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Expectations and Experiences of Childbirth, 1987

J. M. Green, J. Kitzinger & V. Coupland
The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between expectations and experiences of childbirth and women's feelings after delivery.<br> <br>

Survey of Councillors in Glasgow, 1966

I. Budge, A. L. M. Smith, M. Margolis & J. A. Brand
The five surveys in this group comprise a comparative study in local government of the cities of Glasgow and Belfast.<br> The purpose of the study was to devise and test a comprehensive framework which draws together the results of previous findings and theory, within which the effects of political stratification can be investigated. Also to investigate correlates of political stability by comparing Belfast (unstable) with Glasgow (stable).<br> With the obvious modifications (e.g. geographical, political party...

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, October - December, 2015

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics & Northern Ireland Statistics
<b>Latest Edition Information</b><br /> For the fourth edition (June 2017), the 2016 income and person weights were replaced with 2017 weights (variables piwt17 and pwt17).<br /><br />

Financial Expectations; 3-9 August 1972

British Market Research Bureau
These are a series of surveys containing questions asked of a monthly representative sample of 1000 adults about their financial well-being and expectations by the British Market Research Bureau.

Annual Purchases Survey, 2015-2017: Secure Access

Office For National Statistics
<div><span style="font-size: 13px;">The primary aim of the <span style="font-style: italic;">Annual Purchases Survey</span>&nbsp;is to provide a comprehensive picture of the goods and services used or transformed in the production process and running of UK businesses, otherwise referred to as intermediate consumption. This product-level information is used in supply and use tables (SUTs), which are an integral part of the measurement of gross domestic product (GDP). The Eurostat Manual of Supply Use and Input-Output Tables recommends that...

National Readership Surveys, 1963 2nd Quarter

The National Readership Surveys are conducted quarterly either by the British Market Research Bureau or by Research Services Ltd. (1956 - 1959 Research Services Ltd; 1960 - 1967 British Market Research Bureau; 1968 - 1973 Research Services Ltd; 1974 - 1976 British Market Research Bureau; from 1977 onwards Research Services Ltd.). These surveys are designed principally to provide detailed information about the newspaper and magazine reading habits of the British people.<br> The sponsors are virtually...

Gallup General Election Surveys, September-October, 1974, Stages 1-4

Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Limited
To assess public opinion in the period preceding the 1974 General Elections

Daily Mirror Household Readership Income and Consumption Study, 1971

B. Allt
To assess the role of readers of popular national papers as consumers and spenders, and to provide data relating to the aggregate and net behaviour of households in terms of income, consumption and readership.

Social Segregation of the Long Term Unemployed in Hartlepool, 1989

S. Irwin & L. Morris
To investigate the nature and implications of the social segregation of the long term unemployed.

ONS Opinions Survey, Climate Change and Transport Module, August 2010

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
The <i>Opinions and Lifestyle Survey</i>, formerly known as <i>ONS Opinions Survey</i> or <i>Omnibus</i>, is a regular, multi-purpose survey which was carried out in eight months of the year from 1990 until April 2005, when it began to run monthly. Following the 'Fit for Future' consultation carried out by ONS at the beginning of 2014, the decision was taken to revert to running the survey in eight months of the year only; therefore from April 2014...

Monitoring the Welfare of the Elderly, 1973-1974; Dummy Run

Institute Of Social University Of York & Social And Community Planning Research
The purpose of this study was to test on a limited scale the procedures and problems of following up clients over a period of time, using caring staff to undertake the interviews, and to give some indication of the degree of change. In the experimental phase (SN: 517) interviewing procedures were tested and sufficient data was collected for statistical work on measurement development.

National Survey of Personal Incomes and Savings, 1953

Institute Of Economics University Of Oxford & Central Statistical Office
The purpose of this survey was to fill in gaps in economic statistics, and especially to provide estimates of the distribution of liquid assets amongst persons and of the volume of personal savings and its relation to personal income. The 1956 survey sought to sample only the upper end of income and wealth distributions, as it was felt that these had been persistently under-represented in the earlier surveys.

Universities' Statistical Record, 1972/73-1993/94 : Staff Records

Universities Statistical Record
The USR consists of records of undergraduate students on courses of one academic year or more; postgraduate students on courses of one academic year or more; academic and related staff holding regular salaried appointments, and finance data for all UK universities. <br>

Agricultural Census of Scotland, 1983; Parish Frequency Counts

Centre For Applications Software University Of Edinburgh & Department Of Agriculture Scottish Office
These data record crops, livestock and agricultural manpower in Scotland by means of an annual census conducted in June.

