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National Election Pool Poll # 2008-STPRIM-AZRP: Arizona Republican Primary Election Day Exit Poll

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For whom did respondent vote in Republican primary election (1); when decided who to vote for (1); most important issue facing country (1); which one candidate quality mattered most in deciding vote (1); abortion (1); rating importance of certain topics in primary vote (1); candidate's position vs. leadership/personal qualities (1); feelings about Bush administration (1); economic conditions (1); handling illegal immigrants working in United States (1); candidate most qualified to manage economy (1); describing residency...

Identifying languages of Ajami commentaries

Dmitry Bondarev, Nikolay Dobronravin, Darya Ogorodnikova &
Tables of fixed correspondences between Ajami and Arabic items and other diagnostic features useful for identification of Old Kanembu, Hausa, Fulfulde, Soninke and Songhai commentaries in Islamic manuscripts of West Africa. Blog: ajami.hypotheses.org/
Project: www.manuscript-cultures.uni-hamburg.de/ajami/index_e.html


Dianne Velasco
JoinMap input files and phenotypic data used in genetic and QTL mapping of economically important traits of walnut (Juglans regia L.)

Sediment characterization using in situ measurements of acoustic properties

Justin Thomas Dubin

TREND: Xignite. FactSet Corporate Fundamentals: Total Sales (or Revenue) | Stock Symbol: SNEJF | Symbol Name: SONY CORP, 03/31/2013 - 03/31/2018. Data Planet™ Statistical Datasets: A SAGE Publishing Resource Dataset-ID: 016-005-163

datasets.shared.infosheet.CitationMgr@b6f Dataset: Represents gross sales and other operating revenue less discounts, returns, and allowances. This database provides stock fundamentals data for active United States listed companies. Companies are identified by symbol and name. Equities, common stock, and some ETFs and preferred stocks are covered. Exchanges include BATS, NASDAQ, NYSE ARCA, NYSE Market Equities, and limited OTCBBliquid companies only). Data points include earnings and dividends, ratios and sales, and stock price. Note that not all metrics...









Teaching Book History through Card Games: Codex Conquest and Mark

Amy Chen
Teaching Book History through Card Games: Codex Conquest and Mark Amy Hildreth Chen, English and American Literature Librarian, University of Iowa Students learn more when they play—while the value of play often is emphasized only for those early in their education, play has a role in higher education as well. To teach book history across time and space, I developed two card games: Codex Conquest and Mark. Codex Conquest allows students to recognize the most...

As Representações dos Professores do 1.º Ciclo Acerca da Liderança dos Delegados Escolares

Paulo Luís Gomes Nunes
A figura do Delegado Escolar, enquanto integrante do presente sistema educativo, está prestes a ser extinta. O novo sistema de gestão das escolas, que acaba de ser legislado, vem terminar uma instituição que viu o seu começo nos inícios do Estado Novo e que, julgamos, de uma forma muito profícua, acompanhou o percurso do Ensino Primário e posteriormente também dos Ensinos Pré-Escolar e Básico Mediatizado, em Portugal.
Não é nossa pretensão fazer aqui uma análise...


Emmanuel Guigon
Contains data for 10 subjects. Each subject performed 8 tasks and 4 repetitions of each task. Kinematic data are stored in files x_i_j.r where i (i=1,...,8) is the task number and j (j=1,...,4) is the repetition number. In each file, the first column is time (in s), the second column the x coordinate (in m) and the third column the y coordinate (in m). The file "metataskname.r" contains the description of the 8 tasks. Corresponding...

Coupling of a High-Resolution Ambient Pressure Drift Tube Ion Mobility Spectrometer to a Commercial Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer

Maria Allers, Laila Timoumi, Florian Schlottmann & Stefan Zimmermann
Ion mobility spectrometry provides information about molecular structures of ions. Hence, high resolving power allows separation of isomers which is of major interest in several applications. In this work, we couple our high-resolution ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) with a resolving power of Rp = 100 to a time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS). Besides, the benefit of an increased resolving power such an IMS-MS also helps analyzing and understanding the ionization processes in IMS. Usually, the coupling...

A Simple Analytical Model for Predicting the Detectable Ion Current in Ion Mobility Spectrometry Using Corona Discharge Ionization Sources

Ansgar T. Kirk, Tim Kobelt, Hauke Spehlbrink & Stefan Zimmermann
Corona discharge ionization sources are often used in ion mobility spectrometers (IMS) when a non-radioactive ion source with high ion currents is required. Typically, the corona discharge is followed by a reaction region where analyte ions are formed from the reactant ions. In this work, we present a simple yet sufficiently accurate model for predicting the ion current available at the end of this reaction region when operating at reduced pressure as in High Kinetic...


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