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Quantifying the potential for biogeochemical feedbacks to create 'refugia' from ocean acidification on tropical coral reefs

Yuichiro Takeshita
Rising sea surface temperatures and ocean acidification (OA) may threaten the ability of calcified organisms to build carbonate reefs, but it is unclear if particular reefs have the capacity to tolerate global change. Current understanding of the effects of OA on coral reefs originates from single-species laboratory studies largely focused on scleractinian corals. Traditionally, these experiments attempt to mimic static future conditions under the assumption that coastal regimes are as constant as -- and will...

Collaborative research: Quantifying the biological, chemical, and physical linkages between chemosynthetic communities and the surrounding deep sea

Oliver Ashford
The deep ocean supplies food, energy, novel drugs and materials, and plays essential roles in the global cycling of carbon, the nutrient replenishment for shallow waters, and the maintenance of biodiversity. Despite the crucial contribution of the deep sea to the larger functioning of global marine ecosystems, there is only a cursory understanding of this vast region and the connectivity among its communities and the rest of the oceans. Cold seeps, active areas of the...

PLANT BREEDING PARTNERSHIP: A Metabolic Modeling-Based Strategy to Accelerate the Citrus Genetic Engineering Process

James Borneman
This is a New Investigator proposal led by Cristal Zuniga. The Long-Term Goal of this proposed project is to improve the economics, productivity, and sustainability of U.S. agriculture by using metabolic models to accelerate the engineering process of all crops. To demonstrate the feasibility of this approach, the Objective of this project is to use metabolic models to speed up the growth rate of two specific steps of the citrus engineering process in two commonly...

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