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Turbulence-spurred settlement: Deciphering a newly recognized class of larval response

Matthew Ferner
Overview: With this award the investigators will explore a habitat-scale oceanographic process that has the potential to integrate studies of larval delivery with an understanding of how larvae respond to substrate-associated cues. This work will build on published and preliminary data indicating that turbulent shear characteristic of high-energy near shore environments primes larvae to initiate settlement and to transform into the juvenile stage. These prior findings suggest that: 1) Because turbulence intensity varies predictably as...

Chicken Checker

Keiko Martinez
The USDA conducts nationwide salmonella sample tests at poultry processing plants over a 52-week period. Public data documents when samples were taken, the type of poultry analyzed, and whether salmonella was detected. If tested positive, the type of salmonella found and whether it is resistant to antibiotics is recorded. Findings from this dataset is used by the USDA to categorize plants based on whether or not they have achieved the agency’s salmonella targets.

Registration Year

  • 2022
  • 2020

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  • Output Management Plan


  • University of Washington
  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Davis
  • San Francisco State University