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Roper Reports 86-3

Roper Organization
U.S. involvement with other nations (11); Mikhail Gorbachev's policies (4); nuclear weaponry (2); withholding tax refunds (2); government regulations (10); computer terminals (3); toxic waste (3); corporation mergers (4); automobiles (6); drunk drivers (4); auto cassette tapes (15); terrorism (3); things done in last 24 hours (2); various problems of society (8).

BASR Poll: Columbia Crisis Study

Columbia University Bureau Of Applied Social Research
Days on campus during crisis (1); activities during crisis (9); armbands worn during strike (1); contacts with police (8); use of force by police (3); violence against police (1); occupation of university by demonstrators (2); action of sit-ins (2); holding captive of Dean Coleman (1); opinions while demonstrators were occupying buildings (3); use of police to remove demonstrators (3); administration agreeing with demonstrators to persuade them to leave (7); things you now favor (4); administration...

Associated Press Poll # 1995-848K: Bosnia

Associated Press
Bosnia (1); U.S. involvement in Bosnia (4).

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: December Monthly--Financial Crisis

ABC News & Washington Post
Direction of country (1); George W. Bush job performance (1): George W. Bush handling economy (1); federal government handling economy (1); Barack Obama handling presidential transition (1); describing Obama (1); Obama and Congress handling issues (1); Obama handling economy (2); economic stimulus (1); increase in federal budget deficit (2); controlling waste and fraud (1); actions of Obama (8); Obama ability to handle issues (4); outlook of 2009 (2); feelings about last year (7); economic decline...

VRS 1992 New York Election Day Exit Poll

ABC News, CBS News, CNN & NBC News
Vote in 1992 Presidential election(1); most important issue in voting decision(2); national economic situation(1); Governor Mario Cuomo job performance(2); vote in 1992 Senatorial election(1); vote in 1988 Presidential election(1); Ross Perot(1); abortion(1); 1992 Senatorial candidates(3).

Indiana Poll # 2

Indiana University Center For Survey Research
Length of residency (1); governor candidate preference (2); Hoosier dome (4); larger banks (1); bank merger laws (1); power plant construction costs (2); automation affecting jobs (1); new job skills (2); job training payments (1); farming income (1); labor-management relations (1); workers' pay adequacy (1); competency testing (1); higher teacher salaries (1); taxes for education (1); school rating (1); time spent as opposite sex (1); PMS as criminal defense (1); newspaper sexuality column (1).

USIA Poll # 1997-I97052: Nicaragua's Politics

Politics (14); political/public figures job performance (7); elections (2); branches of government/departments (4); judical system (4); crime (5); groups/organizations (6); economy (1); newspapers (4); cost of homes (2); political parties (4); education (5); employment (1); FSLN (2).

Gallup/CNN/USA Today Poll: 2004 Presidential Election/Iraq/CBS News

CNN & USA Today
How much thought given to upcoming election for president (1); do/do not know where people in neighborhood go to vote (1); ever voted in precinct or election district (1); how often vote (1); do/do not plan to vote in presidential election this November (2); John Kerry and John Edwards vs. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney (2); John Kerry and John Edwards vs. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney vs. Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo...

GEO Poll: Postelectorial Conflict

El Nacional
Attitudes toward change (1); President Salinas' job performance (1); party preferences (1); current and future state situation (6); post-electoral conflict (15).

USA Today/Gallup Poll # 2006-46TN: 2006 State Election Poll Wave 3--Tennessee

USA Today
Congressional elections (1); voting intentions (6); Senatorial elections (2); Harold Ford, Junior (2); Bob Corker (2); television commercials (1).

VRS State Primary Exit Poll: Wisconsin Democratic Primary

ABC News, CBS News, CNN & NBC News
Who did you vote for(1); who will win(1); qualities of the candidates (6); why did you vote the way you did(3); feelings toward the election (1); Brown's tax proposal(1); who will you vote for in November(1); do you agree with Brown's criticism of politics(1); opinion of government (1); opinion of legalized gambling are you better off then four years ago(2); welfare benefits to new residents(1).

MORI Omnibus Poll - March, 1990

Market & Opinion Research International Ltd.
Media use(6); general election vote(2); Thatcher/Kinnock/Ashdown/ Owen job performance(5); most important problem facing the country(2); ratings of political leaders(4); best party to handle problems facing the country(6); best leader for conservative party(2).

Periodique #274

Brule Ville Associes & Paris Match
Referendum on the ratification of the Maastrich Treaty(1); Vote in past legislative elections(1); vote in past presidential elections(1); voting intention(1); political ideology(1); interest in politics(1); political parties sympathies(2)

VNS 2000 State Primary Election: Georgia Republican Election Day Exit Poll

ABC News, Associated Press, CBS News, CNN, Fox News & NBC News
Voted for George W. Bush/Alan Keyes/John McCain in Republican presidential primary (1); When decided who to vote for (1); Which one issue mattered most in deciding vote (1); Ever voted before in a Republican presidential primary (1); Only Republicans/all registered voters should have been allowed to vote in Republican primary (1); Which one candidate quality mattered most in deciding vote (1); Think George W. Bush has the knowledge to serve effectively as president (1); Think...

