune
Korean War right decision (1); Korean War victor (2); communists out of South Korea (1); peace talks (1); preventing communist invasion (2); cutting defense program (2); price-wage controls (1); communist leader (1); Minneapolis Aquatennial (3); summer weather (1); newspaper readership (2); agency acronyms (3); Luther Youngdahl as court judge (2); rating governors (6); governor to replace Youngdahl (1); Youngdahl memorable administration (2); governor candidate preferences (1); presidential primary election (3); United Nations job performance (2);...

National Election Pool Poll # 2008-NATELEC: National Election Day Exit Poll

ABC News, Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, National Election Pool (NEP) & NBC News
For whom did respondent vote in presidential election (1); when decided who to vote for (1); which one candidate quality mattered most in deciding vote for president (1); describing self as born-again (1); for whom did respondent just vote in U.S. House election (1); for whom did respondent vote in U.S. Senate election (1); for whom did respondent just vote in gubernatorial election (1); partisanship (1); factor that determined vote for president (1); most important...

British Gallup Poll CQ 629

Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Limited
Government approval (1); James Callaghan job performance (1); Margaret Thatcher job performance (1); David Steel job performance (1); party support (2); 1974 General Election (2); party closeness (1); Common Market membership (1); European parliament (3); result of Conservative win (10); result of Labor party win (10); household vs. 1 year ago (1); bought sewing machine (4); candy in home (10); British motorways (2); appliances in home (22); appliances thinking of buying (22); likelihood of buying...

British Gallup Poll CQ 877A

Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Limited
Government approval (1); Margaret Thatcher job performance (1); Michael Foot job performance (1); David Steel job performance (1); David Owen job performance (1); party support (2); 1983 General Election (2); Common Market feelings (2); Common Market unity (1); Common Market policy (1); Britain Common Market membership (1); Book of the Earth interest (7); video cassette recorder (2); insurance coverage (2); stopped medical coverage (1); last subscribes to medical insurance (1); covered under who (1); scheme...

Yankelovich/Time Magazine/CNN Poll: Clinton, the Clinton Administration and Congress

CNN & Time
Most important problem (2); Bill Clinton job performance (5); Congressional job performance (4); government (2); gridlock (1); 1996 elections (4); new political parties (1); health care (4); baseball strike (1).

Catholic Church and State Relationship : October, 1991

Office Of The Technical Advisor To The President Of Mexico
Salinas job performance(1); priests civil rights(6); Catholic church and state relationship(3); public education(11); land reform(13); presidential popularity(1); presidential candidate preference in the 1988 election(1).

Gallup/CNN/USA Today Poll: Post-Super Tuesday Reaction

CNN & USA Today
Bush job performance(1); presidential candidates(26).

Gallup Poll: Public Attitudes Toward Electoral Reform

C.A. Data Analysis
Electoral reform (11); voting system (2); elections and candidate's names lists (5); electoral reform and political parties (2); knowledge about proportional representation voting system (3); knowledge about uninominal and nominal voting systems (5); past elections (5); knowledge about legislators and local representatives' names (2); electoral campaigns (3); electoral cycles (3); municipal elections (4); voting machines (2); past voting behavior (2); voting intentions (2); mandatory vote (1); political interest (1); satisfaction with electoral system (1) ;...

Survey # 2006

Institut Fuer Demoskopie Allensbach

British Gallup Poll CQ 91

Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Limited
Car ownership (1); trade union card (1); frequency of cinema visits (1); radio and TV sets owned (1); channels received (2); opening of Parliament ceremony (4); agreeing with Gaitskell legislation statement (1); approval of Parliament proposals (5); Hire Purchase restrictions removal (1); general election party preference (1); 1955 general election (1); "immediate delivery" advertisements (1); after-shave lotion (2).

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