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Technique for Large-Scale EBSD Mapping of Polycrystalline Silicon

Harvey Guthrey & Brian Gorman
The use of the electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) technique to create maps of polycrystalline materials is generally limited to areas less than a square millimeter. In order to map larger areas, steps must be taken to address issues such as specimen preparation of large surface areas and orientation of these large specimens so they can be mounted appropriately in the microscope. Issues related to scanning areas larger than the SEM field of view and incorporating...

Mineralogy and its contribution to anisotropy and kerogen stiffness variations with maturity in the Bakken Shales

Kene Mba & Manika Prasad
The understanding of the controls on anisotropy and stiffness of the soft components (kerogens and clays) of organic-rich shales is important in developing methods for indirect and in-situ detection of maturity. Mineralogy of eleven Bakken shale samples with varying thermal maturities was studied to determine the contribution of mineralogy to anisotropy and kerogen stiffness variations between the shales. It was found that anisotropy increased with increasing clay content and that kerogen stiffness increased with maturity....

New Route to Sulfonic Acid Functional Polymers

Nathaniel Rebeck & Daniel Knauss
A new route to sulfonic acid functional polymershas been developed, where a protected sulfonic acid moiety is used to carryout a controlled and directed sulfonation of poly(aryl ethers). These polymers have a variety of applications, however, the main focus of this research is to produce ion-conducting membranes and study this ion conduction at a fundamental level. By employing a protected sulfonic acid functionality, the acid will be generated in a controlled manner after polymerization to...

Microbial Diversity Associated with Single Cell Protein Produced from a Brewery Wastewater Pilot Plant

Jackson Lee & John Spear
Background: Brewery wastewater typically contains large untapped amounts of useful dissolved carbon measured as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) that can be utilized for protein production for fish feed in the form of Single Cell Protein (SCP). Protein is produced from the growth of bacteria as it consumes carbon and is harvested and dried into a fishmeal replacement. Here we present results of a 1-year biodiversity monitoring study of a brewery wastewater treatment pilot plant tuned...

Phosphonic Acid Based Copolymer Fuel Cell Membrane

Gregory Schlichting & Andrew Herring
Advances in fuel cell membranes are needed for commercialization to be realized. These advances need to be made in many areas including mechanical durability, chemical resistance and increased power density. However, advances in the first two areas need to be accompanied by an increase in power density, in which the underlying problem is the rate of ionic transport. There are two main ways to increase transport; increase the hydration within the membrane to increase proton...

Model for the envelopes of spin waves in magnetic film feedback rings, A

Justin Anderson, Lincoln Carr & Luis Tenorio
Experimental observation of spin wave envelopes(SWE) in magnetic thin films necessarily occurs in non-conservative systems. The generation of time-stable results is realized by approximating conservation through active feedback, or otherwise driving the system into equilibrium with its major linear loss mechanisms. A rich variety of SWE nonlinear dynamics have successfully been observed in "conservative" systems of this form, including chaos, soliton formation, and more recently, a chaotic modulation of solitary wave train envelopes. The dynamics...

Predictive Bio-Computational Wear Modeling for Joint Replacements

Jeffrey Armstrong & Anthony Petrella
Polyethylene wear has long been a topic of concern for the longevity of joint replacement systems as bearing failure is the leading cause for the need of revision surgery. Experimental simulations are costly and time consuming; therefore, a more efficient solution for predicting wear is computer simulation. Predictive computational modeling of the adhesive/abrasive wear mechanism has been in use for over a decade, but the accuracy of such models is still under debate [1-7]. Recent...

Statistical shape model for probabilistic studies of the lumbar spine, A

Kelli Huls & Anthony Petrella
Introduction: Computational modeling of the spine has become a promising option for evaluating the performance of new spinal implants and procedures before they are used in patients. Most models in the literature only represent a single subject and neglect normal variation that exists between specimens. However, using a probabilistic simulation (select input variables from a normal distribution and determine how they affect outputs) of virtual patients, whose geometries are representative of actual patients, may lead...

ADMIRE : Autonomous Dam Monitoring with Integrated Real-time Evaluation

Kerri Stone & Tracy Camp
Dams have a large impact on public safety in the United States. Dam failures are far reaching and may result in loss of property, loss of life, and loss of water storage. Despite this fact, dam inspections occur infrequently and are performed unevenly across the structure. As such, current dam monitoring practice is often incapable of detecting internal erosion - a primary failure mode in dams. The inability to detect internal erosion results in increased...

