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Temporary deployments in Valais, Switzerland associated with COGEAR

Swiss Seismological Service (SED) At ETH Zurich
temporary deployments in the Valais region of Switzerland associated with the COGEAR project

Défi OASIC 2018 : Rapport scientifique et financier des projets lauréats en 2017 (année 2)

Vanessa PY-SARAGAGLIA, Marcel Mindrescu, Ancuta PETRAS, Mihaela Danu, Sylvie GUILLERME, Magali PHILIPPE, Sandrine BUSCAINO , Eric Maire, Nicolas DE MUNNIK, Sylvain Burri, Nicolas Poirier, Carine Calastrenc, Gaël LE ROUX, Thierry CAMBOULIVE, Mélanie ROY, Marie-Claude BAL, Antoine Brin, Sylvie LADET, Laurent BURNEL, Mélanie SAULNIER, Cécile BRUN, Laurent Larrieu & François DE VLEESCHOUWER
Rapport scientifique et financier du projet FORETEXIL : Les vieilles FORETs des Maramureș (Carpates orientales) face à l’EXploitation forestière Intensive : plan d'urgence pour une étude globale en vue de leur préservation et gestion durable.

Swedish National Seismic Network

The Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) started with the installation of a Wiechert seismograph in Uppsala in 1904. Since 1998 the SNSN is a part of the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University. The SNSN operates the only permanent, earthquake focused seismic network in Sweden and is responsible for detecting and recording earthquakes in Sweden. Near real-time automatic event detection has been an integral part of SNSN operations since 2000 and continuous 100 Hz...

British Gallup Poll CQ 903

Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Limited
Government job performance (1); Margaret Thatcher job performance (1); Neil Kinnock job performance (1); David Steel job performance (1); David Owen job performance (1); general election party support (1); able to vote 1983 (1); party voted for (1); economic situation past 12 months (1); economic situation next 12 months (1); prices last 12 months (1); prices next 12 months (1); financial situation of household last 12 months (1); financial situation household next 12 months (1);...

Trend 1998 - 2004. Institute of Museum and Library Services. Public Libraries Survey: Total Attendance at All Childen's Programs | Country: USA | State: Illinois | Library: Summit P.L.D., 1998-2004. Data-Planet™ Statistical Ready Reference by Conquest Systems, Inc. Dataset-ID: 058-001-049.

Institute Of Museum And Library Services
Institute of Museum and Library Services (2015). Public Libraries Survey: Total Attendance at All Childen's Programs | Country: USA | State: Illinois | Library: Summit P.L.D., 1998-2004. Data-Planet™ Statistical Ready Reference by Conquest Systems, Inc. [Data-file]. Dataset-ID: 058-001-049. Dataset: The count of the audience at all programs for which the primary audience is children 11 years and under. One-on-one sessions are excluded. This dataset contains data on the resources, finances, and use of the public...

Air quality data from the LIFE+RESPIRA project in Pamplona, Spain: PM10 in 2017 (01h UTC) (interpolated PNG)

PNG image representing interpolated air quality data from the LIFE+RESPIRA project (http://www.liferespira.eu/) in Pamplona, Spain, with measures of PM10 during 2017, aggregated by hour (01h UTC).

Proposed Use of the Plenary Powers to Suppress the Specific Name longicorne Latreille, 1804, as Published in the Binomen Acrydium longicorne (Class Insecta, Order Orthoptera)

D. K. McE. Kevan
The Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, Volume 17, Issue 6-8, pp. 203-204

Sozialer Status und Teilnahme am Gesundheits-Check-up von Männern und Frauen in Deutschland: Ergebnisse der GEDA-Studie 2009 und 2010

Jens Hoebel, Matthias Richter & Thomas Lampert
Hintergrund: Auf Basis repräsentativer Daten für Deutschland wurde untersucht, inwieweit die Teilnahme am Gesundheits-Check-up zur Krankheitsfrüherkennung mit verschiedenen Merkmalen des sozialen Status zusammenhängt. Methode: Die Analysen basierten auf Daten der Studie „Gesundheit in Deutschland aktuell“ (GEDA) des Robert Koch-Instituts aus den Jahren 2009 und 2010. Es wurden Angaben zur Teilnahme am Gesundheits-Check-up von gesetzlich Krankenversicherten ab 35 Jahren ausgewertet (n = 26 555). Für die Analysen zum Zusammenhang zwischen Sozialstatus und Teilnahmeverhalten wurden sowohl ein...

