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GEOSCOPE, French Global Network of broad band seismic stations

Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris (IPGP) & Ecole Et Observatoire Des Sciences De La Terre De Strasbourg (EOST)
The GEOSCOPE network (G) is a global seismological network created in 1982 to respond to the challenge of instrumenting isolated sites all around the world. The GEOSCOPE network is primarily dedicated to research and its data are used for studies of Earth structure and dynamics, seismic sources, time dependent seismology and environmental seismology. It currently runs 33 seismic stations, all of which are now equipped to provide real-time data, used for rapid source determination (among...

Swedish National Seismic Network

The Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) started with the installation of a Wiechert seismograph in Uppsala in 1904. Since 1998 the SNSN is a part of the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University. The SNSN operates the only permanent, earthquake focused seismic network in Sweden and is responsible for detecting and recording earthquakes in Sweden. Near real-time automatic event detection has been an integral part of SNSN operations since 2000 and continuous 100 Hz...

Seismology at School Program, ETH Zurich

Swiss Seismological Service (SED) At ETH Zurich
Seismo-at-school stations (Switzerland and some other station globally)

PLUME - Polynesia Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Experiment, 2001-2005, code ZI, funded by ACI Jeunes Chercheurs, Université de Montpellier II, EOPG Strasbourg

G. Barruol & PLUME Group
PLUME (Polynesian Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Experiment), has the objective of imaging the upper mantle structures beneath French Polynesia. This region of the south Pacific, which is far from any plate boundary, comprises oceanic lithosphere with ages varying between 30 and 100 Ma, as well as two major fracture zones. The area has been affected by a "swarm" of volcanic islands chains - the Society Islands, Austral Islands, and Marquesas- that may represent hotspot tracks...

National Seismic Networks of Switzerland

Swiss Seismological Service (SED) At ETH Zurich
National Seismic Networks of Switzerland, comprising all permanent high gain (short period and broadband) and low gain strong motion stations.

Temporary seismic deployments on Bowdoin glacier, Northwest Greenland

VAW At ETH Zurich
temporary seismic deployments associated with project "Dynamic changes of tidewater outlet glaciers: Bowdoin glacier, Northwest Greenland"

This is why we can have nice things: getting to v1.0 of the common workflow language

Michael Crusoe
Common infrastructure that is usable by diverse participants does not come for free: it requires cooperation, patience, time, and care. When a community decides to invest its resources into creating and maintaining a common good, like F/OSS scientific software or interoperability standards, they can reap significant rewards: both from an academic/research perspective, and from a commercial market perspective. How do we build communal goods that are 1) made in an open manner 2) not heavy-handed...

Temporary deployments in Switzerland associated with landslides

Swiss Seismological Service (SED) At ETH Zurich
temporary deployments in Switzerland associated with landslides, e.g. Preonzo

GNSS, seismic broadband and strong motion permanent networks in West Indies

Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris- IPGP
The WI network is composed of stations geographically distributed all along the Lesser Antilles subduction zone, from Grenada in the south, to St Barthélémy in the north. The stations all share the following features: (1) very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite telemetry, (2) solar power and 10-day battery, (3) multi sensor stations with broadband seismometer (Nanometrics - Trillium120s or 240s) , accelerometer (Kinemetrics - Episensors +/- 2G) and continuous GNSS (Trimble, NetR9), (4) vault and...

left lower jaw of Gogonasus

Tim Senden
This dataset is a CT scan of the left lower jaw of the tetrapodomorph Gogonasus from the Gogo Formation in Western Australia


Alessandra Giorgetti, Matteo Vinci & Elena Partescano
The Final Report describes the activities carried out during the first two years of EMODnet chemical pilot (4 th of June 2009 – 3 rd of June 2011), corresponding to the Development and build phase (M1-M12), to the test and monitor phase (M13-M18) and to the upgrade phase (M19-M24). The Maintenance Report describes the activities carried out during the last year of EMODnet chemical pilot (4th of June 2011 – 3rd of June 2012), corresponding...

Rete Sismica Nazionale (RSN)

INGV Seismological Data Centre
The Italian National Seismic Network (Italian: Rete Sismica Nazionale, RSN) is the nationwide permanent seismological network operated by the National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology (Italian: Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, INGV) with contributions from collaborating institutions and observatories. Initially, it was deployed mainly as a seismic monitoring facility and over the years has grown both in quantity and in quality of the installed instruments. Thereby it also gained importance as a valuable research...

Using Galaxy with Jetstream

Jeremy Fischer, Enis Afgan, Tom Doak, Carrie Ganote, David Y. Hancock & Matthew Vaughn
Jetstream is a new cloud computing resource funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). As a fully configurable cloud resource, Jetstream adds significantly to the NSF-funded resources available to the Galaxy user community. Jetstream has a total computing capability of 0.5 petaflops, and supports interactive users. Jetstream hosts persistent Science Gateways (specifically, Galaxy) and Virtual Machines (VMs) useable by individual researchers within the cloud environment.

Galaxy users will have the option of preserving their workflow...

UNDERVOLC experiment, 2009-2011, code YA (Understanding volcanic processes)

F. Brenguier
UnderVolc is a broadband seismic experiment that recorded 5 eruptions of Piton de la Fournaise Volcano, La Réunion island from 2009 to 2011.

Temporary deployments in Switzerland associated with glacier monitoring

Swiss Seismological Service (SED) At ETH Zurich
temporary deployments: 1985-2020 seismological experiments on Swiss Glaciers

Temporary deployments on Greenland Ice-sheet Margin

Swiss Seismological Service (SED) & Laboratory Of Hydraulics, Hydrology And Glaciology (VAW)
Temporary seismic deployments on the Greenland Ice-sheet Margin in Western Greenland


BIEGALA Isabelle
Suivi à la station SPOT de l'impact du phénomène climatique El Niño sur le fonctionnement de l'écosystème du sud-ouest Pacifique.


BOURILLET Jean-François
Le programme de recherche PAMELA ("PAssive Margins Exploration LAboratories") fait l'objet d'un partenariat depuis 2013 entre TOTAL, l'IFREMER, l'IFPEN, le CNRS et des universités françaises de Bretagne Occidentale, Rennes 1 et Paris VI, visant à améliorer nos connaissances sur les marges continentales passives.

Relation between status of second-hand smoker with hypertension in housewives aged 40-55 years at rural areas in Malang, Indonesia

Ricardo Nugraha, Michael Jonatan, Gurid Anggridiaksha, Kinanthi Koesandrini, Devianty Octavia, Nur Syahadati Panenggak, Wilbert Sudihardjo, Firas Farisi Alkaff, Sirazul Munir, Subur Prayitno & Djohar Nuswantoro
Introduction. National health survey reported more than 50% housewives are second-hand smokers. Many studies proved a strong correlation between tobacco exposure among active smoker with incidence of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. However, to our knowledge, epidemiological evidence regarding the relationship between status of second-hand smoker and case of hypertension has not been summarized

Conclusion. Status of second-hand smoker is one of the risk factor for hypertension. Future research with prospective cohort study, bigger, and more heterogeneous...

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