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Costa Rican Peasants, 1972-1973

M. A. Seligson
To measure several social-psychological, behavioural, and socio-economic attributes of smallholders and landless labourers in Costa Rica. The survey focused on those peasants engaged in agrarian capitalist production and hence avoided interviews with peasants whose primary means of production was subsistence farming.

Poverty and Social Exclusion in Northern Ireland, 2002-2003

P. A. R. Hillyard
The objectives of the <i>Poverty and Social Exclusion in Northern Ireland, 2002-2003</i> (PSENI) study were threefold. Firstly, the study aimed to provide a number of different measures of poverty and social exclusion which could be periodically updated. Secondly, it aimed to provide data on the extent to which poverty and social exclusion varied across the dimensions specified in Section 75 of the <i>Northern Ireland Act, 1998</i>. Finally, it aimed to compare poverty levels in Northern...

New Democracies Barometer I-V: Czech Republic, 1991-1998

R. Rose
<i>New Democracies Barometer I-V: Czech Republic, 1991-1998</i> contains the original data and documentation of the surveys in Czech Republic conducted as part of NDB from the first survey in 1991 to the fifth NDB survey in 1998, as well as a freestanding survey, the States and Markets surveys of 1991. The 1991 and 1992 surveys were designed to cover the whole of the Czechoslovak Federal Republic. At the time Czechoslovakia was a federal state, hence...

General Household Survey (Surrey Files), 1980

A. Dale, S. Arber, G. N. Gilbert & J. O'Byrne

Financial Capability Baseline Survey, 2005

Financial Services Authority
The&nbsp;<span style="font-style: italic;">Financial Capability Baseline Survey, 2005</span> was commissioned by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to provide a baseline measure of the levels of financial capability in the United Kingdom. The survey was able to identify people's relative strengths and weaknesses across five financial capability 'domains'. Findings from the survey were used to describe the types of people most likely to display higher or lower levels of financial capability and provide a deep insight into...

Prediction of Consumer Demands by Intentions and Attitudes, 1972-1973

J. F. Pickering
The aim of this study was to investigate the extent to which expressions of consumer attitudes and purchasing expectations collected from direct consumer surveys could be used to predict consumer durable purchasing behaviour.

Northern Ireland Family Expenditure Survey, 1972

Policy Planning And Research Unit (Northern Ireland), Central Survey Unit

British Mensa Survey of Membership, 1969

The aim of this study was to examine trends to upward social mobility among a specially selected group of people with above average intelligence. This is a continuous survey, but this dataset is the only wave held at the Data Archive.

Association of Children's Officers Boarding-Out Survey

Association Of Children's Officers
To keep a record of children in foster homes during a two year period, including history, behaviour and eventual disposition of each child.

Public Attitudes to Parliament (State of the Nation), 1972

B. Lapping & I. M. Crewe
The purpose of this study was to assess public attitudes to Parliament and to Members of Parliament.

Political Culture of Cardiganshire, 1971

P. J. Madgwick, N. Griffiths & V. Walker
The purpose of this study was to describe the outlook, way of life and attitudes of Cardiganshire people.

Occupational Orientations of Polytechnic Sociology Students : First Stage, 1971

J. Pigeon, I. C. Cannon, C. Vogler, M. A. Rigby, A. Scambler & B. J. Harrison

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