METADOUR 2 cruise,Côtes De La Manche R/V

L'analyse et l'exploitation des données recueillies au cours de la campagne METADOUR1 sont incomplètes et nécessitent d'être approfondies afin de mieux comprendre la réactivité des contaminants métalliques dans l'estuaire de l'Adour et de déterminer quels sont les facteurs qui contrôlent ces processus. Cette campagne a donc pour but de poursuivre ces investigations en se concentrant sur les stations correspondant au panache turbide et sur les processus contrôlant la réactivité des polluants.Les objectifs spécifiques de cette...


Katrin Friedrich, Julia Krieger, Vanessa Rößner-Ruff, Dr. Marcel Wendt, Iris Tatjana Graef-Calliess & Dr. Rainer Brase

Australia and nuclear strategy

Christine Martine Leah
This thesis consists of an historical and strategic analysis of Australia's relationship with nuclear weapons, nuclear strategy, and U.S. extended nuclear deterrence. It covers the period from when Britain and the United States both began research into harnessing the power of atomic energy for military purposes, to the present day. It concludes with a forward-looking chapter that assesses the possible and probable interactions of Australia's various experiences with nuclear weapons and a strategic environment in...

Garbage, power, and environmental justice : the Clean Power Plan rule

Ana Isabel Baptista & Kumar Kartik Amarnath
Presented at the "Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene Symposium" held on April 24-25, 2017, at the Lory Student Center, Colorado State University, Fort Collins Colorado. This symposium aims to bring together academics (faculty and graduate students), independent researchers, community and movement activists, and regulatory and policy practitioners from across disciplines, research areas, perspectives, and different countries. Our overarching goal is to build on several decades of EJ research and practice to address the seemingly intractable...

Between Authority and Authenticity: English Use in Spanish-Language Commercials in the United States

Nicole Steeby
The use of English in foreign-language advertising abroad has been explored in depth, as has the role English plays in globalization. However, there remains a paucity of research concerning English use in foreign-language advertising within English-speaking countries. This analysis of Miami-based Spanish commercials explores the roles that identity and citizenship play in profit-motivated code-switching, in addition to questioning the oft-held assumption that English use carries a singular social meaning regardless of context. Beginning with a...

Pupillary dilation response reflects surprising moments in music

Makio Kashino, Yoneya Makoto, Shigeto Furukawa & Hsin-I Liao
There are indications that the pupillary dilation response (PDR) reflects surprising moments in an auditory sequence such as the appearance of a deviant noise against repetitively presented pure tones (Liao, Yoneya, Kidani, Kashino, & Furukawa, 2016), and salient and loud sounds that are evaluated by human participants subjectively (Liao, Kidani, Yoneya, Kashino, & Furukawa, 2016). In the current study, we further examined whether the reflection of PDR in auditory surprise can be accumulated and revealed...

The paradigm shift in DNA profile interpretation

Jo-Anne Bright, Duncan Taylor, Simone Gittelson & John S. Buckleton
DNA mixtures occur when two or more individuals contribute to a sample. Mixtures can vary greatly in complexity. Key variables are the number of donors, the template amount of each donor’s DNA, and the level of DNA degradation of each donor. There is little published material that we can find about behaviours relating to the limits of DNA mixture interpretation in the 90s and 00s. From our own personal knowledge, we recall that two-person mixtures...

Health Sciences Library Strategic Plan. 2013-2017

Gerald. Director. Health Sciences Library Perry
Mission Statement: The UC Denver Health Sciences Library links people, reliable health sciences knowledge, and technology in support of effective learning, quality health care, vital research, and community service.

A transdisciplinary health perspective of ARV pathways in an informal settlement

Petra Bester
A transdisciplinary health perspective of ARV pathways in an informal settlement Background: South Africa has one of the largest antiretroviral (ARV) consumer markets, globally. When traces of ARVs surfaced in South African water sources, scientists from environmental sciences collaborated with health – and social sciences to explore this phenomenon. The intersectionality of HIV implied that ARVs in water would be best understood from a holistic perspective. Aim: To describe a transdisciplinary health perspective of the...

Seismic network XK:LAPNET/POLENET seismic temporary array (RESIF-SISMOB)

E. Kozlovskaya
Deep structure of the crust and upper mantle of the northern, mainly Archaean part of the Fennoscandian shield, is poorly known, as the number of permanent seismic stations and controlled-source seismic profiles there has been always significantly lower compared to its southwestern part. However, even these rare studies showed that the upper mantle there is heterogeneous and seismically anisotropic. In order improve this knowledge, a temporary seismic array was installed in May 2007, and operated...

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