Nikkei Research Poll: September 2003

Inc. Nikkei Research
Support for Junichiro Koizumi's Cabinet (2); reason for supporting Koizumi Cabinet (1); reason for not supporting Koizumi Cabinet (1); political party preference (2); cabinet political issue priority (1); Koizumi Cabinet's economic management (1); House of Representatives votes (2); Democratic Party of Japan and Liberal Party coalition (1); preferred coalition government (1); preferred prime minister candidate (1); Shinzo Abe as chief secretary (1); rating new cabinet members (1); prioritized economic measure (1).

Gallup Poll # 611

Eisenhower job performance (1); occupational groups best served by political parties (6); national flower (1); recent trouble with Russians over Berlin (5); Federal income tax (1); racial integration in public schools (9); prices of most things will be higher/lower/same in six months (1); possible 1960 presidential candidates (8); more/fewer people out of work in community in next six months (1); attended church in last seven days (1); how often go out at various times of...

USIA Poll # 1990-I90045: Economic Summit Survey 1990

National/International issues (1); identification (1); European community (9); environment (4); immigration (2); illegal Drugs (6); economy and trade (11); economic aid (7); 1992 single European market (5); Eastern European aid (4); East-West European relations (1); Soviet nationality issues (3); economic summit (1); Mikhail Gorbachev (2); George Bush (1); Soviet/U.S. dealing with world problems (2); news source (2); education/study abroad (7); ideology (2).

DataFolha Survey: Expectations for 1989/Evaluation of Mayor

DataFolha Institute Of Research
General evaluation of 1988(1); expectations for 1989(2); vote for Mayor, 1988(1); evaluation of Mayor Ferrara's job performance(3); expectations for next Mayor(2); party ID(1).

British Gallup Poll: CQ 030

Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Limited
Government approval rating(1); Thatcher approval rating(1); political party leaders(2); political party(6); 1987 election(2); most important problem(13); Labour party(2); Conservative party(1); best Prime Minister(1); personal financial situation(2); economic situation(3); political party best suited for issues(15); Kinnock vs Thatcher(1); Thatcher job performance(5); health service(3); education(3); handicapped facilities(2); country best handling issue(13).

California Poll # 7305

The Field Institute
President Nixon's job performance; Watergate: independence of the Special Prosecutor, amount of media coverage, fairness of coverage, Nixon's involvement, seriousness, attitude toward resignation/impeachment; Agnew: innocence/guilt, severity of penalty; vote on Proposition 1; results of Proposition 1 on government spending, taxes and services; if cutback of services, good/bad result of Proposition 1.

USIA Poll # 1981-I81046: Public Opinion on INF/Defense Issues

Opinion of US (2); opinion of Soviet Union (2); US ability to deal with world problems (1); US and USSR military strength (6); concern of Soviet attack (1); resisting Soviet attack (2); use of nuclear weapons by Western allies (1); nuclear missiles on Dutch soil (4); arms control negotiations (2); nuclear weapons in Western Europe (2); neutron weapon (4); US production of neutron weapon (2); stationing neutron weapons (3).

ASQC/Gallup Poll: Public Opinion on the Quality of American, German and Japanese Products

American Society For Quality Control (ASQC) & Gallup
Determination of product quality(1); influences on purchase decisions(11); willingness to pay for quality(4); determination of service quality(1); rating the quality of certain service industries(7); rating the quality of American/Japanese/German products(3); effort of business to deliver quality(4); importance of quality to American/Japanese/German workers(3); American/ Japanese product purchases(7); foreign product purchases(1); rating product quality by country of origin(7).

IFOP Study of Public Opinion

Institut Francais D'Opinion Publique

The American Soldier in World War II: Attitudes of Combat Infantry Officers--Part B

Information Research Branch
Rank in military; length of time in military rank; length of time in national guard; combat experience in military; branch of army; best branch of army; best type of officer; good chance of promotion in military; battle casualties caused by company; low/high spirits while in military; importance of riflemen; cooperation in company; worthwhile being in military; military decoration; silver star; scared of combat; good/bad time while in military; military equipment; Japanese weapons; officer/enlisted men relations;...

Canadian Gallup Poll # 313

Canadian Institute Of Public Opinion (Gallup)
Federal elections vote intent(1); past federal elections vote(1); corporal punishment in schools(2); job satisfaction(2); Medicare Medicare(2); immigration to Canada(2); UN peacekeeping force(2); Prime Minister and opposition leader job performance(4); inflation(2). Note: Demographics(11).

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