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Abdulla Schahud

GNSS, seismic broadband and strong motion permanent networks in West Indies

Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris- IPGP
The WI network is composed of stations geographically distributed all along the Lesser Antilles subduction zone, from Grenada in the south, to St Barthélémy in the north. The stations all share the following features: (1) very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite telemetry, (2) solar power and 10-day battery, (3) multi sensor stations with broadband seismometer (Nanometrics - Trillium120s or 240s) , accelerometer (Kinemetrics - Episensors +/- 2G) and continuous GNSS (Trimble, NetR9), (4) vault and...



Coastal Data Information Program, SIO/UCSD

SIO/UCSD Coastal Data Information Program

Southern California Coastal Ocean Obeserving System

Southern California Coastal Ocean Obeserving System

UCSF Pharmacogenetics of Membrane Transporters (PMT) Project

Giacomini, Kathy; Kroetz, Deanna; Yee, Sook Wah

Trend 1969 - 1998. United States Department of Agriculture. World Agricultural Production, Supply, and Distribution: Agricultural Commodities | Country: Romania | Commodity: Animal Numbers, Cattle | Commodity Description: Beef Cows Beg. Stocks, 1969-1998. Data-Planet™ Statistical Ready Reference by Conquest Systems, Inc. Dataset-ID: 008-007-001.

United States Department Of Agriculture
United States Department of Agriculture (2015). World Agricultural Production, Supply, and Distribution: Agricultural Commodities | Country: Romania | Commodity: Animal Numbers, Cattle | Commodity Description: Beef Cows Beg. Stocks, 1969-1998. Data-Planet™ Statistical Ready Reference by Conquest Systems, Inc. [Data-file]. Dataset-ID: 008-007-001. Dataset: Provides data on 94 agricultural commodities, categorized at a high level as Coffee, Cotton, Dairy, Field Crops, Fruits and Vegetables, Grains, Juice, Livestock, Oilseeds, Poultry, Sugar, Tobacco, and Tree Nuts. Key attributes (190)...

Swedish National Seismic Network

The Swedish National Seismic Network (SNSN) started with the installation of a Wiechert seismograph in Uppsala in 1904. Since 1998 the SNSN is a part of the Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University. The SNSN operates the only permanent, earthquake focused seismic network in Sweden and is responsible for detecting and recording earthquakes in Sweden. Near real-time automatic event detection has been an integral part of SNSN operations since 2000 and continuous 100 Hz...

Constraining mass variations in the Siberian permafrost region based on GRACE and Satellite Altimetry

Akbar Shabanloui & Jürgen Müller
The permafrost layers in the Siberia (Russia) with different thicknesses cover about 80% of this region. Therefore these frozen sheets play an important role for the hydrological water cycle of the Earth system. The integral mass variations in the Earth system with different spatial-temporal resolution are determined based on GRACE observations/products. On the one hand, the mass variations in this region are precisely estimated based on the new release of GRACE Level 2 products from...


K. Birkenmajer

Newsweek Poll: Adultery

1996 election(4); 1996 Congressional election(1); party preference(1); Dole's age(1); democratic president and democratic congress(1); presidential debates(1); situation in Iraq(1); candidate's background(1); pre-marital sex(1); extra-marital affairs(1); Dick Morris(1).

Notes on Malayan fishes in the collection of the Raffles Museum Singapore, Part 1

Sunder Lal Hora & J. C. Gupta
Bulletin of the Raffles Museum, Singapore, Issue 17, pp. 12-43

Air quality data from the LIFE+RESPIRA project in Pamplona, Spain: NO in 2016 (22h UTC) (clipped PNG)

PNG image representing clipped interpolated air quality data from the LIFE+RESPIRA project (http://www.liferespira.eu/) in Pamplona, Spain, with measures of nitrogen monoxide during 2016, aggregated by hour (22h UTC).

Development of a Genus-Specific Antigen Capture ELISA for Orthopoxviruses – Target Selection and Optimized Screening

Daniel Stern, Diana Pauly, Martin Zydek, Lilija Miller, Janett Piesker, Michael Laue, Fred Lisdat, Martin Dorner, Brigitte Dorner & Andreas Nitsche
Orthopoxvirus species like cowpox, vaccinia and monkeypox virus cause zoonotic infections in humans worldwide. Infections often occur in rural areas lacking proper diagnostic infrastructure as exemplified by monkeypox, which is endemic in Western and Central Africa. While PCR detection requires demanding equipment and is restricted to genome detection, the evidence of virus particles can complement or replace PCR. Therefore, an easily distributable and manageable antigen capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of orthopoxviruses...

CETA 2010 cruise,L'Astrolabe R/V

Etudier l'abondance et la distribution des cétacés au large de la Terre Adélie.

Wallowa Dense Node Deployment

Rob Clayton

Nicoya Seismogenic Zone

Andrew Newman Susan Y. Schwartz

Study of Ejection Forces In The AIM™ Process

Neil Hopkinson & Phil Dickens
The AIM™processhas been used to successfully produce short runs ofinjection moulded parts. One ofthe main drawbacks ofthe process is the tendency ofthe tools to be damaged during part ejection1 . At De Montfort University a successful AIMTM moulding cycle has been developed in which simple shapes from polypropylene are produced and the ejection forces required are measured. TWQ different ejection methods are used; one uses conventional ejector pins andthe other uses a conformal ejector pad....


Christopher Robert Justin

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