Study of Microalloy Precipitation in Hot Charged Slabs

Myra Dyer & John Speer
As the demand for high strength and toughness of steel increases, the alloy design for HSLA grades is constantly being modified and tailored to available processing configurations. The effects of microalloy precipitation and (tunnel furnace) dissolution during Compact Strip Production (CSP) are explored relative to position within the slab (i.e. thermal profile of the slab), and alloy content. Niobium solute and precipitation fractions are quantified using electrochemical extraction and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry...

Elite polarization and voting turnout in Latin America, 1993–2010

Sergio Béjar, Juan A. Moraes & Santiago López-Cariboni
Despite substantial advances in political participation across Latin America, relevant data from the region reveals an important cross-national and temporal variation in voter turnout. Unlike existing region-specific explanations of voter turnout, but in line with research on advanced democracies, we show here that actual electoral mobilization in Latin America is linked to the ideological and programmatic shifts experienced by political elites since the 1990s. Specifically, we first suggest that by setting clear programmatic stances and...

Development of a Directionally Independent Roller Measurement Value

Norman Facas & Mike Mooney
Continuous Compaction Control (CCC) and Intelligent Compaction (IC) rollers promise large potential improvements for earthwork construction. CCC rollers provide a spatial measure of soil properties (e.g., stiffness) over the earthwork surface. CCC rollers can be used for quality control/quality assurance (QC/QA) to enable compaction based feedback control and to create as-built documentation. CCC rollers offer great promise for QC/QA by enabling 100% evaluation of an earthwork area during every roller pass, in contrast to current...

Hydrogen Peroxide Dynamics in an Agricultural Headwater Stream: Evidence for Significant Biological Production

Taylor Dixon & Bettina Voelker
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is known to play key roles in aquatic systems, including metal redox cycling and degradation of organic matter into bioavailable forms. Detailed knowledge of the cycling of H2O2 in natural waters thus fosters the understanding of important aquatic biogeochemical processes. Although biological production of H2O2 has been observed in culture studies, the significance of this process to the H2O2 budget in freshwater systems remains unknown. In this study, isotopically-labeled H2O2 (H218O2) was...

Robust Optimization of NURBs Metamodels for Engineering Design

John Steuben & Cameron Turner
Engineering design is generally characterized as an activity where a designer compares alternative solutions to an engineering challenge in order to meet some required level of performance. Almost invariably this involves the selection of values for design variables such that the design meets performance requirements. Unfortunately, in many modern engineered products and systems the number of these design variables exceeds what an engineer may comfortably contemplate using traditional tools. Optimization tools which allow engineers to...

Coalbed Methane Produced Water Organic Matter Characterization: Contribution, Origin, and Potential Impact on Membrane Treatment Technologies

Katharine Dahm, Jorg Drewes & Colette Van Straaten
Coalbed methane (CBM) is an unconventional gas source with large worldwide reserves. CBM wells are screened along coal seams, where water is produced to release pressure and allow methane to desorb from the coal surface (Orem, 2007). This practice has environmental impacts from disposal of co-produced, highly saline water. Industry treats co-produced water as a waste product. Water is commonly re-injected back into deeper aquifers for disposal. Lack of aquifer storage capacity directly limits gas...

TestbedProfiler v2: An Improved Validation Tool for Wireless Sensor Network Testbed Deployment

Josh Thomas & Qi Han
A key aspect of deploying a wireless sensor network (WSN) is understanding the degree of connectivity between the individual nodes that comprise the network. Towards that end, we present the second incarnation of TestbedProfiler, an application suite designed to aid the installation and improvement of WSN testbeds by revealing the characteristics of their underlying connections. Such knowledge allows node placement to be optimized to best fit the needs of a specific application. Originally developed with...

Social Research

Istituto Per Le Ricerche Statistiche E L'Analisi Dell'Opinione Pubblica (Gallup) (DOXA)
Most important problem for government; result of Italian Socialist Party at Venice; confidence in government in which both Christian Democrats and PSI; socialism; most important international event in last 5-6 months; uprising in Hungary; reaction to uprising in Hungary; Russian intervention in Hungary; crisis in Egypt; foreign intervention in Egypt; political party; profession; newspapers.

Survey of the Third Program on the Prose Transmissions on Thursday (A+B)

Istituto Per Le Ricerche Statistiche E L'Analisi Dell'Opinione Pubblica (Gallup) (DOXA)
Radio listening; television viewership; Third Program; Second Program; National Program; regular magazine or newspaper reading; favorite genre to read; favorite genre of music; profession; father's profession; size of commune.

