2,823 Works

Control of Discretion in the Allocation of Council Housing, 1978

N. Lewis
The purpose of this study was to collect information from Local Authority Housing Departments about current practices with regard to the administration of council house allocation schemes.<br>

Backbench Attitudes in the House of Commons, 1959-1976

H. Berrington, J. Leece & N. Squirrel
The purpose of this study was to construct scales of political attitudes within the British House of Commons, using Early Day Motions (EDMs) as the primary source. The ideological position of M.P.s as shown by their scale postitions was related to biographic and other attributes.

Working Class in the Labour Market, 1970-1971

M. Mann & R. M. Blackburn
The data are part of a comprehensive study of the labour market for manual workers, which relates together the objective job structure and the workers subjective experience.

National Front Electoral and Constituency Census Data for the GLC, 1973-1977

P. F. Whiteley
The purpose of this study was to carry out an ecological analysis of the National Front vote, with a view to examining the social bases of National Front support.<br>

Fulton Commission Investigation into the Civil Service, 1967

A. H. Halsey & I. M. Crewe
To provide a sociological portrait of the Civil Service and to integrate other enquiries submitted to the Fulton Committee into particular aspects of recruitment into the Civil Service.

Occupational Orientations of Polytechnic Sociology Students : Panel Survey, 1971-1974

I. C. Cannon & B. J. Harrison
To explore the development and content of occupational orientation of sociology/social studies students from their entry into the course until their final year of study.

Effects of the Trade Union Studies Project, 1977-1978; Buyers of

& R. Count
The purpose of this survey was to establish how far the levels of commitment existed among students not directly involved in the research project. Buyers of third year level books from TUC postal courses at Tillicoultry were surveyed.

Effects of the Trade Union Studies Project, 1977-1978; Shop Stewards and Workplace Representatives Attending TUC, Introductory, Ten Day-Release Courses

& Education Department Trades Union Congress
The purpose of the survey was to provide the TUC Education Department (the body responsible for the design and organization of the course) with profile data about those attending their introductory day-release course; and to provide the TUS Research Project with access to a significant population of representatives who formed part of the target audience of `active trade unionists' at which the Trade Union Studies materials were aimed.

Financial Expectations, January 1976

These are a series of surveys containing questions asked of a monthly representative sample of 1000 adults about their financial well-being and expectations by the British Market Research Bureau.

Financial Expectations, November 1976

These are a series of surveys containing questions asked of a monthly representative sample of 1000 adults about their financial well-being and expectations by the British Market Research Bureau.

Financial Expectations, May 1977

These are a series of surveys containing questions asked of a monthly representative sample of 1000 adults about their financial well-being and expectations by the British Market Research Bureau.

Changes in the Structure of General Practice: the Patient's Viewpoint, 1977

S. Arber & L. Sawyer
The purpose of this study was to examine the public's attitudes towards,and experience of,different aspects of the structure of GP services and the social, rather than the clinical, aspects of the process of care given by general practitioners.<br>

Impact of the Legal Advice and Assistance Act, 1972

Institute Of Judicial Administration University Of Birmingham
To test certain hypotheses in relation to the extension of legal services under the Legal Advice and Assistance Act, 1972. In particular, the aim was to ascertain the nature and extent of `take-up' of the Green Form Advice and Assistance Scheme during its first year of operation (April 1973-April 1974).

Strathclyde Area Studies, 1974

To form a continous record of social and economic change in the Greater Glasgow area.

London Survey, June 1972

To ascertain public attitudes to the various authorities who provide services within London.

Chicago Housing Authority Tenant Record Sample, 1969

C. Husbands
To collect social and economic information from the records of a sample of non-elderly households in Chicago Housing accommodation in 1969.

Democracy in Fishport, 1969-1971

F. W. Bealey, J. Sewel & A. Betts
The purpose of this study was to investigate political life in Peterhead.<br>

Perceived Stress among Teachers: the Effects of Age and Background of Children Taught, 1976

J. W. Pratt
The purpose of this study was:<br> (1)to examine the levels of perceived stress among teachers of children whose home backgrounds varied in their levels of financial hardship. It was anticipated that reported stress would be higher in teachers of children from more deprived homes;<br> (2)to examine the effect of age of children taught on perceived stress. It was expected that stress levels would be higher among teachers of younger children who made more interpersonal demands...

Occupational and Social Mobility, 1974

J. H. Goldthorpe & C. Llewellyn
This survey was a follow-up to the 1972 national occupational mobility enquiry conducted from Oxford (SN 1097). Several sub-samples of respondents to the 1972 enquiry were selected on the basis of their mobility experience: i.e. either because they had experienced relatively long-range mobility, upward or downward; or because intergenerationally they had remained stable in class position.<br> These sub-samples were re-interviewed with the aim of collecting data on (i) their complete work histories and (ii) various...

Basildon Mini-Census, 1979

To update the information gathered in the 1971 Census for the Basildon area.

Double Job-Holding Study, Cardiff, 1973

J. Alden
To construct a profile in terms of economics and social characteristics, of those persons in the labour force who held more than one paid job.

BBC TV General Election Day Survey, 1979

I. M. Crewe

Japanese Electoral Behaviour Surveys, 1963-1977

J. Watanuki
Surveys of Japanese electors in national elections between 1963-1977. Data and documentation are in Japanese.

Cognitive and Affective Outcomes of Differing Teaching Styles, 1972-1974

J. Jordan, S. N. Bennett, N. Entwistle, B. Wade & G. Long
The aim of this study was to discover whether or not different types of teaching style could be identified, and what effect they would have on pupils' development.

Women in Relation to Political Science Teaching, 1978-1979

J. Lovenduski
To determine the extent and the cause of women's apparent low presence and achievement in political studies in the United Kingdom. The postal surveys were sent to all the women in Political Studies academic posts in the UK who were located by a population study conducted by the Political Studies Association in early 1978, plus a control group of similar men. Two surveys were designed to enable the investigator to:<br> a) outline general career patterns...

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