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Collaborative Research: Project Incubation -- NJIT-CAREs: New Jersey Institute of Technology Campus Alignment Review of Ethics

David Kidd
For this Project Incubation award, we propose a one-year project at New Jersey Institute of Technology
(NJIT) to pilot mixed-methodologies developed by the National Ethics Project (NEP), with the goal of
establishing a baseline for writing a collaborative Institutional Transformation proposal to be submitted in
the following funding cycle. This Incubation Project constitutes the next incremental step in a series of
projects intended to benefit a broad range of institutions in auditing or transforming approaches to ER2.

Collaborative Research: Diatoms, Food Webs and Carbon Export - Leveraging NASA EXPORTS to Test the Role of Diatom Physiology in the Biological Carbon Pump

Janice Jones
This project focuses on a group of microscopic single-celled photosynthetic organisms in the ocean called diatoms. Diatoms float in the surface ocean as part of a group of organisms collectively called phytoplankton. There are thousands of different species of diatoms distributed across the global ocean. A famous oceanographer Henry Bigelow once said "All fish is diatoms" reflecting the importance of diatoms as the base of the food chain that supports the world's largest fisheries. Despite...

Collaborative Research: Do Anthropogenic Light Levels Affect Predation Mortality on Diel Vertically Migrating Mesopelagics?

Steven Murawski
In recent years, oil and gas facilities have aggressively extended into the ultra-deep waters (>1,000 m) in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), impinging upon the offshore habitats of both large epipelagic predators and diel vertically migrating (DVM) mesopelagics. High intensity lighting at these platforms attracts a variety of prey at night including lanternfishes (Myctophidae) and other vertically migrating fishes, squids and zooplankton. As well, a number of pelagic apex predators including yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares,...

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