Political and social Research

Istituto Per Le Ricerche Statistiche E L'Analisi Dell'Opinione Pubblica (Gallup) (DOXA)
Most important problems in Italy; most popular male politician; which male politician you trust most; Italy ties to United States or Russia; Italian political party; effectiveness of political campaign tactics; Christian Democrats coalition; timing of next election for Parliament; reasons for holding elections; expanding number of Senators the President can appoint for life; Prime Minister Signor Zoli approval; most trusted minister in Zoli administration; Stock Exchange; Equal Tax Distribution Act; North American Treaty Organization; missile...

Canadian Gallup Poll # 389

Canadian Institute Of Public Opinion (Gallup)
Federal election vote intent(1); past federal elections vote(1); traffic infractions(3); political parties(1); TV influence on family life(2); federal government job performance(1); eating out(2); current party preference(1); inflation(1). Note: Demographics(14).

Canadian Gallup Poll # 388

Canadian Institute Of Public Opinion (Gallup)
Federal election vote intent(1); past federal elections vote(1); gardening(3); bilingualism(1); inflation(1); banning cigarette and alcohol ads(2); church/synagogue attendance(1); 1976 Montreal Olympic Games(2); laws regulating labor and business(2); teaching profession(1). Note: Demographics(15). Added: 'income' variable broken into 'personal' and 'family' income.

Fractal charge carrier recombination kinetics in photocatalytic systems

Fabian Sieland
Die Photokatalyse ermöglicht die Zersetzung von zahlreichen ungewünschten Verbindungen aus Luft und Abwasser. Jedoch sind die grundlegenden Elementarreaktionen der Photokatalyse in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten größtenteils unerforscht geblieben, obwohl das genaue Verständnis der geschwindigkeitsbestimmenden Reaktion die Entwicklung aktiverer Photokatalysatoren ermöglichen sollte. Der Photokatalysator Titandioxid (TiO2) ist bisher am intensivsten erforscht worden, trotzdem gibt es noch viele ungeklärte Fragestellungen, im Besonderen im Bereich der kinetischen Analyse der Ladungsträgerrekombination. Weiterhin ist noch immer strittig, welchen Einfluss die Änderung...

Two new dammarane triterpenes isolated from Cleome khorassanica Bunge & Bien with cytotoxicity against DU-145 and LNCaP prostate cancer cell lines

Seyed-Ebrahim Sajjadi, Mustafa Ghanadian, Mahmoud Aghaei & Arash Salehi
From the aerial parts of Cleome khorassanica Bunge & Bien, a new 3-oxo-4-oxa-A-homo-25,26,27-trinordammarano-24,20-lactone triterpene (1), a new natural product 20,25-dihydroxy-3-oxodammarane triterpene (2), together with known 5-hydroxy-3,6,7,8,3′,4′,5′-heptamethoxyflavone (3), have been isolated and characterized. The chemical structure of the new compounds was determined by 1D and 2D NMR and HR tandem MS measurements. All three compounds were subjected to biological tests for evaluation of their cytotoxicity against prostate (DU-145 and LNCaP) cancer cells. Compounds 1, 2, and...

High occurrence rates of enrofloxacin and ciprofloxacin residues in retail poultry meat revealed by an ultra-sensitive mass-spectrometric method, and antimicrobial resistance to fluoroquinolones in Campylobacter spp

Iveta Pugajeva, Jeļena Avsejenko, Elza Judjallo, Aivars Bērziņš, Elena Bartkiene & Vadims Bartkevics
An ultra-sensitive mass spectrometric confirmation and quantification method for the determination of selected fluoroquinolones—enrofloxacin and its main metabolite ciprofloxacin—was developed and validated in poultry meat samples. The achieved limits of quantification were 1 ng kg−1 for enrofloxacin and 10 ng kg−1 for ciprofloxacin. The analysis of 40 retail poultry samples originating from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and France revealed that 93% of samples contained residues of enrofloxacin in the range from 3.3 to 1126 ng...

Development of an indirect competitive ELISA based on immunomagnetic beads’ clean-up for detection of maduramicin in three chicken tissues

Meirong Song, Zhiming Xiao, Yanan Xue, Xiya Zhang, Shuangyang Ding & Jiancheng Li
An indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ic-ELISA) based on immunomagnetic beads' (IMBs) clean-up was developed for detection of the residues of maduramicin (MD) in different chicken tissues. IMBs coated with a specific monoclonal antibody (MAb) against MD named MAb 2D6 were applied to enrich the residues of MD in chicken tissues. The specificities of these IMBs were well maintained and the reversibility remained at more than 73% of the original capability after being used for...

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