Employment and Mobility in Inner Urban Areas : an Interpretive Study, 1979

I. G. Cullen, E. Haimes & S. Hammond
The aim of this survey was to explore the process of adaptation to the joint inflexibility of housing and labour markets. It was sought to establish at the level of human experience what alternative patterns of adaptation actually involved in terms of occupational flexibility, work journey complexity and underemployment, and cost in terms of income reductions, boredom, annoyance and stress.

Female Employment and Fertility by Cohort, 1950-1974

H. E. Joshi, P. R. G. Layard & S. J. Owen
A time series analysis of aggregate data on cohort and life cycle patterns in women's participation in paid work.

ONS Omnibus Survey, Contact After Separation Module, July, October, November and December, 2006 and January and March 2007: Secure Access

Social Office For National Statistics
<i><b>Contact after separation (Module MAP)</i></b>: in November 2016, this module was re-classified as Secure Access status. See 'Access Conditions' below for further details. The <i>Opinions and Lifestyle Survey</i>, formerly known as <i>ONS Opinions Survey</i> or <i>Omnibus</i>, is a regular, multi-purpose survey which was carried out in eight months of the year until April 2005, from when it ran monthly. Following the ‘Fit for Future’ consultation carried out by ONS at the beginning of 2014, the...

Survey of Mortgage Lenders, 1993

Department Of The Environment
The Survey of Mortgage Lenders (SML) was launched on 1st April 1992 to succeed the 5% Sample Survey of Building Society Mortgage Completions (BSM) (See GN:33191). The aims were to improve the survey in three principal ways:<br> a) to broaden the range of institutions surveyed to incorporate other mortgage lenders in addition to building societies and Abbey National. With the entry of the high street banks and then the centralised lenders into the mortgage market,...

Subemployment Study, 1972-1973: Main Household Survey

R. Barron, P. Townsend, G. Norris & P. Townsend
The aim of these studies is to examine the positions of the low paid, the subemployed (men and women unemployed for over 4 weeks in the last 12 months), the disabled and immigrants in two local labour markets. There were two main sources of data:<br> 1) All members not in full-time education and under 71 of a simple random sample of households in 2 urban areas (230).<br> 2) Follow-up survey of all individuals in 1,...

National Sample from the 1851 Census of Great Britain

C. Stott, B. Collins & M. Anderson
The objects of the project were,<br> 1. To draw a two per cent systematic stratified cluster sample from the enumerators' books; the cluster unit is the settlement for settlements of less than 2,000 population (England and Wales only), twenty successive individuals in every 1,000 (adjusted so that families are not broken up) for institutions, and one enumerators book in fifty for the rest of the country.<br> 2. To prepare a complete machine-readable transcript of the...

Birth Control Services, 1970; Consultants in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

M. Waite & A. Cartwright
The purpose of this study was to describe the birth control services in England and Wales (birth control services were interpreted broadly to include sterilization and therapeutic abortion as well as conventional methods) and also to study variations in services between areas.<br> The Birth Control Services study consisted of 5 surveys:<br> SN:402 &lt;i&gt;General Practitioners&lt;/i&gt; recorded information about advice given by general practitioners and the views of general practitioners about their role in relation to conventional...

Welfare State Futures: Our Children's Europe, 2015

P. Taylor-Gooby
<p>The WelfSOC project examines the aspirations, assumptions and priorities that govern the ideas of ordinary people about the future development of welfare in Europe.</p> <p>Much current research is essentially backward-looking. Projections of how welfare states will develop are based largely on analysis of relevant factors such as population ageing, pension and health care costs, changing demands for labour, immigration rates, future spending on human services, global economic developments or the costs of reducing carbon emissions....

ONS Omnibus Survey, Internet Access Module, April, July and October, 2003 and February 2004

Social Office For National Statistics
The <i>Opinions and Lifestyle Survey</i> (formerly known as the ONS Opinions Survey or Omnibus) is a regular, multi-purpose survey which was carried out in eight months of the year until April 2005. From this point it has run monthly. It started operating commercially in 1990 and was set up originally to meet the needs of government departments for a survey that used short and simple sets of questions, had greater statistical reliability than private sector...

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